100 thoughts on “SnowRunner – Release Date Reveal Trailer | PS4

  1. Devs have done a great job on this. I remember this when it was in its basic form of a mud simulation game. It's came a long ways.

  2. Terrible trailer music, whoever worked on the sound design for this trailer should be fired 🤦‍♂️

  3. They really need to add life to these games. It’s like you’re the only survivor left on earth, across all species.

  4. They really should have named this game something else than Snowrunner. Really? because it NOW has snow? Just name it somthing along the lines of rugged transport but not snow just because it now has snow. Whats next? Sand Runner in the desert?

  5. 0:06 On minimum wage, working for change, i'm going to fade, you aint letting me play, you bringing me down now. -Truckers LOL

  6. Лишь бы нормальный вид с кабины сделали, не как в mudrunner

  7. Who remembers Cabela's Offroad Adventure 2 on PC???!!If only they would add some more pickup trucks, suvs, and more vehicles. I see they are doing better on the customization part but I'd love to change tire size, suspention kits, and more offroad features like winches can break, tires go flat.

  8. Lol looks exactly like mudrunner except the map is bigger and has snow. Lifeless and boring still, only fun aspect is the terrain. Super heavy trucks yet tires are perfectly inflated at all times. Shouldn't they at least show some softness?

  9. Was really hyped when mudrunners came to ps4 but was let down fast and got bored even faster:( I'm sure on pc this game is 100x more fun because of the mods

  10. I played the last one and sunk hours into, great game while watching podcast and stuff and it’s super chill. Definitely excited for this too. It’s just a super calm and chill game but interesting at the same time

  11. U need to release a trailer for the ps5 but say something like release for ps4 oh wait that's old now. Actually ps5

  12. Oh man I’m so excited for this game. Just the way the environment stays affected after you go all over the map and how there’s chassis flex and others cool details makes me love this game.

  13. Finally, a game where I can wear a flannel shirt and a John deere cap at home pretending to have a sawn off 12 gauge under the seat.

  14. These games would be great multiplayer if it was an open world like Euro Truck Simulator.

  15. pleaseee can we get wheeloaders and excavators able to unlock if we wanna move som dirt or dig

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