Spigen Rugged Armor Extra Case for iPhone X – Review (Spigen Rugged Armor Black) | 4K

Hey guys, welcome back. Roger here and today
I’m taking a look at the Rugged Armor Extra Case by Spigen for the iPhone X. So this case has Spigen’s Air Cushion Technology
which adds greater protection to all four corners of the phone. The inside of the case has a nice design and
is soft which means it’s not going to scratch the glass back of your iPhone X. The case has cutouts for the microphone, lightning
port and speaker but still does a good job of protecting the bottom edge of your phone. Along the left hand side of the case the volume
buttons are protected and they’re also easy to press, and the cutout for the silent switch
is big which makes it very easy to access the switch. On the right hand side of the case, the power
button is protected and is also easy to press. On the back of the case there is a cutout
for the camera and your Apple logo. Both of them have a raised lip which will help to
keep the camera and the Apple logo protected. Now I will say the Rugged Armor Extra Case
is made of a soft and flexible TPU material, which makes it very easy to get the phone
in and out of the case, and also it does feel really good in the hand. I am a big fan of Spigen cases, and I’m sure
this case will keep the phone in great condition even after a few knocks and bumps. I hope you found the video useful and if you’re
thinking about buying this case, you’ll find a link in the description below. I’ve got more reviews of other Spigen products
coming very soon, so don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss my next video, and I’ll
see you guys in the next one.

13 thoughts on “Spigen Rugged Armor Extra Case for iPhone X – Review (Spigen Rugged Armor Black) | 4K

  1. This case is really good I always buy the Rugged Armor for my phones and the extra version is even better, maybe not quite a otter box but there’s not a lot of bulk at all.

  2. Great Video…keep pushing. Sent over from Front Page Tech, looking forward to more vids.

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