Simon Crawls to the Kookaburra: Extra ► All 4 Adventure TV

Ugh, we’re about to hit some more tyre staking
sticks. It’s horrid, horrid, horrid stuff. Just trying to pick the path of least resistance. And stay on the track. I’ve given old Maxy’s duco a bit of a workout
though, I might add. You wouldn’t want to be scared of pinstripes
out in this country. Ahh, rock on in here in your brand new 200
series or your Range Rover. I dare ya! I don’t think through there. I tell you what. I’m just looking ahead trying to pick the
best path, making a last decision. Decide! That way! This way! That way, no that way. We are 6.2 kilometres from the Kookaburra. ♫ The kookaburra sits in the old gum tree. ♪ Laughing his guts out at Jase and me. Oh, that sounds so bad. Well, according to the marker on my map, we’re
under a kilometre away. I’m not sure how accurate this marker is. Jase just quickly whacked this one on mine
this morning. Oh, we’re so close, I can smell it! Oh there’s a plaque and everything. Look at that. Woohoo! There she is!

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