9 thoughts on “SpaceX satellite train spotted in the Colorado sky

  1. We must save the Earth from fossil fuels. Tesla.
    We will be putting tons of fossil fuels and other pollutants up in the sky. Musk.

    And good luck spotting an alien invasion now.

    Oh yeah, Musk is funded by our gov and probably other govs. Maybe even Russia? He can't even smoke legal cannabis without someone controlling him. You think he controls any of this stuff? I don't.

  2. Nobody cares about your hobby "profession" of astronomy. Completely useless, provides zero result for the people on the planet but the government pays for it for some reason.

  3. The Illuminati call it Skynet it's called SpaceX it's a 100% blanket coverage of 5 to 10 G of the surface of the planet all part of Agenda 21 New World Order domination over every human being

  4. This is so old. Stop spreading lies. That was the first month while everything was being dialed in. You can't even see them now. This is just propaganda.

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