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There we go. Nice! What’s going on everybody? This is Shane with MSRivercatfish. We are down here today at Barkley Dam looking
forward to catching some skipjack. They’ve been running is the word. I was over at KY Dam earlier and it was elbow
to elbow down there. I don’t think I could of squeezed in anywhere. But, I talked to one guy down there and he
said, “Yesterday they caught 300.” So, that’s a lot of skipjack. But I came over here to Barkley. The water doesn’t look as good here but it’s
not elbow to elbow. So, I’m gonna see what I can do over here
and hopefully at least put a few up on the shore and be able to have a little bit of
good bait. Hopefully we will get into them a little bit. So, stay tuned. Man’s it’s crazy over at KY dam. All the people. I was over there yesterday afternoon and there
was some boys over there catching them 2 and 3 at a time. I talked to one guy a while ago and they said
they caught 300 yesterday. First cast, first fish! Yeah, my first cast, I caught 2! Yeah, they come off half the time. Maybe you should have come earlier. You bring me luck. Hey, that’s a nice one! Hey, we left you a spot right down there. Ah, probably got 25 or something like that. We’ve had to work for them. There it is. There’s probably 20 in there anyway. Well, here’s the final result. 5, 10, 15, 18, 21. So 21, that’s not too bad. I said I thought we had between 20 and 25. That’s about right. Well, I really can’t complain too much. It’s been a decent day and obviously I did
not catch 300 but I probably have 20 or so. That’s not too bad compared to the fact that
I haven’t had any here for a while. I’ll take 20 any day. I’ll see what the actual count is when I get
them bagged up. Was just kind of one of those days where they
move in for a little bit and you catch 1, 2, 3 at a time and then you’ll go for 15 or
20 minutes without a bite. Then you’ll get another one or two. It’s just enough to keep you hanging on and
keep you casting a little bit. If you haven’t already, please like this video
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videos come out. We are getting that time of year when the
weather has been nicer and hopefully we’ll get to get out here and do some fishing a
little more often. Thanks for watching and until next time, we’ll
catch you later!

10 thoughts on “SkipJack Attack! Barkley Dam Bait for Catfishing – MSRiverCatfish

  1. So the skippies are biting hard down there? What was the temperature and did you catch those today or yesterday.

  2. Oh ok cool. I was asking what was the outdoor temperature there. Sorry I should've been more specific

  3. Thanks Shane. I've been making a few shad dart lures and tying them. So I'm looking forward to trying them out down there. If I see you down there I'll give you a few

  4. Me and Regular Dude Fishing showed up as you was leaving. PDC

  5. I’m pretty sure I seen you down at Barkley last Friday..I remember seeing your white throwable device.. anyways great video.. I just subbed.. if you get a chance check out my channel as well.

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