Shiva – Full Episode 47 – Sasti Bijli Sookha Dam

This government electricity
is a real problem. The bill is never constant. I abandoned the government
electricity connection. When?? Is providing electricity
as such cheap rate… then why should I keep
the government electricity? He is providing it… at really cheaper rate. There’s no water.
When will it rain? How long do we have
to rely on Lord? Perhaps, He is waiting
for our call. I will have to sing Malhar. I will sing such a way… that it will surely rain. O clouds, rain! O clouds, rain! O clouds, rain! Hey, this is a miracle. You sung and it is thundering. It is raining. I am not an ordinary artist. But all of you do not value me. Sit here and listen. I will again start singing. No. Not now. It started raining
out of your singing. Of you sing a lot, it might flood. Have some snacks and food. Later, you can just sit aback… and we’ll hear you singing. Bhim Singh! I will tie you with
a rope and sing. No. Save me. There was enough water in
the dam a few days ago. But how did it dry so suddenly? I don’t know. Let
us inspect the dam. There must be some reason. Whatever the reason maybe… but I have solution
to every problem. Drought arrived at
a my village once. Me and my father… Hey, stop. Wait for me. Hello, sir. We’re heading
to inspect the river. We want to know,
how did the water dry? It rained well.
Then what is the reason? Okay. Let me join you, Shiva. Even I was thinking the
same since some days. Both of us share similar thoughts. We have similar thoughts. Shiva, I was thinking… it rained quite well this year. And the river saw quite of water. Then how did it dry so suddenly? I am tired. Come on.
Let us grab some rest and eat. Yes. Very good idea. All of you eat something. I heard, this river
was never dried. What has happened so suddenly? We’ve to find that out. Right. What happened, Pedaram?
Did I say something to you? What are you doing? What is it down? There’s land down, and here is me.
Tell me, what should I see? Well, that is not the land. Look down, sir. What do you want me
to see, Pedaram? There’s a soft rock. Rock solid. Rock has hair! Rock has hair. Rock has hair! Hey, save me. Save me. He is just after me. Happy marathon day! Did he leave? Sir, see,
the river direction has changed. Oh! So this is why the dam dried. But where is the water getting
transferred from these pipes? It is a real mess. S.J.Eectricity! So they are stealing
the river water… generates electricity and
sells us at cheaper cost. Yes, Shiva. Wow! It is as said… they’re using our
free sources to sell us. Let me arrest everyone, Shiva. Do not worry when
Laddu Singh is here. I will cut this fence now. Look. Shiva, the wires
seems to have current. There is no current. Laddu Singh, the
ants are biting you. Was I the only one on this earth? It was bear at first and now ants. What is this? Adi, UD, why were you shouting? We thought, this wire is passing
current through fencing. So we too held the fence. So we must also get shock. And you were shouting
without any current. Both of you are really too much. It really passes current. How are we going to get in now? Yes. But the current is
confined only till the fence. We must have got shocked
if it was on land. We will get in from
under the fence. No one is speaking anything. This means, we are not
dangerous for anyone. Right. So this means… everything legal is
going on in the building. We’ll learn only when we get in. Excuse me. This is not good, this too. I don’t like it. Not this one. Not this too. You’re a thief. You robbed our water and are
providing the electricity! You are under arrest. Hang on. Which party do you belong to? Hero or a villain? We are hero and we
catch the villain. Okay. Fine. I am Tamjham. I am a villain but I can’t
find my own jingle. A villain must have his own jingle. Okay. You want us to… Hey, sit. Suggest me a jingle
and then stand up. You can’t get up before that. The current won’t
pass if you keep seated. It will pass when you stand up. Now suggest me a nice jingle. Sir, I got it. Should I stand now? Come on. Suggest me. The current won’t pass. A B C D E F G… H I J K L M N O P… Sir, it is really good. How do you find it? Like a real nonsense. It seems as if a school child
reading nursery rhyme. Oh! Here you go. Why are you doing this? You’re providing us with electricity
generated from our dam! Wait. This is not the right
time for this topic. Keep seated. Do not stand up. Actually, it is important for a
Lillian to have his own jingle. Okay, uncle. Let me tell you. Yes. Tell me. Should I stand up?
Will I get a shock? No, kid. Do not refer to me as a kid, uncle. Shiva, off the switches
of our seats too. Catch them. Here. Tell me the jingle or I
will give you a shock. Okay. Yes. This villain is a nonsense. My name is Sir Juda. This villain is a nonsense. My name is Sir Juda. Did you call me nonsense?
How dare you fool me? Hey!
– Stop. Pedaram! What is happening to me? Sir, when one is injured… this is what happens. Tell me. Tell me a jingle or I
will give you a shock. Tell me. Listen. Neither slippers, nor shoes.
My name is Sir Juda. Neither slippers, nor shoes.
My name is Sir Juda. Amazing! Neither slippers, nor shoes.
My name is Sir Juda. Not you. I will hit them. Pedaram, what is happening to me? Sir, when one gets
severely injured… this is what happens. Pedaram, do not confuse me. At times, you see stars. At times, you can hear sparrows. Just tell me once,
what do you mean to say? Come on. Hurry up. Laddu Singh, jump down. Jump down. Sir, you should’ve at least saw… who has asked you to jump down? Catch him. I caught him. Yeah. I can’t pull myself up, Pedaram. I am going down. Oh! Well-done. Yes. Hey! Uncle, did you find
a jingle or not? The fight is over. Boss! Boss! You are under arrest. Hands up. This is the best jingle, for all
the police officers. Get it? But the best one for you will be… sorry, I am at fault. Sorry. I am at fault. No. This is not good. The best one was, neither
slippers, nor shoes. My name is Sir Juda. Besides, I didn’t like this too. Inspector,
I’ll think of it in the jail… about the new jingle.

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