SMALL Rivers BIG Muskies!!! – River Fishing Muskies Techniques

– Alright team charge! We eat, the fish eat. Larry Smith Outdoors is
brought to you in part by Badger Sportsman, Bartlein
Barrels, Warrior Boats, Wilderness North Lodge,
Big Snow Resorts, Hard and Soft Fishing,
Suzuki, Lynch Mukwonago, Dick Smith’s Bait and
Tackle, Wings Over Wisconsin, Kmiece Law Firm, Deep
Freeze, Cold Snap, Otter, Norm’s Ag, and Jiffy. And remember, it’s a
great day to be alive. Holy Moly! – Hey, I’ll tell you last
summer we had just a fantastic job and it was actually
when we were still showing and putting our show on Youtube. We weren’t actually on network. We were up at the Schafer’s
place, up in the UP and it was one of
my favorite trips. Mainly because of spending
the time with Abby and Cody. Then the other thing was the
very unique river, small river. It had a lot of muskies
and a lot of small boats and we never saw another
person on about a four and a half, five mile run. And it was real hard sometimes
getting around to the rapids and stuff like that, so we’re
gonna go back up this week. Tomorrow and we’re gonna
try it again and see what happens on that
musky trip up there. Again, a real nice drive
up there, fast drive. We can get up there in about
three hours to my house. We leave early in the morning and try to get there
about 7 and you know what? It’s always fun also to
go with the Schafer family because they’ve always
got a lot of food. So hey, stay tuned, let’s
see what happens this week and we’re gonna be up in the
UB fishing with the Schafers’. Our old buddy Shotgun
Schafer and Cody and maybe Abby will stay
back or maybe she’ll come along on the trip, we’ll see. But I’m sure she’ll be on
camera for a minute or two so stay tuned, I hope
everybody’s gonna enjoy this week’s show. – [Voiceover] The Warrior
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Sportsman Magazine today. – Hey folks, the Badger
Sportsman Magazine wants to see a picture of you
having fun in the outdoors and to have the chance to
win a trip with us here on Larry Smith Outdoors
and a hard and soft water fishing kit, all you
have to do is submit that picture to the – Hey, I love these mornings. Got up early, 3:30
heading up into Michigan and we’re gonna be meeting
up with the Schafer’s and fishing up on
the river up here and you know one thing I
love about fishing up here is that most of the time
you don’t see anybody. It’s really a
unique body of water and it’s a float trip and
maybe the Shotgun Schafer will have some good food for us. That’s really what I’m
looking forward to. – There’s a weight limit on
this bridge, Larry, hurry up. – Hey this week on Larry
Smith Outdoors, guess what? We’re up in the UP and we’re
doing one of my favorite trips that we got to do
last year with you Cody, you and Abby, and I hear this
week we’re gonna leave Abby behind today. – I guess. – It’s just gonna be you and I. What are we looking for today? What are we gonna be doing? I know last year
when we were up here we caught some
really nice muskies. We caught a bunch of small
malt and I caught the only Wallite that has been
seen on this river in like 30 years,
this part of it. – Yeah. Well that’s pretty much the
same game plan this year too is catch the smallies and
muskies behind the rocks. In the current so yeah. – Well that sounds
good, you know what? The river looks like it’s
a little bit higher than it was last year when
we were here huh? – Uh oh, look what showed up. – Oh hey Abby! – You’re leaving me out? Come on Larry. – You can come along. – Yeah. – But Cody said there’s no
room in the boat this year. – Hey! – But you can come along. Hey maybe Abby will be
fishing with us this week here on Larry Smith Outdoors. Up here in the UP,
let’s see what happens. Hey, let’s get these
boats in the water and go see if we can catch
some fish, you know it. – Let’s do it. – I’m a little hungry,
though, too you know. – Yeah. – Maybe we should eat
something before we go. I got some Sun Drop. – And I have napkins
for when you spill it all over your face. – What do you mean? I don’t spill anything. What? – Hey, Smith, I got breakfast. – Are you serious? – Yeah, seriously. – Holy moly. – Come on. – I gotta grab a sundrop. – No, no time for sundrop. – Oh come on. – We got food now, let’s go. Alright Larry
here’s what we got. – Look at this. – Grab a bun, we’re gonna have foot long breakfast sandwiches. – Wow, this is oh man. – Grab a bun boy. – That’s a great way
to start the morning. – Eggs, venice, and
slaughtered bacon, cheese. – All mixed in together? – All mixed in, if this
doesn’t put a hurt on the gut. – Oh man. – I think the dog
wants some of it. – Dog’s not getting anything. – Way to start the morning off. The old Shotgun Schafer’s
definitely taking care of us like always. – This should hold you
over for 15 minutes. – Right, can I eat? – Yeah eat. Boy, there’s a little bit
of everything in here. – You name it. – There’s more on the kitchen
sink in there too I think. – I don’t like it. – You hear that, he sounds
like a wolf in the woods right now eating. Don’t eat too much cause
Dan’s gotta eat too. – Yeah I know. – Oh it’s splitting. – Whose Dan? – Dan, you met caveman Dan. – It’s just Dan. – Here you want a plate? The dog’s trying to pick up
everything as he’s eating. Don’t worry Max you
won’t get nothing the way that guy eats. – Boy, this is excellent. Now what’s all in here Schafe? – This is goose
sauces from my goose. – Okay. – There’s eggs, bacon,
onions, regular Johnsonville little sausages, oh
that one got overcooked. But then you just throw
everything in there and break the eggs and just
stir it up as you’re cooking and a little bit
of sharp chedder. Holy, come up for air. – Hey Schafe. – Yeah? – We’re sure going through a
lot of procedures this morning before we can go fishing and the breakfast thing I
really agreed on and I’m glad but cause I went in the cabin
to check out all the cool pictures, I almost ate them. – Guess what? – Yeah? – July 31st, I hear,
is your birthday. – Yeah it is, July 31st. – Mine’s the 19th so. – Really, happy birthday to you. – You get the two
cause you’re the host. – Okay. – With the most. – Thank you. – Grab one, let’s
go we’re gonna sing. – You sure? – Oh my God. – Caveman, spank them. – Man, I’m getting
yelled at today too. Well why would I want
to hold on to a… – Happy birthday to you. Cha Cha Cha, Happy
birthday to you. Cha Cha Cha, happy
birthday dear Larry. Happy birthday to you. – Ready? – Happy birthday. – [Voiceover] Kalin’s has
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line of Kalin jigheads. Oh and our original
Kalin’s grubs still does a pretty
good job too. – Look at that Kalin’s
in her mouth right there. – Patrick, what are
you doing out here? – Mark, I’m going
fishing this weekend but with this massive
selection of trucks, I can’t figure out
which one to take. – [Voiceover] The brand
new Lynch Mukwonago store’s have a massive selection of
brand new Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram
trucks, cars, and SUVs. Make your new stop at the
all new state of the art Lynch Mukwonago
dealerships today. – Nobody sells for
less than Lynch. – What is that, a dead rabbit? – Looks like it. – To better today’s in the boat because we don’t have
any stinky catfish bait and we didn’t see any 10
inch bluegill last time. The deal is today, whoever,
catches the biggest fish. Biggest small malt, biggest
musky, whatever we catch does not have to eat
the raw craw fish. Right, live, it’s gotta be live. Hey Dan, how about them rocks? – What do you got
going up there? You need some help? Most people start
shooting at me. Holy pants, wow. I appreciate that big time. It doesn’t get any better. Boy you guys up here in
UP are pretty hospital. Most of the time people
wanna put us in the hospital. – I’ll help you. – You got a buck
tail in your shorts. – Life is good. See what happens when
you come to the UP. People come running down
and hand you the best soft drink on Earth. – Oh man, hold that one up. Uh, look at this. Look at that. I just put that line on there. – That’s why you
don’t use thin tasks. – What, I’m fishing for
big fish little man. – Musky, yep musky. Yep, seriously got a
net, musky it’s a musky. – Okay yep. – Did you see him splash guys? – Looks like a big fish. – Yeah it’s probably 30 I’d say. Oh here it is. – Here, dad, hold on. – It’s coming around
the other way. Yeah it’s coming
around the other way. – What? – It’s coming around this way. – Hey. – Seriously. – What, Schafer? I just went by that slider. – Yeah well that’s a problem. Look at this thing. It will not come up. This thing will not come up. – This is cluster fishing here. This is exciting. – Watch here he
comes, here he comes. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. – You’ll do anything
so you won’t have to… – Oh yeah I’m not
eating no cray fish. I eat my fish, my cooking
but not crayfish cooking. – Whatever, that
fish has to come in. – Oh look at that. – Oh you missed it Dan. – He jumped out two feet
out of here that time. – Just net him for me so I
don’t have to eat a crayfish. – Here he comes again,
he’s quite a bit rough. – The deal is you gotta
get him in the boat. Just get him in anybody’s boat. I don’t wanna eat crayfish. – Oh man. – Larry, Larry, Larry, Larry. – Yeah he’s two
and a half maybe. – What the heck
is wrong with him? – There we go, nice job. Nice job, Schafe. – Oh it’s off, the
hook is off nice. – Right out of his mouth. – Perfect release. – Yeah perfect release for sure. Boy I’ll tell you something. – Look at that. – Beautiful fish right there. – Look at the scars
on the side of him from someone else beating
him up, look at that. – Probably a snapping
turtle got him. – Probably another big musky. Cute little musky,
first one of the day. – Thanks to caveman,
I’m not eating crayfish. – Oh come on. That’s just not right. Let’s let her go. – Hey caveman, maybe they
should run an episode on how to tie line, look at these two. Yep, makes perfect sense
because I don’t want to sabotage the production. – [Voiceover] The Badger
Sportsman is the magazine for outdoors in Wisconsin. Not a subscriber? Now is the time. You won’t want to
miss a single issue. It’s packed full of
everything you need to know for open water success
no matter what species you’re targeting. For availability in your area
and subscription information check out today. – That is what it’s all about. – God dang it, I lost
the prop again, you guys. Just like last time. – You had that
problem last year. – Cody god dang it, I set
it over here somewhere. – Cody stop. Too far. – What the heck? – Did you find it? – Yeah. I lost my good glasses too. What the, Cody. – Did you find the
prop though Larry? You got the prop? – Cody, what the hell? – You’re wrecking it, now
Larry fell out of the boat. – Wasn’t it by that big lodge? – Yeah. – Woah, I got the prop dude. Here’s your prop buddy. Now I’m gonna get
it back on there. Woah. I’m not looking for the
pin, I’ll tell you that. – You better hope you have
no leaches on your nuts. – That is so disgusting. That is absolutely disgusting. – You don’t even know
where that thing’s been. – Get that thing outta here. – Still, look at this. Oh, that was disgusting. What the heck, that’s gross. – Frog, surface bait. Yep, right where I wanted to be. – Wow. – Wait for the worm farmer. – By the what? – The worm farmer, you know. It’s not as big as the
last one, I don’t think. – A smaller one? – Yep. – Want a net or
you gonna get him? – No you can net, I don’t
want any of these dang things. I hate muskies. – What? I don’t hear you say that. Oh watch out, it’s
going by the canoe. Watch out Ab, it’s gonna
come up, it’s gonna jump. Here it comes, here it comes. Not yet, there it goes. Check it out caveman,
he’s over here. Oh, he’s under the boat. – Oh don’t break it. – Come on Cody, oh boy. Here he comes, here he comes. – Got him? – Cody, there he goes. Nice Job, netting him my man. – I tried. – We got to see another
fish and had him on. I would consider that was
a caught fish for sure. – Don’t turn around
this time boss. Yep, nice fish. Here we go Cody,
I got a nice line. Grab the net big guy. This is a nice fish. That’s a big fish. It was a 45 inch fish, for sure. Huge fish. – Did you see it, hernads? – I did. – You didn’t say
you had hernads? – Did I not Dan? – Yeah he did. – Okay we’re good, we’re good. Thank you Abigail. – What do you have
in that bag Cody? – Nothing. – It’s sitting right
behind the lure, yes. – Can you see him? – Yes. – Stop it, stop it. Pull up on it. – Still there? – Yeah he just circled back
to the front of the boat now. – Got it, there we go, Cody. There you go, get him. – He’s a jumper. – There you go, nice job. Nice fish, that’s a nice fish. Boy I tell you,
you know what Cody? You were getting him
on that surface lure before so you know what I did is I took my buck tail
and kept it up higher. Got it? Woah, boy that fish
absolutely slammed that bait I’ll tell you, man oh man. Alright, let’s get
her back in the water. Good job, Cody. You’re not eating that fish. Get her gone. – When I’m doing this, I’m
casting that bait out there and keeping it real high just
so it’s barely underneath the surface. Before when I was casting,
I was letting it go down about 10, 12 inches and
I casted for two hours and never had a bite. Soon as I started
keeping that bait up high I caught one and lost a couple. So you know, it’s just
you’re always adjusting what you’re doing. And the big thing is I was
watching Steve and Cody getting bites on the
surface baits and I couldn’t believe they were casting you
know, right where I already had casted and
pulling them fish so I figured I got nothing
to lose but try something a little bit different
and so far it’s paid off. And now too I got the
confidence, you know. It’s amazing I
casted, casted before. Sat down, casted you know. Now, you know, once I got
the confidence in what I’m doing now, it’s
like you’re crazed. You just wanna keep
casting and casting cause you know the chances of
getting bit are really good. – Hey Cody, it’s a good
thing that it’s getting to be prime time because right
now I’m up on you on muskies and you’re gonna have
to eat the cray fish but guess what, you know what? This month’s issue of the
Badger Sportsman magazine is out and it’s got an article
by me on musky fishing. Do you wanna read this
before we get back up to the hot spot up there? – Hey, that’s not fair. He’s got an unfair advantage. – There you go buddy. Hey, don’t forget to check
out this month’s issue of the Badger
Sportsman magazine. A lot of great articles,
tips, and techniques in there. – I can’t believe it. We were just ready
to turn around. Go back up. They see that boat and wanna go. Watch the water, watch the fish. Don’t look at anything
else, watch the fish. That’s a nice fish. Woah look at that, there he is. Yep, you gotta get him. He’s got the bait buried
all the way in his mouth so let him fight. – Looks like I’m not
eating crayfish, Larry. – Oh that’s a healthy fish. – Pay attention to you Cody. – He’s over here. – Get your line all the
way down in the water. Okay good he’s coming around. – Yeah look at the head of her. – It’s coming up again. She’s getting tired now. – She’ll take one more round. – Try to get the head
right in Larry’s net. – Here you go, here
you go, here you go. Larry, yes Larry. – Here you go. – Holy crap, look at that. – That’s a nice fish. – That’s a 40 inch fish. – Look at him, he’s beat up too. Look at that. – That’s a nice
fish right there. Can you hold her? – She’s gonna kick so
be careful, it’s heavy. – Look at this guys,
this is amazing. – That’s a huge fish, man. – This put up a heck
of a fight, holy crap. This thing weighs so much. – That’s a heavy fish. 25 pounds. – Hey Cody, you
know what, good job. You really caught that
beautiful fish at the end. Steve, thank you. You know what, awesome. You know, we were up here
last year with you guys. We had an absolutely ball. It’s a very unique
place to fish. You know what, I have to
admit, it’s a lot of work. Going down this river
and it’s 100 times worse coming up it. We had to walk the boats
back up probably about at least a mile,
soaking wet still but you know something,
it was well worth it. Just remember, it’s a
great night to be alive. – I got it out of my skin. Ow, I can’t get I’m stuck. Look at this, look at this. Schafer, this is definitely
gonna be a payback. No doubt.

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  1. Best episode yet larry been waiting for you to vist the shotgun chef he always asks. looks like you worked alot for that episode but man was it worth it. keep it up larry!

  2. Larry I love this episode and all the others, but you're giving all us musky guys a heart attack when we see you lift some of those muskies into the boat to bang themselves all to hell on the side of the boat. Please net them and leave the net in the water to unhook like you did for that bigger one!

  3. tons of commercials, should be called "Amateurs actually get paid to go fishing." That horrible low IQ accent. I caaaeeeeested. Haha!

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