Something’s Fishy at the River

[Music: Boy Dog and Girl Dog sing song, describing how convenient it is to throw trash in the river, since it all just floats away downstream, and they never have to see it again.] [coughing]>>BD: What’s that?!>>GD: It’s a monster! The River Ness Monster!!>>S: Yikes! I’m getting out of here! Good
thing I can swim upstream!!>>BD: Wait! It’s not a monster – it’s a fish!>>GD: It looks like a pretty mad fish.>>BD: Why are you so mad fish?>>Salmon: Hey, you guys, you’d be mad too if I
threw trash in your house. And by the way, I’m a salmon.>>BD: Did she say her name is Sammy?>>GD: No, no, she’s a salmon. But wait. We
didn’t throw anything in your house. I don’t even see your house!>>S: What? Don’t you know? This river is
my home.>>GD: That’s pretty silly – who’d want to
live in a river?>>S: Why the river is a beautiful home! I
swim, I splash, I eat, I play with my friends, and most importantly,
my eggs are laid here to become new baby salmon.>>BD: Uh, gee, I’m sorry then, but we really
didn’t throw away very much. And besides, what are we supposed to do with it? [dogs howl in distress]>>S: Wait, wait, stop! Calm down. It’ll be
ok. You just have some stuff to learn.>>GD: We’re good at learning stuff!>>BD: And when we learn something new, we
get a treat! Right?!>>GD: Shh!!!>>S: Instead of throwing trash in the River,
you need to know about recycling…>>BD: Like when you go on a recycling ride?>>S: No…>>BD: I saw clowns on recycles at the circus!>>S: No…>>BD: When I get bigger, I’m gonna get a
2-wheel recycle!>>S and GD: NO!!!>>BD: Sorry.>>S: Recycling means taking something old…
Paper, bottles, cans… and making something brand new!>>GD: That’s pretty cool.>>S: Sure is, but there’s more. You can also
re-use.>>BD: Re-use? Huh? What do you mean?>>S: Well, instead of tossing that paper
bag in the river… you can save it… and Re-Use it to hold something else.>>BD: Something else like TREATS?!?>>S: Maybe.>>GD: Will you settle down! Hey, Sam – what
else should we know?>>S: Well, now you know why reusing and recycling
are important, right?>>GD: Right – because then we don’t waste
stuff.>>S: That’s right! But there’s another reason
not to throw things in the river.>>BD: What?>>S: C’mere… [whispering] Trash is …dangerous! [laughing]>>BD: Ho! That’s a good one! Ha ha! Ooh,
here comes a dangerous paper napkin! [laughing]>>GD: I see a really scary plastic bag headed
this way. [laughing] Help! Help!>>S: You go on and laugh all you want, but Garbage
can hurt many animals!>>BD: Like who? Like him?>>S: Who?>>S: Oh, him! That’s River Otter! [a crash]>>Otter: OW! I cut my nose! And I cut my paw!
Wahhhhh! Hey, who left this soda can here?!?>>BD & GD: Sorry, Otter.>>O: Don’t you know that Trash Is Dangerous?!?>>S: That’s what they’re learning today.>>GD: Do you want a band aid?>>O: Okay. But be careful.>>GD: There you go.>>O: Thank you. See you later! [BUZZ!!!]>>BD & GD: What was that?>>S: That sounds like my friend, the Dragon…>>BD: Dragon?!?>>GD: There’s a dragon in this river?!? Aaaahhhh! [loud buzzing sound]>>S: Yes. A Dragon…fly. Dragonfly!>>Dragonfly: Hi, Sam. Who are these two?>>S: These are two kids I just met, and they’re learning that Trash Is Dangerous. If anyone can teach them, I know you can. Know what I mean?>>DR: Oh, I get it! Sure I can! Hey, guys!
When you’re finished drinking a soda, what happens to the empty soda can?>>GD: , I don’t know…um,
we throw it away?>>DR: That’s dangerous!!!>>BD: Yeah, the Otter cut his nose and his
paw…>>GD: We said we were sorry, and gave him
a band aid…>>DR: Well, for Dragonflies… that empty
soda can is DEADLY!>>BD: Deadly?!?>>GD: How?!?>>DR: Dragonflies are attracted to sticky,
sweet sugary things. The leftover soda in an empty soda can makes us want to fly inside
and check it out. The worst part is that once one of us gets inside, we can’t fly back out
because our wings get stuck to the sugary stuff in there… (trance like) the sweet
delicious sugar…>>SAM: Dragonfly, no! Snap out of it! Remember
what happened to your cousin Jim!>>D: Whoa! Thanks, Sam.>>BD & GD: What happened to your cousin,
Dragonfly?>>D: I’m gonna break it down for you now. [blues music]>>D (singing): This is the sad story of my cousin Jim.
And the day that a empty soda can got a hold o’ him. He flew inside a empty soda can, and there he got stuck. That’s the day that my cousin Jimmy ran out of luck.
Sayin’, Please! Please! Please! Please remember: Don’t throw your empty soda cans in the River! [guitar strumming] Gonna learn how to recycle.>>S: Here take this.>>BD: What’s this for?>>S: It’s for cleaning up! Put the can in
there so you can recycle it.>>GD: There. The River is a little safer
now.>>D: Thanks. See you later.>>S: You know, all trash is dangerous. Paper has lots
of chemicals and glue and ink. Animals who eat it can get very sick.>>BD: Eat paper?!? Who would do that?>>Beaver: Munch, crunch. Ah, fresh wood for my
home. Good for my family, good for my teeth and good for my… Munch, crunch. Clean, delicious
wood for me to chew. Good for my fur, good for my paws, good for my…>>GD: Beaver, don’t eat that!>>B: What’s going on?!>>BD: It’s got chemicals and ink and glue
in it!>>B: Yuk!! Trash is dangerous!>>GD: We’ll take this and recycle it.>>B: Thanks guys. Muncha muncha muncha…>>Crawdad: Ooof! Ow! Maaaaaan… I can’t seem to…
get back to the river… Something’s got a hold of me… If I can’t reach the river,
I’ll suffocate! Well, maybe I can chew myself free.>>C: Yuck! This stuff’s disgusting!>>GD: C’mon, we’ve got to get that plastic
6-pack ring off of him!>>BD: It’s ok, little guy. We’ll help you!
There! It’s off!>>S: Hey!>>BD: Oops! Sorry!>>C: Hey!>>BD: Oops! Sorry!>>GD: Enough already! I’m putting
this where it belongs!>>C: It’s Back to the river for me.>>Frog: Rib… bit… Rib… bit…>>BD & GD: What’s that noise?>>F: Rib…>>S: That’s Frog.>>F: …bit…>>GD: What’s wrong with him?>>F: Can’t breath…>>BD: Can’t breath?!? Why not?!?>>F: Covered in oil… rib…>>GD: Covered in oil?!?>>F: …bit.>>GD: But… where did the oil come from?>>S: Used car oil, used oil filters, leaky
cars…>>GD: Oh, that’s just great! More cans! More
nasty chemicals!>>S: Frogs breathe through their skin. If
they get covered in oil like that, they can suffocate.>>F: Akkk-akkk-akkkkkk…>>GD: Quick! Let’s clean him up!>>BD: Hang on, Mr. Frog! We’ll save you!>>GD & BD: Better?>>F: Ribbit! Ribbit! Much better! Thank you! [music and singing] It’s graaaaand when you’re hopping on the saaaaand On the beautiful river banks, and thanks, I couldn’t get that oil off, it’s truuuuue What’s an amphibious guy to dooooo, when there’s oil in the streams, and it seems that there’s just no end in sight, and I’ve given up the fight, someone like you comes along.>>ALL: Hey!!!>>BD: Oops! Sorry.>>BD: But… how did the oil wind up here?
In the River?>>S: Everything that gets washed from your
yards and driveways…>>F: Stuff like soap and paints…>>S: Pesticides and fertilizers…>>F: Motor oil and garden sprays…>>S: …flows into your neighborhood streets,
down the storm drains, and right into the river.>>GD: Wow…>>BD: Sometimes I take baths outside!>>S: You what?!?>>BD: It’s so invigorating when I’m done!>>S: All that soapy water mixes with oil
and chemicals, and drains down the street and right into our home.>>GD: I’ve seen people walking their pets,
and sometimes they poop near storm drains!>>S: They should always pick up the poop
and put it in the trash. Otherwise, that can end up in the River too.>>GD & BD: Eeewww!!!>>GD: What if all our neighbors let this
stuff flow into your home?>>S: It all adds up. All the pollution from
a neighborhood can kill a creek. You dump it, and we have to live in it.>>F: And that’s not good for me. Or my poor
little pollywogs…>>S: The storm drains outside are not connected
to sewer system like the drains inside your house. GD: Oh Really? S: Yeah! The chemicals that flow into storm
drains flow directly into the river, with none of the bad stuff taken out! No treatment! BD: No treatment? You mean all those pollutants
flow directly into the river, your home? S: That’s right, and they even flow on out
to the ocean too. You need to take unwanted chemicals to waste collection centers – things
like paints, pesticides, car oil and antifreeze. GD: Well we won’t hose down the driveway anymore. That just causes more runoff with trash, grime and grease. S: That’s the right idea. Sweep your leaves
into a compost pile for your garden. And you may not need fertilizers. The rain and over-watering
washes them into the streets too. F: And down the storm drain too. S: A city’s runoff can kill the River – and
that means all of us.>>GD & BD: Wow… a dead river. We can’t
let this happen to you! F: Thanks again for cleaning me up. Bye bye. All: Byyyye.>>Duck: QUACK!! QUACK!! Mmm… that looks good!>>GD: No! Stop!! What are you doing?>>D: I’m eating dinner! >>BD: That’s not good for you!>>D: Eew, you’re right. It’s not very tasty…maybe
if I add a little seasoning …that would help.>>BD: That’s not food! >>D: It isn’t?>>GD: No! That’s yucky garbage!>>D: It is?>>BD: Yes! A styrofoam cup, and some rotten
cigarettes!>>D: QUACK!!! How am I supposed to know that?!?
I’m just a duck! It looks like a seed! Everything in the river is supposed to be food for me!
That’s the great thing about the river!>>S: Well, that’s the way it’s supposed to
be, but “someone” has thrown a lot of really bad stuff into the river.>>GD & BD: Yeah, someone… >>D: This is ridiculous. Just clean it up and put it on my bill. [honk honk]>>BD: Look! The garbage is alive!>>GD: There’s something in there!>>Turtle: Help… COUGH!>>GD: It’s a turtle!>>BD: I’ve never seen a turtle do the backstroke.>>T: Help me, please… COUGH!>>S: I don’t think he’s really doing the
backstroke.>>BD: He’s floatin’ along on his back, swingin’
his arms in the water. What else could he be doing?>>GD: He’s coughing! Something’s wrong…>>S: That’s right!>>T: Hello? COUGH!>>S: The air is polluted from too much car
exhaust.>>T: I could use little help here? COUGH!>>S: When the air gets polluted, the River
gets polluted too. There isn’t enough clean water or clean mud.>>GD: Clean mud?!? Are you teasing us?>>T: A little help here would be nice>>BD: Next time Mom gets mad because
we came running in the house with dirty paws, we’ll just tell her, “It’s ok, Mom, it’s
clean mud!” [laughing]>>S: Hey! Hold on you two! Turtles live in
the mud at the edge of the river.>>T: Yeah, that’s true. And I could really
use some help right now to get back over there…>>S: I’m sorry, Turtle!>>T: Thanks, everybody. That feels much better.
Now we need to…>>GD: I know! Use cars that don’t pollute!>>T: Yes! And we need to…>>BD: I know! Ride bicycles, buses, and trains!>>T: Yes! AND we need to…>>GD & BD: There’s more?>>T: YES!!! We need to save my cousins! The
Sea Turtles!>>BD: The Sea Turtles? >>GD: Sea Turtles live in the sea.>>BD: Turtle, you must have been upside down
too long. This is a river.>>T: The water in this River started off
in little creeks. And lots of creeks drain into this river. BD: We have a creek in our back yard!!!>>T: So if the water in the creeks ends up
in the River, where do you think this river ends up?>>GD: In the sea?>>S: Yes. So where does all this pollution
end up? The trash? The runoff? The car exhaust?>>BD: In the sea?>>S: Yes, and when sea turtles swim in pollution…
or they eat plasic bubble wrap thinking it’s a jelly fish…>>T: Mmm..>>GD: Give me that!>>S: …they get really, really sick or even
die. So we have to keep the creeks and the rivers clean! GD & BD: Bye, mister turtle.>>T: Thanks. Bye bye.>>Dogs: Hey, go pick that up over there. I got it. Put it in the back. This is fun.>>GD: Wow! Look at how much trash we’ve collected!>>BD: I never knew there could be so much!>>GD: I feel pretty bad about the times we’ve
thrown something in the river or a creek.>>BD: Yeah, and all that nasty stuff we let
go into the gutters and storm drains.>>BD & GD: We’re sorry.>>S: Well, feeling sorry is ok, but it’s
even better to do something about it! And you know what to do, right?>>BD: Right! Some things we can Re-Use!>>GD: And other things we can Re-Cycle!>>BD: And keep dangerous chemicals in safe
places and out of the streets!>>S: That’s right! Remember: never dump car
oil, or to let it drip from cars into the street. We need to recycle oil, clean up oil
puddles and fix leaky cars>>BD: But some of this stuff is really gross!>>GD: I don’t even like looking at it! Eew!!>>S: But even if it doesn’t look or smell
so nice right now, it can still be turned into great new stuff!>>BD: That’s amazing!>>S: And good for the River! Any questions?>>GD: Where do we put the stuff that can
be recycled?>>S: Some things, like paper and glass and
plastic and cans… go into Recycling bins! Look for the “Recycle” symbol! Look on
the bottom of plastic containers to find the recycling number. Tell your parents the number
so they know where to recycle it.>>GD & BD: Okay! S: You know, some things can be turned in
for cash!>>BD: You mean we could get money for some
of this?>>S: That’s right. Not only can you help
out the river, and animals like my friends here, you might even earn a few bucks.>>BD: Oh boy! We can collect empty bottles
and cans for TREATS!!!>>S: That’s right!>>GD: But… what about this other, yucky
stuff?>>S: Other things, like used lawn mower and
car oil, batteries, paint, chemicals, cell phones and electronics have to be recycled
separately. You have to be very, very careful with those things…>>GD: I know what that means! Ask your parents!>>BD: Or teachers!>>S: That’s right! They can help you find
places that accept those things for recycling.>>GD: Thanks, Sam. You really taught us a
lot today. I’ll be a lot more careful about taking care of everyone’s home after this.>>BD: And I’m gonna start telling my friends
that they should reuse, and recycle and that they might even make some money! Hmmm…>>S: Well, thank you. At least for now, the
river is a lot cleaner and healthier. [singing] It’s graaaand, when you’re walking on the saaaand. It’s a place for having fun, in the sun. A place for clean and fun for years to come. And animals… [song continues…] [piano music]

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