South Llano River State Park – Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

[wind blows] – Folks that come out here to
South Llano River State Park, the main draw is
probably the river, which is why it gets
its namesake. Spring fed, year-round flow! And then we also have the
unique feature of rising up into the Edwards Plateau. We go from about 1,700 feet and
then rise up another 400 feet! And throughout that you
have canyons, and bluffs that provide some of the
best pictures of the Hill Country you are
ever going to see! [water riffle] – ANGLER: Fish on,
oh, a Guad! [hummingbirds flutter] – Ya, I haven’t seen this many
in one place before. They’re hovering around
the feeder trying to find a hole to put their
little beak in! [birds chirping] – South Llano River has
four bird blinds. They all have a water feature. – BIRDER: There’s a bunting! – SHERRY: And so, you can
always count on seeing a lot of bird activity. – There’s the jay over on the
feeder again! – BIRDER: Oh yeah! – BIRDER: Oh man! Tons of birds!! [paddles splashing] – SCOTT: For the kids, there’s
a number of opportunities where you can hop in the tube,
float for two, two and a half hours down the South Llano River and get back out
and do it again. – Definitely the hidden gem
out there. It’s got a small little
shoot area, the current’s not too fast. Great for children that
are like 12 and under, that want to float a river
that’s not to hectic. I consider it really safe
for children, so that’s pretty much why
we really come here! – HOLLY PLATZ: You don’t often
think about the kind of bugs that live in the river. – KID: Get em! – HOLLY: Sweep it against
the plants, and then dump it into your bucket, ok. – KID: The bug! – DAD: You got a bug! We caught something! – It’s neat for the kids to get
out and play in the water, as well as find out about
the different bugs that live in the water! Look at this! – I got a beetle! – HOLLY: Any activity
they’re in nature, and they’re discovering things! Hold it real flat
there you go! It’s priceless though really
to see them all get excited about everything! [water splashes] – SCOTT: The entire park
is great for hiking and biking trails! Any time you want to hop
on your mountain bike, you have over 25 miles
of trails! I like to mountain bike
back here because there’s not a lot of other
people back here! [bike rumble on trail] Twenty-one hundred acres is a
lot land to go play around on a mountain bike. It’s nice that as soon as you
get back here in the back country with your bike,
you really don’t hear anything but
birds and the wind! [grill sizzles] – DAD: You all ready to eat! – It’s not a big park,
you know, you’re not going to have
party crowds out here. And it’s a very
family-oriented park! You know, and
it’s quiet too! [fire crackles] – SCOTT: We are an international
dark sky park. – RANGER: Those little spots
are moons! – SCOTT: If we’re having a star
party, people can come, we have interpretative
ranger that will show you all the constellations
of the sky! [bird sings] [bee buzzing] [wind blows] We go to our parks, there’s
that primitive feel! And even though you can be
sitting in the campground with 50 other campers,
you only walk a hundred yards and you’re going to be
all alone in the woods! [water riffle] And that’s what makes it
special, because there is space to be had out here. [gentle wind blows]

3 thoughts on “South Llano River State Park – Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

  1. Stopped by there last year, really only had time to hike to the top of the bluff. I'll have to go back! 😊

  2. Been family tradition to go there every summer for the past 20 years. This park is the best hands down. So peaceful and plenty to do. Great Video TP&W!!!

  3. It's a wonderful place for bird watching. They have four bird blinds they have fed for decades, and numerous trails in unique habitat areas.
    See my videos of South Llano River State Park birds at

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