earthquake very strong in El Salvador today in
the early morning at 3 o’clock in the morning the savior we are going to share images
thank you very much for accepting us and how it is unfortunately, they lowered it
as always in 6.6 first reports 7.1 seven points 27.36 point 66.7 and 6.8
that is the seismic report of today there in el salvador here in mexico
it also follows the seismic activity but the most important thing for the moment is there
in El Salvador let’s see look these are the images
friends of this very strong earthquake it he felt very strong and here is something that
you have to comment friends that is pretty every time there are enough
prolonged have already delayed up to 10 20 minutes
and for some very important reason this seismic activity of today in
the Savior this was already expected there is no
prophesy what you do not have to do simply already expected according to
the seismic activity that has existed another side of the pond
then that is the most important thing the day today a strong earthquake and this strong
strong earthquake there in el salvador we have to
so raise our prayers because unfortunately see the duration here what
more important is the duration friends see the duration of this strong earthquake and
It does not let me share as usual there on the front of the coasts and there was
a tsunami warning look here what they put in 6.8 the morning was recorded
Thursday in the earthquake savior the earthquake was recorded at 3 o’clock in the morning
with 6 minutes local time there was a depth of 48 kilometers and its epicenter was placed in front of the
coasts this is what they are coping now it is activated to know if there
damage after the earthquake recorded in the country there in the savior strong earthquake is
registered in el salvador because it is important because everything is to indicate that
was thrilling this was trepidatory earthquake is very likely that there may be damages actually evacuated evacuate to
people in the coastal area behind alert of tsunami in el salvador
that’s 6.6 what was lowered as is custom last minute 4 minutes ago
6.8 earthquake caused panic in El Salvador the government of that country has issued
tsunami warning so far is not report victims or injured
this will remain constant it is supposed holy father we ask that the
savior for you to take care of that nation after the earthquake of this morning of 6.8 jesus
have mercy on what is saying I’m reading some tweets
earthquake of magnitude 6.8 in El Salvador ordered today is going to act in the area
coastal because of tsunami fears was trepidante this strong earthquake there in the
savior gánem those like please the strong earthquake of magnitude 6.8 shook the
savior and triggered tsunami warning the telluric movement was recorded by the
early this Thursday in the country Central American eye see the amount of
replicas that there are quite enough replicas that there are at the moment there in the
savior Well, these are the news after
strong earthquake of magnitude 6.6 in the Savior issue tsunami warning in the
coasts says they should specify in what
part of the savior left has been produced the quake was here in front of
the coasts of the Pacific side the Ministry of Environment and Resources
of the savior warns about the possibility of tsunami threats and
more than 10 aftershocks after the earthquake 6.6 magnitude but they do not say as much
important in fact here what’s important it would be that there have been many replicas and
the important thing is that it was exciting trepidatorio this strong earthquake there in
the savior indeed in a strong earthquake of magnitude 6 with 6 shakes the savior
authorities warn about the possibility of tsunami in fact the epicenter of this
earthquake was located in front of the pacific coast that is called the
freedom classes at the schools in the area are
suspended obviously there are no classes on step of the Pan-American Highway in the
section of the jets lies enabled after discarding the
Tsunami warning seems to be that are discarding the tsunami warning
you have to verify this situation because it was very very strong to see here are the
technical data according to the institute national seismology volcanology
Meteorology and hydrology center seismological joseba shows on the back
seismological valentine Thursday, May 30 a 3 hours with 3 minutes with 30
second local time a strong earthquake with intensity 3 was very strong scale
mercalli magnitude 6 point with 4 already they summoned more epicentral distance 203
kilometers direction on east this data is very good this I told them of
according to the seismic wave that sometimes they come to report
so he went to the southeast region pacific ocean coasts in el salvador
intensity and distance epicentral doubts for the capital city
given for the capital city because this It is the strong earthquake today in El Salvador
and obviously already to everything that gives 6.8 earthquake was recorded this morning
it came to me from 6.6 and there were two earthquakes in fact there have been about 10 earthquakes data
final earthquake magnitude 6 with 8 against the coast of freedom at 66 kilometers
to the south of the beach mass is depth 48 kilometers was very strong it was very very
strong and this is the video that good this it’s a video camera and these are the
the reports of the earthquakes are already earthquake of magnitude 6 with 8 on the scale
richter shook the dawn of this Thursday in the department of freedom
in the southeast of El Salvador without damage serious cases have now been
activated evacuation protocols before possible cause of tsunami as this is the
today’s report with this we wake up
very strong this strong earthquake and see the video good this is one of the many
videos occasioned
this earthquake indeed the earthquake of magnitude 7 with 1 good here is already no
is this was the first note that I gave him at 4 in the morning time
from mexico a magnitude 6 earthquake point 7.1 forgiveness the savior in the savior of
this Thursday they reported in the ministry of environment and natural resources
the earthquake occurred at 3 o’clock in the morning with 5 minutes and the epicenter was
located at 66 km from the beach mass is there was no longer without me and that’s why
They got up until 4 40 in the morning 12 replicas had been counted
and in fact good some strong with magnitude 4.8 there were tsunami probabilities to that of
done at 4 in the morning they reported the evacuation due to tsunami threat
but the waves of the sea only reached 30 centimeters because good classes
suspended there in el salvador these good classes in the classes have been
super suspended there in el salvador a call to the directors to evaluate
the conditions of the centers educational and take the measures apply
the emergency protocol report damage
immediately they can be in their schools and that they notify the
local authorities the step in the jets to the bottom of
and road conservation reported that will carry out an inspection in the section of
the jets of the Pan-American highway Well, these are the damages
found that there are no landslides in the road the jets so the
traffic has been enabled very well the general direction of
civil protection beyond the savior after the very strong and long earthquake
national scale sense realizing verification for possible damages
preliminary in the coastal area the freedom no affectations are reported
so far at 3 42 in the morning reported that the technical commission
sectoral and emergency services they do not report damage or calls to
attend emergencies now as the fence goes out
dawning obviously good is already dawning but as I go
dawning this because this one is going to go increasing the
the possible damages in addition in the first minutes after the earthquake there were
failures in the telecommunications network just as the light went out these are the
news after the last earthquake today in the savior of seven with one seems to be
that was six with eight and obviously Well, some have already lowered it to six
with six this morning the earthquake of magnitude of fact and other earthquakes not only
in el salvador and yesterday they remember that yesterday we were even telling him that
it is also expected one had been fulfilled about Peru and we had said that
I expected one there in in Central America the earthquakes of 5.0 and 4.7
are reported in markota by the way yesterday there were also very long earthquakes something is
happening on the plates because they are very very long earthquakes see is this this
dilated video minutes details and the activation of
protocols to evacuate on the shores of country sorry I was telling you
this strong earthquake somehow already I expected and the atypical are also the
Yesterday’s earthquakes in Peru that remember that only had 5 kilometers of that was the
yesterday’s news this was very surface only 5 kilometers and an earthquake
from 3.3 he felt quite and above all quite durable because this was he the
Pacific side this strong earthquake and just see the images
now as they go the most likely is that unfortunately he will see in
images this is the report of the Department
let’s see let’s see let’s try 40 kilometers off the coast of the
alert in the squares this is the map but let’s see I think
which is official at 3 o’clock in the morning against
you can no longer share this I cut it
my god forgive they cut me I will not have I’m not going to
to share I was what is down here to see this is the report at three o’clock
the morning with three minutes was recorded an earthquake of magnitude 6.8 with a
depth of 48 kilometers off the coast of
Freedom in the squares areas this is the intensity map is your
mental you can see these areas santa key in the
part of san salvador- west and some zones of freedom where the
intensity of the earthquake was 6 in magnitude of the mercalli scale
this means slight affectations for the House
not well constructed and adobe that could have suffered
some damage and also and for being
located on the coast probability or tsunami warning along the coast of
saved although some of the waves already de dire has to have arrived and not what
has done however this can mean rise in sea level
some problems we warn watch out
the bathers fishermen keep out of the sea in the next few hours we
let’s go warning the time if there some
on the coast by the density of a very well this is the official report that
Speak those who know, notice that here in this report say some very
important one and increase the level of the sea possible
tsunami and increase were 30 centimeters that’s something important another very data
late just here tells me it’s a scale 6 and it tells me that it is moderate to
mild from mild to moderate or moderate to slight but they are telling me that it was very
strong and it was hectic and that’s the only thing
it struck me that I do not mention it said president oscar development
Ortiz listens to the technical explanation about today’s earthquake in the morning and it’s
this same person that we just listen to explain to the president and well, this is the information of the
today there in the salvador data final had left him at 6.8 in the
savior at times it came to me from 7.1 and well we had already at level
international who have worked it up 6.6 but it was exciting I think that
this is the most important one that was Trepidante of preliminary data from the
earthquake 6.6 and well then this is the way what is striking is that it has
there were many replicas for example six 45.4 5 tips with 1 down to 4
with 7 in fact here on this map we will update it when it is 7
in the morning with 22 minutes today 30 from May thank you very much and leave me your like
before leaving they are ready to work but here the most
important is that they lowered it a lot and also the
replicas are coming down well then we started with this seems to be
that there is no damage even though it was Appallingly there is no damage
in fact continues trembling in Peru in Ecuador well
but since yesterday venezuela ecuador and peru An earthquake of 5.0 and 4.84 is still trembling
20 in the morning and 436 is moving much the southeast in fact there in
arequipa earthquake d 5.4 back in Arequipa and another earthquake
that there is an earthquake of 3.8 that also they say that he dilated 12 minutes
It was very small, good in scale but I tell you enough that was the problem that
it dilated quite a lot this quake and well, I think that with this we
let’s stay let’s read some comments thank you very much give me your
light please our light because to help us position this channel
these are the twitters of today arranged to broadcast the conference of
andrés manuel lópez obrador but no it won this very important earthquake are 55
people to look at very well I thought not there were going to be people that everyone was going to be
with the urgency of getting to work thank you very much who came to eugenia
Brunette good morning how are you good 10 surgenia marley nica good
days everyone and we close good morning very Good Morning
yes it was strong I saw it with alex batman Have a nice day like that
hello gerardo friend so early already working with early bird friends
yes when he has the possibilities and
the conditions someday I will get to have mobile internet but while
I do not have it according to my possibilities if something important happens
I will already be saying thank you very much anamaría luna hernández let’s hope that
do a lot that there are not many victims ends for it see only
what to have been horrible
Well, it was quite strong imagine 3 in the morning was someone
He said the quake was felt in town and that was related is true that what
they felt in honestly populate me I was in the arms of morpheus and no no
I did not feel anything the truth won me the dream that is known not in fact here the
national seismological here are the I will update the last earthquakes
when they are for people who are leaving to work 7 in the morning with 25 minutes
here I reported the last quake at 4 in the morning with 21 minutes to see this
possibly this is the earthquake that refers our friend Teresa
this but it was an hour after 4 of the tomorrow with 21 minutes that if I could
have a relationship if yes I could have relationship because with the pressure of
movement of the plate that is the same of el salvador may have caused
pressure to this 4.2 plate here is see here you are marking them then
4.2 is this in Hidalgo City then and it is very likely here is the
savior to where is my mouse here is the savior here was the earthquake where
is my mouse I do not know if they reach it to see and here is
the 4.2 plate that could have been 4.5 even then if it has relation
because it’s the same plate but it was a an hour and a half now this earthquake if it could
have felt in Puebla there is that possibility but see a 44.2 4.8 in
whist the one was very strong the day from yesterday Yesterday was very strong
to 5 degrees another of 4 in pijijiapan crucecita 4.1 and
Big River 4.2 This is the most important earthquake
southeast of the wiz lahm of 4 points Well, that’s the situation, I’m going to repeat
7 o’clock in the morning with 27 minutes no I’m going to make you late friends by
good favor those who come to work those who are in the arms of morpheus
so keep enjoying your bed thank you it was because of your enormous effort you always
keeps us well informed within possible and here the most important thing is
to do a reflection and we have to continue the behaviors of these changes
planetary is the that would be the matter not thank you very much jesus red how are you
welcome to all nor mirna art 2 jesus eduardo antonio becerril how are you a
brother thank you very much enilda roo pgje is
thank you very much rodolfo rangel hernani who else irene official pancho like
these good morning you knew everything marleny k as you will see many missing
keys this do not sit down please no I took it badly it has been youtube I did not
I am and the worst thing is that I can not put you saw though
the conditions the crazy and mus is going to keep shaking loud if now
remember that all this with the earthquake of Peru and the remote earthquake of the
today’s savior simply because I know how the forecast is fulfilled that we
we had been giving Well, this could be said to be
within normal but this quake It was very strong and it was exciting I think
that here the news was not not in train
not even the earthquake itself I think that the news is that I was thrilling
I think that it was there and that I said they are dilating so much that of so much of Peru
that the news was that it took too much took the earthquake
from Peru we will update the last earthquakes in the world goodbye follow me
posting in el salvador that finally what they left in 6.6 and a 6.6 is important and
7.1 and hectic I think that the trepidatorio the earthquakes from 5.5 already there
that we take them very seriously let’s see there are videos
of preliminary data of the earthquake and good in conclusion I think we have already said
All the information about this earthquake there in el salvador we are going to update
the information because it is that if it is because it is in case there is something very important details that are activated
evacuation protocols there were no longer tsunami and this is the this is the video
very strong was fast exciting official but greetings
Maria Elena Hernandez Good morning thanks for the info
the crazy optimus good morning to the moderators and those who are not
good morning moderators good morning give us a thank you thank you very much
welcome the hyper friends many thank you it was a water program not
we have then if we do it in the water let’s talk about infrastructure of the
df híjole and do not you do not imagine this alters the
economy because you have to put your pockets to buy pipes
and very complicated and water is the vital liquid
and I thought I was going to nobody was going to see me according to what I was going to do at 6 o’clock
tomorrow for good I get up at 5 in the morning
I thought I said no, I’m going to do it 7 better for someone to see me
nanny job says with grandchildren from 5 o’clock in the morning because you already enter
work maría, look, look, you are giving life light energy to your grandchildren very
well very well imagine that all we can channel the energies
transmute that is a good topic not but we’ll talk about that later, this is the
earthquake thank you very much mirna says sandra gisel rosales alcántara start to
worry again hopefully not come one strong for mexico, look, do not worry
act do not worry there’s no need worry you have to worry about
raise the vibration there is this test nothing prepared you have a plan
of contingencies in his house
that is, the emergency backpack simply a family plan
and you have to be very alert you do not have to worry you have to worry
precision pressure to the many mirna thank you daisy sandra gisel and so
I let them go to work at all the people and we finished at 4 in the
late to look at the time they arrive dads his dads
there is a glass of water there are your parents and you are going to see
I missed mentioning it radio science l novel world or you’re just going to
do prayer and meditation well you go to sleep is also worth Maria Torija
thank you this would be the news and well then
let’s hope not notice that there is no damage seems to be
it seems that there is no there are no videos of damage I just
update this information well that would be all friends
thank you very much and I lost mention to the pancho official says in Mexico there will be no earthquake
strong soon you have to decree what you have to think positive although the
possibility is that it is very likely that There may be good because if there can be
or if it is inevitable that there is an earthquake in mexico I hope it’s only
oscillatory and that does not exceed 56 degrees is more hopefully think what I’m going to
tell and all this with the good intention of
that we release energy to the plate we can not Attempt against nature but hopefully today there are 50 earthquakes of no
more than 4 degrees for one hundrerd
whatever it is but the liberate that energy I think what
because I think that I stay there with that and good thank you very much friends 60
people who are with us many thanks this has been today’s earthquake
it was there are sunspots today let’s see let’s see
really the sun is very important with but I have it here let’s see let’s see how the sun is
thank you very much to the person that Jesus ramirez jesus rojas sorry
this is the sun update to see now based on the
current data there is no chance of see an aurora in the middle latitudes
the speed of the solar wind Currently it is moderate is 512
kilometers per second this is the today’s solar activity 7 of the
tomorrow with 35 minutes I’m not going to be late friends thank you very much there is no
sunspots and here we are going to see this photo that of the 12 27 of the day May 30
of 2001 that’s how the sun is right now with apparent calm see all of us are
in green there is nothing atypical there is nothing according to this note
remember that I have to lower the other pages because then they deceive us
this photo was taken at 12 o’clock with 26 minutes with 5 seconds from day 30 of
may 2010 and 9 so is the sun and these are the holes holes coronal is
the apparent coronal mass ejection it’s in apparent calm solar protons
all numbers are calm greens is all relatively quiet
apparently and well, this is how it looks
to see 11 I want to share the video we have
here to the side but not well, the sun is in apparent
calm thank you very much have a good day everyone a good day’s work
thank you here the south of the city of mexico
dawned with clouds in the form of stripes of pink to see if you can get one
picture you take the picture to all in thank goodness what good take care
you say andrés the same and I do not know how to identify the clouds
seismic swans seismic clouds they are like eviscerated in the course of
the hours will be leaving more news than it was we are clear of course yes
hyper dimensional I’m dividing the Yesterday’s interview with the clarita teacher
I have problems with that transmission of Yesterday I wanted to do it but I do not know
could or not was recorded then today I’m going to upload the third part of that good what
divide the last part an interview very good I think it left us a lot
a lot of learning then in that meaning then
I think I was Well, this has been the news
good morning, have a nice day good morning to those who go to breakfast
those who are awakening that god I bless you and I will not do it
late for your activities we leave you are
seven in the morning with thirty eight minutes from the center of the republic
mexican there is the whatsapp number and they can see the rate flyer
but no no no no failed yesterday the rates good
thank you very much friends who wants support us with this mission in the first
instance are the oxxo accounts or Santander which is the same after the
second option in the description of this video is the paypal or even the super
chat thank you very much that you have a excellent day good morning everyone
excellent game Mr. Gerardo that all have a good day, there are programs
very good if the machine apparently He was already high in buying some
mostly accessory cables right now I have
but I’m still not doing but well I understand that is I listen
all right but I think the sound is good
and let us see ok it seems that it was heard well
thank you very much good day was very well the interview with clarita and missed
very clear the lady clarita is a person who knows if he pulls and
pancho in fact hopefully we can interview hopefully I invite you to come
you who know her more and I think it’s very productive very
helpful that and thank you very much for your collaboration
our friend part official of me that’s all thank you very much and see you
later thank you


  1. Hola yo soy de el salvador y yo estaba dormido y casi me cae un ventilador

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  6. a Javanese spiritual, Indonesian, already knew that in Elsavador there was an earthquake since three days ago. not only that, he had also known the earthquake and tsunami in Sulawesi since June 2018. His name is now being recognized by many people because he is able to predict complete locations, dates, months, years and even hours. in the spiritual world he is considered a human being who is able to communicate with God. even the meteor that fell yesterday was tried he had also delivered it one month before it happened very complete. I know this person from Facebook Abimanyu Satria

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