Song of Bernadette, Dam of Catholic Boy

The million dollar question of why we were
selling is the million dollar question: because we can’t afford to own her. In
other words she, again, with the commercial breeding operation
that we have, we don’t keep mares of that value, we put them back in the
marketplace and let them be owned by someone, again, that will value them, breed
them correctly on a go-forward basis but in our operation we just can’t afford an
asset that has, I think, the value. We’ve retained a couple daughters, so we’re
gonna keep the family and we’re gonna breed them as well as we can possibly
breed them but momma’s gonna have to go in somebody else’s hands and somebody
will be rewarded because she’s a fantastic mare. The interesting thing is,
I think she has worldwide appeal only because here she is- she’s had a more
than ready that’s a grade one winner on the turf as well as the dirt, so you’re
gonna- we’ve had inquiries from people in Australia, we have an inquiries from
people in Japan, we’ve had European interest, and of course North American
interest, so I think she truly has that worldwide flair that anybody can buy her.
So we’re very encouraged by that and think she will be well-received in the marketplace. Announcer: They’re off, in the Run Happy Travers! Fred Hertrich: When they decided that they were going to enter Catholic Boy in the
Travers, I know there were some people that suddenly just couldn’t believe that
he would take, you know, the Travers as opposed to the week before there was
a graded turf race that he probably would have been 1 to 5. Announcer: They’re coming out of the 16th pole! Catholic Boy is pulling away! He’s so impressive today the others didn’t even have a prayer! Catholic Boy rolls in the Run Happy Travers! Hertrich: I remember the announcer just saying, you
know, he’s the fighter and coming down the stretch and he will not be
denied and that’s kind of the way we’ve looked at Catholic Boy all along, he will
not be denied. I think it’s the perfect time, perfect opportunity,
she’s the dam of, you know, one of the most exciting horses in 2018. Catholic
Boy won a grade one race on the turf, he’s won the grade one race in the
Travers on the dirt, the mare is young, she’s only nine years
old, her commercial value probably could never be any higher than than it is
right now, she’s in foul to a stallion named War Front which sure enough completes the package
perfectly and, you know, Fred and his partners are commercial breeders, I mean
their operation if you look at the long-term history of it is, you know, they
deal in a quantity of numbers, very very very astute evaluators of their horses,
very astute in terms of not buying mares and also selling mares so, you
know, sometimes the time to sale is when you really don’t want to sell because
you’ve got the complete package, the perfect package, and she’s the perfect
package in 2018. Hertrich: Very rarely do you find a mare that has produced a grade one
winner, that’s under ten years of age, that has had foals every year that looks
the way she looks, has the demeanor she has, she’s the whole
package and people can look at her and they can envision you know 10 to 15
foals still available that could, you know, could be produced by the mares.
She’s the queen she has everything about her and she also has personality
but, you know, the mental side of her and the mental side of foal she has had
is her secret to success so it, you know, beside being a gorgeous animal, you know,
she has that mental capacity that not many mares or mares produce in their
foals have. She’s 16+ hands, she’s perfectly conformed, great presence, great
color, and great mind, so she’s the ideal brood mare.

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