Spillway gate test at Roosevelt Dam

For just the second time
since Roosevelt Dam was modified in 1996, the spillgates next
to the dam’s power house were raised on May
25th [2010], releasing about 53,000
gallons of water per second into the Salt River. This was a test of all
the spillgates, and they passed. The
spillgates‚ one on either side of the dam are operated
hydraulically. The entire process
of raising and lowering them took less than an hour. This important test ensures that
Roosevelt’s spillgates are in working order when needed, especially for flood control
when the lake is full. Although
the federal Bureau of Reclamation owns the dam, SRP is responsible for its
operation and maintenance.

32 thoughts on “Spillway gate test at Roosevelt Dam

  1. Wow that's allot of water ! The man on the video is also nice to compare the size of the spillway 🙂 53000 gallons/sec is 200 Tonnes/sec btw. That's apox. 12sec to fill an olympic sized swimming-pool 😀

  2. i think if you jamp in the sheer force of 53000 gallons of water a second would crush you to death

  3. @czJagermeister Mostly for overflow control to keep the dam from being overloaded.

  4. @ypoons89 Water pressure at depth and the size of the opening are both known, so you can work it out with a calculator.

  5. No, its Calculus. You can test the rate at which something increases or decreases using derivatives and other concepts.

  6. Thanks for posting this video. It would have been nice to see some drawings or illustrations of the gates and their mechanisms for us mechanical geeks, but just watching such superhuman feats is exciting. Shasta Dam lowers its spillway gates every few years, when conditions are right, and standing on the dam when that happens is REALLY exciting, since the whole multi-million ton dam shudders and shakes with the energy being released.

  7. I know they "did the math", but I still don't trust that dam if the lake ever fills over the level of the old dam. If it goes, all that water in going down the canyon and will likely take out the other two dams. You do have some great shots. I believe I saw the old generation building still in place. Is it still providing power? Somewhere I have the negs of the old dam when they were testing the spillways. If I can find any place that sells chemicals I may print it in an 11×14. Thanks.

  8. They simply measure the amount the reservoir drops while the flood gates were opened! It is not a guess, and it is deadly accurate…

  9. Can I borrow your spill gates to fill my pool !!! 53k gallons a second ? it would only take me less than half a second to fill it lol.

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