Simon’s Awning Mishap: Extra ► All 4 Adventure TV

I just knocked my awning off. Oh no. Oh Keith! I need to loosen that one up a bit. What happened? Nothing. My awning’s just come loose and fallen out
of its bracket. Nothing to see here. What’d ya hit? No, no, it’s come loose and just slid forward. Oh, everything’s still there? Yeah, are they 10mm? Yeah, 10s, or it might be 11. It looks like something’s hit it. Oh, I touched the tree a little bit. Oh, okay! Just a little bit. Just a little graze on the tree. Not much. Yeah, so it didn’t come loose at all. No, it is loose. The front one’s loose, which is lucky. There it is there. It would have slid down the tree if it wasn’t
loose. Just push it in. That’s it, got him? Yep. Slide it. How far forward? Like that? Okay, tighten her up. You want a socket? I think I’d struggle with a socket too. Yeah, it’s tight up against that bracket,
hey? All good? There you go.

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