SKETCHY ROPE SWiNG AT THE DAM – Family Vlogs 3 days in 1:)

hello everyone welcome to today’s video
thanks so much for tuning in we really appreciate you watching hopefully this
video will give you a little bit of extra happiness in your life and it will
make your day a little bit better. Today’s video is what I would call an
amalgamation of days, but secret is we’re gonna pretend like this was all in one
day okay? So first thing that happened today is we went to KJ’s soccer game . KJ was awesome, the kid is always awesome but he’s especially awesome at soccer.
He’s got a great coach and a great team anyway kids playing in a big soccer
tournament and he scored not one goal not to goals but three goals in one game that’s what you call a I’m gonna need it
right there I did a trick with my hat that’s a hat trick nice job KJ show kids
you some love in the comments below by telling them which one is your favorite
goal goal number one goal number two or goal number three
and if you think KJ doesn’t read the comments well you’re wrong he does you
resolve the comments okay so good job Cajon part number two of today we went
to this place that I used to go growing up called Newton dam and Newton day
is a pretty awesome place not because it’s an awesome dam but because it has a
sweet ropes which it’s all went off it I even went off it and I held on a little
bit too long almost broke my knee look I’m fine now anyway
Newton damn cute the drone shots with the music in the slow-mo and the
awesomeness to show how fun it was and the third part of the day was also
very fun we went to one of our favorite places to eat of a bear lake which is
zips drive in there one of our sponsors at pickle ville we love the family that
owns the place and we called ahead of time and said hey we want to bring our
whole cast there and eat after the show so they stayed late they shade like an
hour longer than they normally do to let us bring the cast and eat and so here’s
some clips from our night of hanging out at zips in the middle of our season when
we need a little pick-me-up we have a night of zips where we all come together
after the show we call zips ahead of time and say hey hey zips we’re bringing
the whole crew and we get together to eat healthy food and have a good time
and as you can see these people cray-cray so let’s talk about let’s talk about
yesterday we have brother and sister moments all
the time I’m trying to be all bendito just pulling a phrase like guys and how
can I not laughter that crowd I gotta stay in character number seven over here junk food so good though
who cares it’s right at the bottom click with a base layer read about this area
right here’s where it falls in the pyramid but hey we burn so many calories
during the show we can pretty much eat anything we want all summer long and
that is totally not true that’s the best thing we potato fries man hotdogs with
bacon cream cheese and chili the tater tots like Jumanji the first one remember
the first one and that my boy Dennis amigos is all we have for you
for today’s video except for this song that I will sing for you right now JK there’s no song anyway thanks so much
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having a great day hope this video brighten your day
remember choose-your-own-adventure life’s an adventure and you get to do
whatever you want so make it awesome Love your family love your kids if you
have kids. Love your parents if you ARE kids, and we’ll see you next time. Peace
out Cub Scouts!

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