Solar Path Lights πŸ’₯ GELOO Color Changing Outdoor | Video Review

Look how beautiful these path lights are!
They are color-changing isn’t that a spectacular pattern oh my
goodness they’re pretty stay tuned to find out more about these lights. So
these are the solar color-changing path lights that you just saw they come in a
box of six I’ve got the six outside and I’ve got six more that I’m going to
either put on the other side of the sidewalk or maybe somewhere else in the
yard I love with solar lights they add so much to the decor especially coming
up on this time of year right now it’s fall and winter is approaching and the
greenery is dying and there aren’t many flowers out so that the beautiful color
changing lights add so much. These are made by Geloo GELOO. I think it’s
either pronounced geloo or jeloo okay so here’s the pack of six and this
is how they come out of the box there is a plastic piece and you just turn around
and there’s your stake and the light fits right on top so very very easy to
put together and here’s a look at the solar panel. The one thing that you do
need to do before you put these outside is to turn them on and just take the top
off and there is a little button that you press down I’ll cover it so I can
see that its own yeah so that’s off and that’s on and put the top back on okay
so there’s really nothing to putting them together quick and easy. So these
provide they each provide 30 lumens of LED color changing light and they are
just really perfect for paths sidewalks but they can be placed anywhere in your
garden or yard. They are waterproof to IP65 withstand rain of course they’d have to
their outside so no lights right please install the device facing south and make
sure the solar panel can receive good sunlight directly without shelter or
cover and with my experience with solar lights is they don’t have to face south
but ideally they would here’s a look at how they appear during
the day on the sidewalk here as you can see it’s it’s it’s near the end of
October so my hosta kind of look sad but don’t pay attention to that. They are so
easy to put it in the ground why I like the stake lights like this because you
don’t have to commit to a certain location you can move them no problem
there is the solar panel on top just gorgeous they are mesmerizing they just add so much to the outside decor. and of course the best thing about solar
lights is you don’t have to wire anything they’re so easy to install you
don’t have to worry about running wires or electrical outlets and there’s no
addition to your electric bill so fascinating watching the colors
change please check the description section
below for more information about this product and for links to our social
media thanks for watching you

14 thoughts on “Solar Path Lights πŸ’₯ GELOO Color Changing Outdoor | Video Review

  1. wow~ beautiful color changing solar light, I am gonna get one, I have a big yard, maybe need 12 pack ^_^

  2. Fantastic lights, definitely perfect decoration for my garden, Thanksgiving day is coming, I wanna get it for my parents backyard

  3. Very nice, but I store them over the winter because they didn't light very long in the winter mostly under 2 hours and the will last longer. Because the plasic didn't like the cold and snow so much.

  4. I love those lights got to order me some they're beautiful

  5. Do you still recommend these? How long does it last during the night? A full 8 hours?

  6. Can you do an update on these lights? Like show us the stock battery it comes with and give us the pros and cons of these lights a lil over a year later…😁

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