Shocking CCTV: Flash flood smashes through hospital doors

Staff at a US hospital got a bit of a shock
when their cafeteria was completely flooded. A wave of floodwater crashed through the windows
of the Good Samaritan Hospital in Nebraska last week sending people searching for higher
ground. CCTV footage from the hospital captured the
moment the gallons of water swept in, smashing chairs and tables in its way as staff and
visitors watch on in horror from the staircase. According to reports, the local sewer system
was ‘overwhelmed’ by storms on Friday and Saturday, which gave the town almost four
inches of rain. While no patients, staff or physicians were
injured in this incident, the murky water may have caused substantial damage to the
hospital dining area. The Good Samaritan Hospital, which uploaded
the video to its Facebook page, said in the post that this was just a glimpse into the
series of events that unfolded that day.

9 thoughts on “Shocking CCTV: Flash flood smashes through hospital doors

  1. Looks like something off a movie. LOL! Not really. If it were recorded from someone's phone then it would have.

  2. Those are some strong windows. 
     they need to reinforce the doors or get stronger hinges?

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