Solution to reduce your natural Vulnerability | Startups | Entrepreneurs | Mentors | Dev Garg

Either’s we realize it or not we all are
vulnerable from day one with the only difference that some of us are more
exposed than the others…just like if you are sitting down in an unknown, quiet and
a completely dark room… where for example you see nothing but
darkness you’ll hear nothing but your voice. To your eyes you will have nothing
to worry about…no matter how wide you open your eyes all you can see is
infinite emptiness. Now if you are bold enough you can try to move around but
you soon will find yourself bumping into things…like obviously, right? But as soon
as you allow someone to switch on the lights,
something natural, simple yet very magical happens. Your one action solves
all your vulnerabilities!! This is what a good mentor does to your life. From the
day you’re born you are exposed to the uncertainties and a good mentor who has
been there, done it all, lived it at all…can give you the light that will make you
less vulnerable. See almost all of the top performers than it be actors,
athletes, entrepreneurs, students, leaders… you name it …have mentors they listen to
and follow. Either they were fortunate enough to find the right mentor at the
right time or knew that they needed someone to switch on the light for them
and worked really hard to find that person instead of bumping around things here
and there. So wherever you are in your journey
today, whatever your goals are…do yourself a favor and find a mentor who
has done it all and is willing to guide you. Learn from them respect them do
whatever it takes because trust me this one action can light up your entire

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