Social Media Content Trends for 2020

so what are the hottest social media
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Charles Watson and welcome today I want to dive in and talk to you guys you know
the end of 2019 is quickly approaching and it is crazy it is the end of another
year but most importantly it is the end of a decade we are getting ready to
enter the roaring 20s and guys I want to arm you with the top six social media
content trends that researchers and marketing companies are forecasting that
are going to dominate the social media landscape in 2020 so let’s dive in now
the first tip I have for you is that you want to be location specific and this
means creating location specific pages to engage with your local target market
this is a great way to promote events this is the great way to make local
pages and to really branch and branch out to your local market so you want to
make sure that the first thing you do is that your business and your brand has a
listing in my Google business listing this is a free service and guys what
this does is that it allows your business to pop up in Google Maps and
then serves customers that are on their mobile devices searching for let’s say
shoe companies near me advertising agencies near me the best Chinese food
restaurant near me Google serves your content to that local audience and all I
got to do is hit navigate or hit Maps open your business up on their GPS and
that brings them to your business so location specific
content checking in making sure that you put your address things like that is
going to be a huge trend in 2020 the second tip I have for you guys is you
want to make sure that you are creating content that drives user activity you
know social media today had an article out a couple days ago that is reporting
that Instagram and Facebook Facebook owns Instagram remember that they also
own whatsapp but these platforms are taking away the like buttons and guys
this has been a long time coming it’s easy to understand why they’ve decided
to go this route they know that likes can be bought
they know that engagement can be manipulated and they are well aware of
the new social pressures that the social media platforms are putting on people so
they really want to level the playing field and they really want creators in
2020 and forward to actually produce engaging content content that gets
people to want to answer content that wants to get people to
start conversations content that wants to get people to share on their social
platforms and guys this is just the beginning I can foresee that other
social media platforms are going to follow suit so those like buttons are
going away so it’s super important that you start producing content that people
can engage with and this is where the power of analytics comes from remember
we’ve always said this on this channel that which is measured gets improved so
rather than depending on the like button what you’re gonna have to depend on is
those insights to see if those micro pieces of content that you’re producing
on those social media platforms are actually driving engagement and are
successful the third tip I have for you guys is keep an eye out for ephemeral
content now ephemeral content is any type of content that disappears over
time so think about it two grams stories think about snapchat
you only have about 24 hours on Instagram stories for people to see your
story before it disappears and if you think back to a couple years ago stories
wasn’t even an issue nobody knew what it was nobody was using it but today there
is a staggering amount of people that are consuming the content that
disappears ephemeral content so you definitely want to reconsider your
story’s strategy I am guilty of this as well I do not use the stories function
on Instagram I do not use the stories function on Facebook and I don’t even
have a snapchat account so this one was a big one for me I am gonna have to
rethink my content strategy going into 2020 you should too there is no doubt
the industry is pointing towards content that disappears it’s pointing towards
stories so it’s important that we are all there the fourth tip I have for you
guys is product discovery through social media guys it has been reported that in
2019 alone 50% of all searches for products goods and services were through
social media and that number is only going to grow in 2020 so a takeaway from
this guys is when you put up your pictures when you post your content you
want to make sure that you include things like the products name the item
that your product and your business sells and you want to put the price
point there because we’re already up to 50% at the end of 2019 this is only
going to grow you know this is the statistic 3.8 billion people spend more
than 144 minutes per day on these social media platforms so that is where your
audience is and and you need to take advantage of every opportunity you can
to you know sell your products grow your business and build awareness so you
really want to make sure that you’re investing your time and you’re investing
your energy into product discovery via social media
guys the fifth tip I have for you is a video and we have always been a champion
of online video I mean that’s part of our brand right you’re watching this
video now we post videos and that is a major part and I’m gonna tell you it is
going to be a major part of our business strategy moving forward guys
56% of Internet users watch videos on Facebook Instagram and Twitter alone and
in fact there was just a study released again by social media today that claims
that YouTube is actually a bigger video platform for teenagers than Netflix 37%
of all teenagers 13 to 19 watch videos on YouTube why the same age group 35%
are watching Netflix so video continues to be an incredible tool that you can
use to reach your target market you can convert customers and you can really
grow your brand and build communities around video so if you haven’t made
videos yet there is no better time to start then now actually the best time to
start was probably you know a couple years ago but the new better time to
start is right now so start incorporating video content into your
marketing strategy incorporate video into your brand building it is super
important people are watching videos and if you don’t have videos they’re not
watching you it’s as simple as that the sixth tip I have for you the sixth trend
is actually VR and AR adoption you know more practical applications that support
VR and AR are actually going to be released in 2020 and it’s actually
becoming a very a very noticeable and a very important tool in marketing so you
can use tools like Facebook 360 you can use canvas and you can use other AR Envy
our tools to showcase your content showcase your products and showcase your
services VR is huge it is here to stay it is not a fad and we got to learn to
capitalize on that market if you want to stay relative in 2020 and finally the
last tip I have for you guys is influencer marketing you know I’ll be
honest with you the influencer numbers and people depending on influencers to
peddle their products and services is going down but it’s still not
significant enough to not be paid attention to
in fact 22% of Internet users from the age of 18 to 34 purchase products or
services after seeing influencers in dorset so you want to start thinking
about how you can team up with credible influencers to promote your products and
services it’s no you know I mean it’s not a surprise guys influencers have
weight influencers have pull and influencers influence that’s why they’re
called influencers so why the number is going down because of manipulation like
these companies are getting wise there are actually software companies out
there that they are releasing platforms and they are releasing software that can
actually detect if an influencer has inflated numbers
before the company even jumps into a signed contract with them so why the
influencer market is being heavily regulated starting to be heavily
regulated it’s still viable capitalize on that 22 percent that’s almost one in
four people so you can either become an influencer and that’s what we do here
we’ve talked about it many many times or you can work with an influencer to get
the word out for your products and services well there you go guys
seven social media content trends for the year 2020 and beyond let me know
what you think in the comments what is working best for you what is not
invest for you what do you need help with just let me know in the comments
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