Somerset Dam enthusiasts walk the wall

We’re out here at Somerset Dam today where we’ve been holding tours with members of the public to tell them about the Somerset Dam upgrade. It’s a project that’s in planning at the moment. We plan to start construction 2021-2022 to upgrade this dam to modern safety standards. We’ve welcomed more than 450 members of the public here today, including several descendants of Henry Somerset whom the dam is named after. This has been a rare opportunity for the public to visit Somerset Dam. Some lucky people have also been able to go inside the tunnels through the dam wall. We’ve been setting off cone valve releases where we release a big spray of water. All of the water from Somerset Dam ends up in Wivenhoe Dam so we’re not wasting any water when we do that. A lot of people are telling us how much they’ve loved the opportunity to just come and see the dam, find out how it works, see all the machinery and infrastructure and find out about our plans for the future here at Somerset Dam.

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