Silent Waters: Tsunami 10 Years On

On December 26th 2004, The Indian Ocean earthquake led to one of the worst natural disasters in history. The resulting tsunami killed almost a quarter of a million people and left a further 1.7 million homeless. This Boxing Day marks the 10th anniversary. I’m Mike Thomas and I’m off film at some remote Thai fishing communities on an island in the Andaman Sea. I want to find out how the events of that fateful day have changed their lives. Although the island has no mains electricity and little development, it’s blessed with miles of undisturbed beaches and exotic wildlife. Today, there are less than 300 people living here compared to more than 1400 before the tsunami. Why did so many people move away and why is this purpose-built village nearly deserted? For those that stayed, what is it that they like so much about this island? We also take a look at some of the conservation programmes they run to protect this unique environment and why they don’t want any development. Everyone who lived here a decade ago suffered great loses and it’s hard to comprehend what they went through. They all have painful stories. To finish the film we need to make several more trips and collect a lot more footage and we’re relying on crowdfunding to cover the basic costs In return we’re offering some special perks such as a download of the finished film through to producer credits and even a chance to join us here and feature in the film. A lot of the money will be used for accommodation, food, guides and transport, so you’ll also be helping to support these communities. The film will told entirely through the people we interview so don’t worry, you won’t have to listen to me rambling on during the finished film. Please join us and help these people to tell their stories and commemorate this significant historical event.

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