Slave River Paddlefest 2014!

We’re sort of raised to fear the river,
right? Like the spirits and the river will take you under. I mean, Rapids of the Drowned, the closest rapids to town Like, if you enter that water you’re
gonna be sucked away and that’s it. It’s a story parents tell their
children to keep them safe, right? Like, here I am living in Fort Smith and then all of a sudden I get introduced and all of the sudden there’s this whole like this subculture going on I didn’t even know about. There’s sort of a connection you make
with other paddlers–other people who’ve sort of, you know… found that
beauty on the water. Hey!! Yeah, here we are at Paddlefest
having a great time already. Nice! Come out and enjoy Paddlefest! we
have a great time over on the water there’s a lot of people
know that right accessible
so Palace is kind of our waiter it bites everybody to go on the water no I mean the slave rivers very safe
it’s a very safe place to learn how to paddle and it’s really great place to
learn how to paddle you’ve got a lot of supportive people here and there’s
always someone to rescue you and the playground especially is just like it’s
very tame puddling is a really nice way to spend
time together as a family when we go queueing there’s lots of opportunities
for flat water paddling and canoeing as well as the whitewater kayaking a great
place for the whole family to spend time with children of all ages if you don’t have the knowledge of the
water then it can be dangerous what Paddlefest is doing is drawing
attention to the natural beauty that we have here in our own backyard trying to
dispel the myth by making sure that kids get exposed to the water and learn
properly respect if the water you need to come to paddle fest it
should be on your bucket list if it’s not on your bucket list your bucket list
sucks now that abyss is like your best we can
be you should be right now planning 2014 or
stuff if it takes you three years plan ahead
to come as Fort Smith and spend a week here do it now because it’s really worth
it you’re going to love the stuff

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  1. This is such an Awesome video – I totally want to come to Paddlefest!

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