Sky Blue River Run On A Coffee Base Epoxy Countertop

If you want new countertops without spending
thousands then watch how easy it is to transform any countertop surface with our coffee and
sky blue metallics mixed into our unique proprietary resin. Enjoy the video! Alright, we’re getting ready to apply the
base coat, when you’re at this step, you’re gonna have plastic down. Your counters are going to be already prepped,
they’re gonna be primed. So I have my base coat mixed up, got it right
here. So we’re going to apply this on the whole

42 thoughts on “Sky Blue River Run On A Coffee Base Epoxy Countertop

  1. Order your custom kit today and get started on your kitchen remodel!

  2. Now that one is bad ass! Love it! Love the coffee color on that. With the light blue! Amazing! Thanks for sharing! 😉 ❤.

  3. I like that color combination. How many times has Tylor resurfaced that same countertop?

  4. I SO WISH, I had gone with your garage floor product, RATHER than the Rustoleum Rocksolid Metallic Blue for my garage floor!

  5. Do you have a tutorial on how to do a shower. I want to resurface my fiberglass shower and not sure how to do it on a vertical surface. Is it possible?

  6. ❤️ liked it! I would have poured a cream color instead of blue for Coffee & Cream.

  7. Like it. With the relection it looks like blue flowing over a counter made of brown boards.

  8. I'm curious on how many countertops he goes through doing a demonstration on YouTube?

  9. A hot pot would definately damage this work right ??? It looks really good…

  10. Hey guys I intend on buying your product for some end tables soon…. However here's an idea. It would be awesome to epoxy the body of a guitar! Would that even be possible? I would love to see that in a video! Black with an electric blue metallic would be slick.

  11. Omg that's just awesome, I wish I had the confidence to do this, I just love it ❤️

  12. Do you guys have installers you trust? Your products are incredible, but I don’t trust myself to do them justice.

  13. Why is the counter in the final shots not the same as the one you showed being laid out? Did it turn out bad or something? Cant be the same as the blue colors are in different spots…

  14. good perspective of how much the material will flow as it levels out. The Blue vein started out right on the inside corner and at the end it had flowed to 4 or 5 inches below…..

  15. That hard-rockin' background music really got me PUMPED to spread epoxy on a countertop!

  16. What type of countertop do you apply this epoxy to? Looking at redoing my granite countertops and this would look awesome.

  17. I can not understand?? What is inside the Bottle that makes At 4:34 this cool dispersion effect.

    Thx for Help….Cool Video

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