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Okay! Okay! We reached a tarred road here! I don’t know is there is any water in the dam That guy over there! says we need to take a left. And then! We can go up! SCRP Dam! I don’t know what… What that stands for. But! I must guess S C means.. Shoolagiri Chinnar? So, we had a mix of off-road And… this is like a forest Wooooooh! We’re here but there is very little water Which is kind off expected How is that? Yeeeheeee! Melvin: Apparently, there is less water in the dam Yeah! There is very less water in the dam. But..! That’s Okay Let’s ride to that end or stop in-between We can go? Yeah! We can go Or.. I think we can go Okay, I think this is by far we can go. That must be the end And… There is only one side entrance There is a road there I don’t know if it… …goes up! Oh! It does go up! We can actually go… …up the dam. From both the sides. Which is not bad We’ll take a halt here for just couple of minutes Not long This is Chinnar Dam. It’s a very small reservoir I think there is a small stream that comes and joins this place. very less water Maybe because its February And, I don’t know how it is.. …usually during the rainy season. Maybe we can come back some other time But, its a perfect destination for a short weekend ride. What do you guy’s think? Do let me know in the comments section below. I hope you guys enjoyed the view here And… you’re welcome Back to some off-roading! And then we’ll head home Yup! This is the way It’s the same way that we went But, I dont think that the other bikes who came there are actually taking this route I don’t know if the ADV’s can really have some fun here because they can withstand much worse terrains But, yeah.. When you are in the city Places like these are some fun. So, one thing to keep in mind! Use less front break and… …more of back if you want to slow down. Because… Because of the loose gravel. If you hold your front too hard… there are chances of the bike skidding out of the line and.. you falling down. Along with your bike. So, its always better to use more of your rear when you are riding on these kinds of roads. Especially when you don’t have an ABS Because I don’t have an ABS and mine is a standard bike. Melvin wanted to check out if we can ride up any of those rocks! see if we can get some better view And I am planning to go take a look let’s go check it out This is where it leads to Okay! There is a temple here Can you believe what I am doing right now? Ofcourse you can! Because you can see it! Okay! I think we’ll stop here Wow! Check that out! So, this is what happens when you completely don’t plan on your trip and then… Just head out start thinking where you wanna go go on that route! go to the places that you see How about we take some pictures here? And then we can go home It’s 10:00 AM And it will start getting hot in sometime. So, before that We can also see the dam from right here So, that is the dam there. Alright guys. So, we are set to leave I think this place will be best if you can come in the evening to see the Sunset Because right now its still very gloomy. I don’t know if its fog that side or if its pollution But, I think it must be fog. I think it must be fog okay This is today’s tale This must be the local diety May God bless us all So, what was your favorite moment today? Was it the dam? Or these rocks? For me. It was watching the bird! Nah! I’m just kidding I loved all the moments here today Get out of the city during weekends. Go to some places nearby. Even if it not there in the map Trust me. You’ll find… …amazing things and things that you don’t see every day. The world is still beautiful Alright guys! I hope you enjoyed today’s video. And… If you did. Please do like, share and comment. If you like to see any new places. Do let me know If you know any good places. Do let me know. You can connect with me on instagarm or Facebook And… with all that.. This is “echo” signing-off. And I’ll see “you” on another beautiful day Until then… Ciao

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