Spider Verse Inspired Makeup Tutorial

today I’m going to show you this every
day we’re inspired by the new spider-verse movie hello my beautiful nerdy people it’s
your girl T of Jean and today I’m going to show you some makeup inspired by the
new Spider verse movie so we’ll be focusing only on your eyes taking NYX
jumbo eye pencil in milk I’m going to use this as a base on my eye and smooth
it out with my fingers with Nyx’s ultimate shadow palette I’ll be taking
this crimson red color and I will use it all over my eyelid back to the same
palette I’ll be taking this darker reddish beet color to use in the corner
of my eyes – some depth with this darker blue shadow I’m going to use this on the
underline of my eyes taking Nyx’s love you so muchi I’m
taking this white eyeshadow to add some shine over my eyelids going back to
Nyx’s jumbo pencil in white I’m going to use that in the corners of my eyes to
brighten them up a little bit more so line my eyes I’m using absolute New
York’s nano liner with this torture device I’m going to curl my lashes and
of course mascara by Maybelline in mecca blush with Revlon’s color burst sultry
matte balm I’m going to take a brush and just put a light coat of it over my lips there you have it guys an everyday
makeup you can wear in inspiration of the new spider-verse movie thank you all
so much for watching and remember and dishes and stitches for putting the
confidence back in the cosplay

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  2. Awesome look! 😍 Thank you for sharing! ☺️ I just subscribed and am hoping you can support my channel as well! Happy New Year!! 🎊🎈🎆

  3. Your make up is so pretty I love it 😍 it’s a very classy look….
    I also have a YouTube channel you should check it out when you get the chance… hope to hear from you soon 😊

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