Sirens and sensors: La Veta flash flood preps in place

a year of emergency flash flood planning got its first test this weekend la vida threatening rain enacted parts of a multi-layered plan it’s been a priority project since the Spring Creek fire burned tens of thousands of acres above the town last summer all the trees of vegetation that burned one soaked up the rainwater but now it just runs downhill threatening the town below bill for Folsom has more on how they’re preparing rain over the Spring Creek burn scar puts la veta town leaders on Weather Watch the marshal has mobile ability to trigger new warning systems we put four sirens in town so that we can get instantaneous notification to all our our citizens there’s more warnings also happen through phones and media we are watching all burn scars but we are taking a close eye on la vida news 5 meteorologist Alex O’Brian was among other weather probes watching and warning about the flood potential weather forecasting looks at the skies but also what’s on the ground the impact of rain on a burn scar gets special attention when it comes to burn scars it’ll just take a couple tenths of an inch of rain to cause debris flow so even just the same radar indication over a burn scar versus not is a big difference Levitas Warning plan has multiple partners and resources to help warn if floodwater is headed for town I’ve teamed up together to put several war gage warning systems up in the hills those are complete installed now and transmitting data combine that with the original early warning system just trained by the National Weather Service you know we’re not asking anybody to drive up there and take a look you know maybe the worst thing that they can do but there are weather spotters that have homes and are located up in those hills that you know are up at the high enough elevations that they don’t have to worry about flooding most essential is everyone in town knowing what to do when they hear warnings we hope that everybody has it in their mind what to do with how to powder the coffee set so that there’s not Folsom reporting it is a comprehensive plan people in the area say they are educated about the risk and what to do but they still worry whether they’ve done enough to prepare

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