83 thoughts on “Spacewalk to Repair Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Outside International Space Station on Jan. 25, 2020

  1. Just tuned in and I hear Drew…. and I'm like how do they know my name……… haha

  2. Ha I asked nasa how a wrench gets to space and not a magnetic wrench and I was deleted

  3. awesome! "Not designed to be serviced once in Space" I do hope all future projects will be.

  4. Amazing. But why would anybody dislike the video? Other than resentful butthurt flat earth people, seriously.

  5. so in zero gravity, a person just bounces in the middle of a spacecraft, they never float up to the top. interesting.

  6. Um , I would check that door seal all over . Just so to be safe . And find anything that would get in the way again . Whew . I'm on the ground and well that scared me . 14 -0 lbs . pressure . Somebody could get pulled threw the leak . I really don't want that .

  7. What was the object at 1:26:58 that launched into space & flashed as it got further away?

  8. Why only jewish Astronauts? Why not accurately represent the demographics of the nation.

  9. Awesome augmented virtual reality…Our civilization was built by Electricity and Plasma..Our universe is Electric and Plasma..try harder.

  10. Um and to futher clear the front of their suits . Um yeah since team work is nesisary . Got a caddy to work with . There's a lot of space you can work with . Still you guys are fantastic .


  12. I forget , the engineer s have it all figured out already . I just thought maybe I could provide some insight from my place . You guys are good .

  13. Melihat Nasa seperti saya menonton film robot & tak akan bosan, hebat sangat luar biasa… ayo kita jaga bumi kita

  14. So crazy I can watch this on my phone while pooping. I wish I could talk to them at the same time. My life would be complete.

  15. Win lottery….buy ticket…Space…Yep. These people are so privileged to earn this…I am so jealous!🚀

  16. We want to see a livestream of a high altitude balloon that goes high enough to see clear curvature. Prove the globe!

  17. Ok I heard my answer . Um the mass spectrumeter . You say it collects data on dark mater . How does that work ? And what are they going to do with it ? Where is this going ? What are scientist s hoping going to do with it ?

  18. One more question , are they planning to build an antimater power scorce ? That would be increasable ! Dark mater I'm assuming is the opposite to normal.mater . So I'm not infaver of doing any construction of a reactor so close to the earth . Maybe on the moon ? Opps .

  19. Wow, this is amazing. I stumbled upon this while on the loo and I am feeling very humbled by these space rock stars right now.

  20. So this isnt actually live? Caus these comments are coming from a complete different time??

  21. Such nonsense! This is such a deception! These actors are using wires! Green screens, etc! They’re under water NOT in “OuterSpace” wake up folks! NASA has been the Gate keepers of this zionists/Freemason manipulation that’s been conducted for decades..

  22. I always thought space station is moving all the time but here it is not in moving position.they are easily doing their job

  23. “This was filmed on Earth with Hollywood special effects,” said the Flat-Earther 😬.

  24. They should turn off all lights for a lil bit to show us what all the stars look like out there 🌟

  25. If u noticed they won't let us hear certain things makes u wonder 🧐🤨

  26. Science and Technology will fly humans to the stars and beyond, religions will fly humans into buildings!

  27. These nasa livestreams should allow live tts donations for the astronauts. Maybe like the one Forsen uses. What a great idea, I'm gonna call NASA tomorrow and suggest this.

  28. These are very expensive endeavors. Could we have fed the starving, housed the homeless, found a cure through more research for diseases and had left over to spare? I think of the Land rovers on Mars…

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