Simon’s Consolation Fish: Extra ► All 4 Adventure TV

Come on, baby. One more fish. He’s yours, mate. Thanks, buddy. Woo! Get her in, Jesse. Get yours out of the way. Winding in, winding in. I’ll get it, mate. You want me to get it? No, that’s all right, I’ve got it. All right. You’ve got him? Feeling good? Yeah, feeling good. He coming towards ya? Feeling good. Doesn’t feel anywhere as big as yours. Swimming full noise at me. He is too. Oh, it’s only a little pup. No! It’s a wee pup. It’s a wee pup. He’s going down. Oh there he goes. Normally you’d be pumped with this fish. I know. Still a good fish. It’s not bad. I’d be happy with that. What is he? A 15 kegger? Yeah, something like that. Nothing wrong with that. You’d be happy with that every day of the
week. Hey there, little fella. Got ya. He’s so worn out. You stand out there in the sun, I’ll get a
photo for you, mate. Good fish. See ya, buddy. Woo! He’s outta there.

5 thoughts on “Simon’s Consolation Fish: Extra ► All 4 Adventure TV

  1. "One more fish" says Simon! Its like "one more cast", you know you cant stop at one. haha??

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