7 thoughts on “South Florida To Feel Some Shakes After Powerful Earthquake Between Jamaica & Cuba

  1. How he going to start off with we safe you your safe…. everyone better start preparing for the worst stock up gas up food water… what ever you do prepare yourself

  2. I pray for a massive Earth quake in Stasi Gangstalking Miami…even for Godzilla to pop off shore Miami Beach and destroy this Godless Snitch City of Lawless Cowards.

  3. Could this be Biblical.— Satan in the White house, Earthquakes, Viruses. The end of the World?…Nope just Satan in the White House LOL

  4. All the world.samthing is Wrong. .oh my god.👀👀👀👐

  5. Someone from the Philippines foresaw this event and posted on her facebook page last nov 25 2019.

    Her page is in Filipino. RUDY BALDWIN. Over 1m followers
    Its not 100% accurate but still very close
    She stated that an earthquake is bound to happen in florida, she named neighboring places but didnt mention cayman or jamaica.
    She mentioned possible tsunami and also mentioned roads splitting, thought it was more like sinkholes occurring in jamaica, which split the roads.

    Prior to that, just this jan 3 2020, she also predicted an "air" transportation accident in California specifically. And that this would lead to the demise of a popular person… and for some reason, it coincides with the death of kobe bryant. RIP

    She predicted Puerto Rico's earthquake jan14, it happened jan25.
    She predicted Turkey's earthquake jan20, it happened jan 23.
    She predicted Australia's continuous fire Nov9, it happened jan5.

    And many more

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