Shield Back Up Alarm Demo

Hey everybody! Justin here with Ultra Bright Lightz. And I’m excited to introduce you to the brand new Fenix Shield Backup Alarm. You may remember the AM 800 Backup Alarm, has now been replaced with the Shield, a smaller more compact, and easier to mount version of the Backup Alarm. As you can see here, when they’re side-by-side, the AM 800 is significantly larger. It’s also mostly made of metal. The shield is much more compact and is made of plastic, so it won’t become a victim of road salt. It carries a variety of certifications so you can use on anything from a utility vehicle to a forklift. It’s also vibration proof, dust-proof, and can reach up to 97 decibels. Let’s go outside and take a listen. So, as you can hear, even though the Shield is smaller than the AM 800, it is just as effective at getting someone’s attention. And at a hundred feet, we were getting almost 75 decibels. These are in stock and shipping now. If you have any questions, let us know. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next time.

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