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BIG RIVER, The Complete System for Flowing Waters
part 1. All members of the BIG RIVER product range is an element of such a complex system, which joint usage makes river fishing more effective. Since what does a nice big feeder like this worth, if we do not have a rod with which we can cast this in? But these two things do not worth anything either, if we don’t have the most suitable groundbait, for us to become successful. In this movie I would like to demonstrate it to you what to use with what, and how to use them, in order to be able to catch a lot of fish on the big river. The BIG RIVER system, similarly like river fishing itself, is extremely straight-to-the-point, since here, success stands or falls on that whether we can cast in the big-size feeder to the spot which we would like to fish at or not. We must use such big feeder which will remain fix there, thus, it can stabilize the end-rig. To achieve this, first and foremost we need such a feeder rod, which endures this extreme load. So, firstly I would like to introduce to you the By Döme TEAM FEEDER – BIG RIVER rod range. These are perhaps the best available river feeder rods currently. The rod’s blank is made of a special carbon composite, this gives the base of the thin, but yet powerful rod’s blank. Another two extra layers of hard carbon fabric was placed on this, thanks to which these rods are strong as hell, but still very flexible. Premium quality component materials and modern manufacturing technology ensure that during intended application, these rods are basically unbreakable. The family consists of four members: the 300 RXH signalled rod has 100-250-gram casting weight, and it was designed for boat fishing. The 330 RXH signalled 100-300-gram casting weight rod is suitable for smaller rivers and canals. The 360 RXH 100-300-gram casting weight rod is a universal application rod. While the 390 RXH 100-350-gram casting weight range rod is for the hardest conditions, one can fish from the shore in the wildest flowing rivers with this rod. The rods come with split handles and non-slipping EVA grips, and on the blank such extra-hard SiC ring line runs along, which resists excellently braid lines. Three different strength tip comes with each and every rod. The green one is 5 ounces, the yellow is 6,5 ounces, while the strongest one, the red one is 8 ounces strong. It is really important to note that the guides on the rod rips have double feet. This ensures that they will endure the load, which the casting of large-sized, seriously heavy-weight feeders requires. If we already have our suitably strong feeder rod, it is worth having a look at those feeders which were designed specifically for river fishing. These are the Haldorádó Big River feeders. This feeder is tunnel-shaped, and it was made of steel which is almost impossible to crash with our bare hands. It was made of 100 % non-toxic material, thus, should we break it in, it won’t pollute the environment at all. However, its most important feature is that it has 4 pieces of 1,5 centimetres long claws on its bottom, which immediately stabilizes the feeder as it gets down to the bottom of the river, and so, it hinders, our end-rig from drifting away, slipping along the bottom. In order for us to be able to adapt to the current at our fishing spot, and of course, to the loading capacity of our feeder rod. This feeder comes in several different sizes in our assortment. There are 85, 100, 135, 170, 210, 240, 270 and 300 gram versions of it. It is very important to note that the casting weight range to be found on the Big River rods, are not equal with the size of the feeder, but with the castable total weight. This is important, since in a feeder like this, a lot of groundbait can be filled. How much is this precisely? I will show you this in a moment. This is a size 240-gram variety. I will put it on a scale, it is exactly right. Now I am going to fill groundbait into it. So, the size 240-gram feeder, filled with groundbait already weighs 311 grams. This means that approximately 70 grams of groundbait can be filled into this feeder. This way, we can easily calculate, how big feeder we should use to a given feeder rod. So, it is advisable to use this big, 240-gram feeder with the 390 RXH type rod. And last but not least, let’s see what should we fill into the feeder. All three members of the Haldorádó Big River groundbait range debuted this year. These are the Old Carp, the Swift Barbel and the Mossy Common Bream. Their mutual characteristic is that they are well-adhering, but at the same time relatively quick dissolving groundbaits, and they include coarse particles, they contain essential coarse and heavy grain particles, which even the strongest current can hardly drift away, and so, they keep fish at the fed spot. Another mutual characteristic of them is such a crucial feature, which name is Elliptical pellet. This special-shaped, sweet taste pellet that resembles to a gravel. This guaranteed stays at our fishing spot and keeps fish there. The Old Carp fantasy named groundbait is a yellow coloured mixture, that contains corn explored in lots of different ways, bread crumbs, sweet biscuits, sponge cake, and micro pellets. The Butyric-Mango aroma harmonizes with its sweet taste. One can densify it with a little more sweet corn, that’s how it becomes really punchy. The Swift Barbel is abundant in all such ingredients, which awake and keep up the attention of the swiftest fish dwelling in our rivers. I am thinking of crashed seeds, and different kinds of micro pellets. Its slightly salty flavour harmonizes very well with the Cheese-Butyric aroma. By the way one can further season this mixture with a little bit of Cheesy-Barbel aroma and we can make it even more effective with some glued maggots, drowned maggots, or perhaps a little of living maggots. The Mossy-Common Bream is perhaps the most complex of all three mixtures, since, besides the carefully selected different sized and coloured micro pellets, crashed oily seeds can be found in it richly as well. By the way, this groundbait is sweet in flavour and it was aromatized with spekulatius extract. Should we feel that this is not enough, although I doubt that, we can further enhance its attractive effect with a little of Aroma Tuning – Big Common Bream aroma. In addition to this, we know that cut rainworms have huge effect on common breams, so, I wouldn’t leave that out either. As you could see it, the Big River product range offers solution to almost any kind of flowing water circumstances, it only depends on You now, where you would like to fish for what, and with what.

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