Sheltowee Trace 4: Tarr Ridge to the Red River

It’s Johnny bluegrass here or getting back on the trail here. We are at the tar ridge Union Church We’re gonna go down this road for about a mile and get back on the trail so check it out the cast of characters today Joe ray aka mountain man, Jenny Ann and Phoebe Jenny anne here, we’re gonna take a left on corner Ridge Road Alright hey Joe ray here. We’ve gotten through the Sheltowee trace to the Gateway farm. You don’t actually go in the farm He’s got keeping along this way, though Country style here we found a parking area We didn’t know about right before you get back on the trail Horses man they just destroy these things It’s johnny bluegrass here We’ve come up to a creek and we a little confusion here that we believe that Sheltowee trace goes down here towards the creek But you’ll notice that once you’re in the gorge the other trails that are marked will be marked with the the white diamond so don’t be confused you want to take a right down here and go down to the creek and So up here would be the lost branch trail, but you don’t want to go that way you wants to stay on the Sheltowee trace and go down And so if you are on the trail and I need to stop for the night there’s actually a really cool campsite like Right over here right by the river. You can filter some water and Have a nice evening What we have here is genuine Sasquatch hair right here and since Big John is the one that is known to be in these forests I Want everybody to judge for themselves what that is as not Phoebe’s hair, it’s not What do you think of the hike so far, it’s probably the best gun yet Hey johnny bluegrass here. We’ve got the water source good. Water source here. We’ve got about five and a half miles It looks like we’re gonna Have a tough hike up the hill though We are probably a little over half done with our hike today, Corner Ridge Road where we left the paved road It’s five miles from here and the Red River suspension bridge is five miles down This is the Bison way trail it will take you back to The Bison way trailhead. There’s a parking lot there. It’s on 715 the road that goes through the gorge You’ll come across this first rail to the right this goes up to the Indian staircase You want to see more about the Indian staircases we cover all that stuff in another video So if you want to check that out, it’s definitely well worth the time, but we’re going to keep going on the official trail It’s Johnny bluegrass here, I’m just coming up on top of Indian arch here out here. It’s a great view There’s an easier way than that oh well So if you look across the way you can actually see people climbing up the Indian staircase and It’s Johnny bluegrass here. We just came up from the trail We’re going to the right here, but we just wanted to point out that down This way is Adena arch, which is another great example of Geology here in the gorge… country style here Take a right here that will take you onto the rim trail that goes up to the Indian staircase and back down Which is also documented in or other video. And this way right here the Sheltowee trace Little offshoot cat’s-eye, it’s a double arch that looks like a cat’s eye Country style here if you take a right here will take you to cloud splitter and You can watch our inaugural video where we travel up here Johnny bluegrass here, we’re coming up Approaching the suspension bridge about a mile away This is called the nowhere trail it leads nowhere And this is Johnny bluegrass here, we’re here on the famous Red River suspension bridge. We’ve gone about 11 and a half miles today The Sheltowee trace continues straight across, but our car is parked right over here at the suspension bridge parking lot So we’re done for today, but we’ll catch us again the next time We continue down the Sheltowee trace and finish the rest of the gorge.

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