hi today we’re going to take a look at
this solar charging outdoor motion light it is multicolored it’s RGB white
different color light so we’re going to take a look at how we can change between
the different modes all right so this light comes with the hardware to hang as
well as the little sticky 3m pads if you want to hold it on permanently and the
little instruction manual so you can have it just on or with the the motion
sensing and different colors and lights okay so it has the button on the back
that toggles between on and off here the little that’s a little like what a proof
protector on there and then on an auto on the front so it is Wireless because
it is solar charging it’s LED energy-saving it’s waterproof so you
know obviously outdoors to charge solar it’s six to eight hours fully charged
under direct sunlight it has a dual motion sensor a longer distance of 196
inches and 180 degrees sensing range they suggest that installation height is
under seventy eight inches and it will light up when you come near it the first
mode it will be colorful with motion sensing versus the on it will have the
white light the second mode for you can have the colorful light on or motion
sensing white and a third mode where all lights will be on in the on button and
the white light will will be on for the auto and the fourth is all lights will
be off it’s actually a nice compact size so
it’s not too large and bulky and can go anywhere it could be mounted on the side
of a shed a fence and entryway wherever motion sensing light by a
doorway you know outdoor steps anywhere where it could be helpful to have that
little bit of illumination so I installed the light on the fence post
and it could be easily moved it just slips on and off the screw I didn’t use
the 3m tape although that’s certainly an option and there’s obviously the white
light and I changed it switched it over to the color changing mode which is
very festive great for parties or any kind of outdoor
event and I think the camera doesn’t
accurately pick up the colors because it’s almost total darkness outside
necessarily but the colors are very pretty you can see the red pretty well
and the green and so this is the mode where it transitions between the
different colors and there’s there the other various modes as was mentioned and
I’ll show in a little while how the motion sensor works but this is very
very festive as I said very attention- getting was a better look at the green and it blue this would be great with some outdoor
music okay here is where I was using the motion sensor and the light the white
light obviously went on even before I came within camera range so it has a
very good distance for picking up motion and back to the color changing so I have
two of these lights that I put on the post just for purposes of this video I’m
not sure that this will be the permanent location and isn’t that a nice effect
with the lights together you and green here I just lift it the light right off
over the screw and brought it onto the porch but you could do sit outside on a
nice evening and have your ambient lighting so it’s a very functional kind of a fun
light yeah it’s pretty blue thanks for watching


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