Shevron Window Sox Review – Ventilation & Insect Protection for Sleeping in Your Car

after four years of ownership and twelve
months of solid daily use while touring Australia it’s time to review my window
socks which are made by Chevron now window sox are a simple device which fit over
your windows and they’re normally made so that you can shade the inside of the
car while you’re driving around and have your windows down but as I sleep inside
my car I have a bed inside for when I’m touring they let me wind the windows
down so I can get some airflow into the car and yet not let any mosquitoes or
midges inside the mesh it’s made from is extremely fine there’s almost no insect
I can think of that can get past two layers of this mesh and in the time I’ve
been using it I’ve had virtually nothing inside the car get in so as far as
protection from mosquitoes and midges they are excellent now when I fit these
I typically pull up in camp at night put them on wind the window down and then
I’ll take them off again during the day while I’m driving around so wear and
tear wise is fairly minimal that stops some fluffing around and a lot of UV
damage so I can’t really talk about how long that lasts with a lot of
a sun exposure because typically I’ll take them off again during the day once
I’m driving like I said so they’re not getting hit by the Sun all day long but
these two have both held up very well there’s a few little nicks here and
there in them but otherwise they’re solid
so window sox work simply just pulling off it’s just basically like a
sock now every one of them is custom made to a different model of car so I
bought these ones specifically for the rear doors of a Defender you just pull it
open put it over the top and you just gotta be careful because of the sharp edges of
the door of a Defender it could rip just put it down wind your window down and it’s
fitted that stays in place perfectly it’s a very simple device but absolutely
brilliant for when you are needing to stay inside a car and get
some ventilation in saying that they’ll have noticed that
because the mesh is so fine actually in some ways stops air getting in and unless
it’s a big breeze blowing through even with both socks one on each side I can
still feel the temperature inside the car stays warmer with the air then it
does outside so it is still a bit of a thermal barrier but the condensation in
the car is virtually non-existent while wearing the window sox on my doors so
it’s been a brilliant device you just buy them directly from from Chevron or
you buy them on eBay or some auto parts stores as far as build quality very
happy but in saying that the very first pair I purchased they were custom-made
for me because there were none in stock they’re actually cut incorrectly so I
contacted the seller and they contacted Chevron and they sent me out a
brand new pair which fitted perfectly so customer service is there which is great
and I believe they are made in Australia as well. They’re fairly simply
designed it’s really just the mesh and on the base it has elastic which pulls
it in as well as these two tabs for velcroing down on the sides of the
door but I never needed to use these because once the doors shut it stays
in place just fine but like I said each individual sock is made for a specific
door so you just need to search around for the correct fit and it would be a
perfect fit without any folds and stuff like you see some really poorly made
ones it’s a beautiful thing so if you intend to sleep inside your car for
touring then getting a pair of window sox will really help with the
condensation issues and stop getting all the mosquitoes midges and other
creatures crawl inside your car at night so definitely recommend it very happy
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15 thoughts on “Shevron Window Sox Review – Ventilation & Insect Protection for Sleeping in Your Car

  1. Window Sox are a great addition to your vehicle kit if sleeping inside your car while touring. With the two layers of fine mesh nothing that bites, flies or crawls can get inside. In summer, I must open the rear door as well to get sufficient air flow, where I use a mosquito net.
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  2. We have the same brand on our xtrail and love it. Quality is excellent. Definitely keeps the inside cool and we use it the way you do as well.

  3. A good product Brett,you do well with your researching,and find all the good things?

  4. as always .. you provide great detailed reviews .. cheers

  5. I saw these for the first time only a couple of weeks ago and thought they'd by ideal for my Subaru Outback. Only problem is, my windows, both front and rear, are frameless. 🙁 Back to the drawing board for me. I appreciate reviews from people who wait until they've used a product for quite some time before presenting their findings. Cheers,

  6. I found they rubbed on the window glass if left on, and made it like frosted. I wouldn’t leave them on.

  7. Used to use these so the dog in the back of the wagon had more air without being too windy, while we drive as the ultrafine mesh does obstruct airflow. Great accessory though, simply good!

  8. If there are rainy days, I´ve that solution:

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