Silverback Dye DAM Unboxing

Hey this is the new channel of CoolguyT258.On my channel I’ll be posting gaming and paintball videos. For gaming I will have let’s plays and reviews, and for paintball I will have unboxings,reviews and in-action game videos. For today I will be unboxing a Dye DAM it is the silverback edition.It is a limited edition,only 250 made in the world.As you can see it’s not listed on the back as a limited edition. The nice thing about Dye DAM’s is that you can have 3 ways of using it,you can have Mag fed,Hopper fed or Rotor,or you can have Box Rotor. So,and they also have 3 modes of using it,3 ball burst,semi-automatic,fully automatic for you guys that love to be machine gunners. If you are a machine gunner I’d reccommend this as it can hold 320 paintballs.Or for the extreme machine gunners you can have a Box Rotor and a Hopper on top and just go crazy. So anyway,the not very good thing about them is that they are pretty heavy and they’re not the most efficient at using air.So just use a remote line and stick a heavy tank on your back and you’ll be good. So,let’s get started on the unboxing.The nice thing about the case is that it’s pretty sturdy,it stays together it’s not like the cardboard box that just falls apart.So it’s good for travelling So inside you’ll find the Ultralite Barrel by Dye,it’s a 2 piece barrel that you would screw together and put inside,I’ll show you where it would go.And in here is some spare parts,some Allen keys,some grease, and the manual.It’s good for if you want to do maintenance,looking how to do maintenance but other then that it’s not that useful. So here’s 2 magazines that hold 10 paintballs and they are also first strike ready already.So you can just put them in and they’ll be good.You can start using them right away.There’s also a 20,it’s pretty long this one holds 20.In here you also get a barrel sock. In here is the Silverback.You can see in here you’d put the barrel in here.And this is the tool kit.It does not want to open today.Here’s the spare batterys,spare screws,spare O rings. Here’s,if it’s gonna let me take it out.Here’s what you would use if you wanted to have a Hopper,you’d put it over here.So here’s to turn it on it’s electric so that’s why it came with the spare battery,and the different modes, and oh I forgot to tell you that it comes with eyes which is a special thing that senses if there’s a paintball inside ready to fire,and if there isn’t one it won’t fire,to save air. Yep here’s a Stock,I’ll pull it out,goes on the back here,so it’s more support.I find it just gets in the way but everyone has a different opion.So thanks for watching,here’s the Box Rotor so you would put it underneath where the magazines go. And if you want to use magazines or the Box Rotor you would switch it to the first strike and if you want to use a Hopper you would switch it to the little paintball and it would be up here. Thanks for watching this video be sure to leave a Like and be sure to hit that red button that says Subscribe!

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