Snowfall Projector Light💥Review|Onewell Snowflake (Christmas Lights) 🎄

Isn’t that a beautiful snowfall
projector light! The light that you just saw is from Onewell. They call it the
snow flower lamp. It’s an LED snowfall projector light so I’m just going to go
through a really quick rundown of the product and then show you some more
footage of the light in operation both indoors and outdoors. There is an
instruction… I don’t know if you’d call it a manual four pages. So this light is
waterproof to IP65 so it can be used indoors or outdoors here’s a look at the
remote control which is battery-operated and it does come with the battery
already installed. So this plugs into your outlet wall or extension cord very
long lead wire there are several ways that you can mount this you can just
rest it on a surface as it is now with the this plate and the base has three
holes where you can use screws to put it on a fence or a house or wherever you
want to mount it or you can take the base off screw in very easy screw in the
stake and you can just plop it in the ground. The manufacturer recommends for
best results you place this 12 to 16 feet away from the surface that you
want lit. So I’m here in my family room and I’ve got the Christmas tree up but I
don’t have everything decorated yet this is really a pretty effect indoors I do have some light on let me see what
happens when I make it a little darker Alexa turn family room to off. Okay. So
now that’s really pretty now I’m going to try the pushing the flash button it’s a nice effect and I’m gonna hit the motor button
to freeze the snowflakes hit it again let me see
it’s a little dark in here there we go Alexa turn family room two on. Okay. So you
can see even with some light in the room you know it doesn’t have to be
completely dark to get a good effect let me see if I can get up take a better
look at the ceiling move the camera up. So that is that is
very pretty freeze hit the flash Alexa turn family
room two off okay I said there it is a little darker very pretty well there we
go that’s a nice flash I mean this illuminates the entire room wall ceiling
floor I’m not sure what the dimensions are of this room but it’s a medium sized
family room so I’m going to brave the cold and take this outside see what it
looks out like against the house really getting in the holiday spirit now okay so of course it’s very dark out
here Ike it’s hard to see the remote but I just hit the button that causes the
rotation the motion to stop I guess okay now that’s speeding up slowing down and
there it stopped and slow snowfall… rapid snowfall let’s see if I can find the flash button
here in the dark okay flash this is a very nice effect when some of
these projector lights have patterns you know Santa Claus Christmas trees
whatever and sometimes they’re hard to distinguish when you don’t have a
completely flat surface if you have a porch or anything other than a flat
surface you’re not going to be able to make out the design so that’s what’s
nice about the snowflake and I have it hmm I’m not great at judging distance
maybe 15 feet from the front of the front porch be nice up against some
evergreens evergreen trees or any kind of holiday decorations in the yard so that’s the LED snowfall projector
light from Onewell. If you check the description section below there be a
link to the product as well as more information about the product and links to
social media thanks for watching

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  1. That's really nice. Good to know you can use in or out. sj

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  3. hello dear friend Christmas is such a beautiful time of year full of beauty and color and joy the projector light looks good love the review people look for ideas this is the channel to get that wow the lighting looks cool very colorful and gives you the spirit of Christmas it is like snow falling the front of the house looks beautiful also with these lights that snowfall effect watched in full as i found the presentation very good and interesting totally enjoyed best wishes

  4. That is beautiful lighting! Love it. I have one something like it and I can change the seasons on it.

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