Spirit in Jesus – Surya epi 653 – after Tsunami warning Earthquake and Cyclone.

Dear ones, last November 22, 2017 in the program held in Angamali, Kerala, certain things were revealed for the world. The disaster that was going to occur in the future. According to the warning that we got was shared there. Later, it was telecasted by explaining it more elaborately. I would like to say one more thing. The things that were given in that message were that after November 20 many disasters would take place on the earth. 13th October 2017 was the end of the Fatima jubilee. Fatima jubilee was ending. A warning was given that when Fatima year ends many disasters will happen on the earth. We shared it only in our community. We did not reveal it to any outsiders. We were not interested to share it to outsiders. It was for the sake of praying. But when the messages were being repeated again and again. When the Holy Spirit forced us to reveal it to the world. Though I wished to reveal it. I showed hesitation. I showed reluctance. There was a reason for it. The problems that took place in the past days. Especially in the name of a cross many stories were made up in the world. A police case was charged. Had to appear in court. Many such problems happened. That’s why when the messages were given from heaven. When asked to share it to the world, I was hesitant. That’s true. Because in such a humiliated situation if I reveal about such a disaster. How would people receive it? That was a question mark for me. That’s why I took so long to reveal it. But even then, when I realised the compulsion of the Holy Spirit. . I came to the studio and recorded many parts. But I couldn’t complete it. It is not necessary. I decided not to telecast it and went back. I reached home. Next day this is the news I heard. In Thiruvananthapuram and nearby areas. The cyclone ockhi that happened in Thiruvananthapuram and nearby areas and Arabic ocean. Many destructions and loss are happening in Kerala due to that. When I saw pictures of the same I was trembled. I was terrified. It got me thinking Lord have these things taken place because I haven’t revealed the things that you wanted me to say. I prayed to God by asking his forgiveness. Lord, I have committed a mistake. I cared about men and not about you. I was terrified that’s why I hesitated. I prayed by seeking God’s forgiveness. Soon I went to the studio and recorded it again. That has come out through TV and YouTube. Many people have already watched it. I was able to understand one thing. God’s warning, the things that God has said will take place. There are two things here. Firstly, to whom has God revealed this. He who has received it, must proclaim it to the world. It is God’s compulsion. There is no excuse for not disclosing it. I was not able to do it. Only when a disaster happened. Lord, is it because I did not reveal it. Is it my disobedience that caused this. This shouldn’t happen Lord. I am ready to disclose it. By saying thus I came again and recorded it. Secondly, I would like to say that after revealing this on 22nd November many signs of disasters happened in many parts of the world. Especially earthquakes occurred in many places, after hearing the message from God about the disasters I was deeply troubled. I have prayed fervently for this. Many people prayed for it. Many people in our community prayed for this. Especially in the presence of the Holy Eucharist by binding all his in Jesus’ name. But it doesn’t mean that the disaster would stop because of this. The lord wants all men to repent. Men should repent and come back to God. He should be ready to abandon sin. God is giving a chance for that. We read in the bible (1 peter 3:19-20) that at the time of Noah when the ark was built it is said about the people who didn’t obey the God who waited patiently. Who are they? They are the imprisoned souls. Without getting salvation, they remained in prison. The bible verse 1peter 3:19 testifies that Jesus after his crucifixion, in spirit went down in prison to redeem them. Next verses say that they were the people who did not believe when God in his great patience, delayed punishing the world. During Noah’s time God asked Noah to build an ark. He said to Noah that he is going to send floods. God is going to destroy the earth. So you and your family should be saved. All other people are going to be destroyed. God said “you should build an ark”. He gave instructions on how to build it. Noah did not build this ark in the sea shore. Because lots of wood was required. So he built this ark somewhere in a forest. Because it is a very difficult thing to build such a big ark. But Noah and his sons believed that. Such a kind of an ark was built. But when the ark was being built, for sure,the people around him saw it. They asked what are you doing? What did Noah tell them? A big disaster is about to happen. A big flood is going to come. The Earth is going to be destroyed. You people repent. Or else, the earth will be destroyed. We will get into this ark and be saved. When he said that what did the people say? Something is wrong with him. See in a forest where there is no water, he has built an ark. As if the earth is going to be destroyed. They considered it as mere foolishness. But God allowed this message, this incident to travel all around the world. Those days there were no mobile phones. No tv channels. No internet connection. Nothing was there. But God allowed everyone to know this even then no one believed it. They did not repent. After that, only floods came and swallowed the earth. The word of God says “that they were the people who did not believe when God in his great patience, delayed punishing the world”. When the ark was being built God waited with patience for people’s repentance.For them to return back. But men did not repent. Similarly, I would like to say that the disasters that happened now. Especially the earthquakes. It happened in several places in India, other countries and continents. There were tsunami warning in several places these days. But there were no major destructions. Because in richter scale the magnitude was only 4.5, 5 and 6. It did not reach its highest magnitude. I’m taking this as a sign. This is a sign. Because God said something. That there will be continuous earthquakes. I have said that in the last episode. Continuous earthquakes will occur on earth. Men will become the slaves of fear. Many nations will be destroyed. Floods will occur. Torrential rains will occur. The created universe will turn against man in such a way that he won’t be able to live. . The disasters that occurred in these days is a warning for that. The hurricane, Ockhi, that occurred in Thiruvanthapuram. It travelled to many other places. It did not just stop there. The news about the earthquakes that occurred in several parts of the world is going to be shared now. Because it is necessary that we must be aware of it. Here the disasters that we have told to the world are being stopped by God. But the earthquakes and hurricanes that took place are a forewarning sign to the world that the warning which we gave will happen. Man should repent. Otherwise terrifying disasters will happen. So, first I’m sharing with you all the news. About the disasters that happened in various parts of the world. Whatever warning that God gave. Major earthquake will occur. Earthquakes will occur in the oceans. The tsunami will occur. Huge waves will enter the land. It will engulf the land. Millions of people will die. All these are a warning. All the news that we heard now.All these are a warning. Maybe if you search the internet you would find more details about this. But one thing is clear. We should pray. If not these disasters will be repeated. Such a thing should never happen. So I’m asking everyone again. Pray fervently. The greatest prayer is the rosary prayer to Mother Mary. Maybe the world cannot admit that. Who is Mother Mary? Mother Mary is just a woman. Why should we pray to her? There are 100’s of questions in the heart of man. But I would like to say one thing. Today, if we have to save this world from destructions its only through Mother Mary. It is possible only through Mother Mary. Because Mother Mary has dominion over this world. God has given it to Mother Mary. Mother Mary is the woman who has been sent by God to destroy the ancient serpent who destroys this world. Only she can do this. The greatest prayer to Mother Mary is the Holy Rosary. When you take the Rosary in your hands and repeat the prayer Hail Mary. Mother Mary is being glorified. That glorification becomes satan’s defeat. It will become the world’s victory. These are the things clearly mentioned in the bible. These are not misinterpretations of the Word. These are the true words of God. False knowledge and false teaching about Mother Mary is satan’s victory. But one thing I would like to say clearly. Today only Mother Mary can save this world. Man should pray to Mother Mary with tears by reciting the rosary. Those prayers will be answered. That will make the Lord act. Mother Mary will be glorified. In revelation 12:1 the woman we read about. The woman appearing in heaven. The woman clothed with the sun, the glorious woman. She must come. That woman is Holy Virgin Mary. She must be glorified. The glorification will become satan’s destruction. So pray. Pray by reciting the rosary. I pray may the world get redemption and blessings through Mother Mary. Lord the warning you gave us. All the earthquakes that occurred as a result of that. Tsunami warning in some places. Floods. Floods that occurred in Australia. Lord, when your heavenly mysteries came out, the outcome of it is happening in different parts of the world. We are praying Lord. We pray don’t abandon this world. When the ark was being built during Noah’s time God waited patiently. For people’s repentance, it took a very long time to build the ark. Also, it would have taken a very long time to find all living creatures to enter the ark. During this time God allowed one thing. He allowed this news to travel the whole world. He wanted everyone to know this. But whoever knew this, were not ready to believe this. They thought it was foolishness. Therefore a huge destruction occurred on the universe. Lord I’m praying. May this reach the ends of the earth. May everyone know this. I pray let all people repent. Don’t leave this universe to destruction, Lord. Don’t leave it to punishment. Don’t leave it to satan’s plan. Have mercy on this universe. Have mercy on crores of people in this world. Let them come back to you. Exalt your hand, Lord, may all your enemies be scattered. Send your heavenly power, Lord. Lord, send your Holy Spirit and renew the humankind. Lead them to repentance. I’m surrendering to you. May your name be glorified. May the name of Jesus be glorified and exalted. Halleluiah.. Hallelujah.. Hallelujah.. praise God By praying through Mother Mary may the universe gain great redemption and deliverance. Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen. Another warning. A big message given by Holy Mary. I would like to share that with you too. Last year on the 6th of December. In the morning God gave a message. God showed me a vision of an earthquake. Continued by another one in which a big city, in India, being swallowed by the earth. Only dust was left. That city was no longer there. I understood that a big disaster is going to occur. I immediately sent a message to everyone in our prayer group that night. Many people woke up and prayed. An important part of our community ‘Daughters Of Mary’ group. Many woke up and started praying when they received the message. The next day morning a great earthquake occurred. In many parts of North India. The news has come. On Dec 6Th in many parts of North India earthquakes occurred. In Delhi and the nearby place Gurgaon. There is a report that the earthquake took place in Chandigarh and Uttrakhand also. In the middle part of India also earthquakes occurred in many places. We understood that only when the news came out the next morning. That night God showed that a great disaster is going to happen. A big city is going to be destroyed. In the vision the earth split open and the city went inside. Actually, many people’s prayers. God intervened that night. So the earthquake’s magnitude decreased. God saved our nation from a disaster. So these are not trivial things. So this will happen. These things will happen. There’s only one way to stop this. Prayer. Pray.pray.pray. Mathew 24:32-34 “Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near. Even so, when you see all these things, you know that it is near, right at the door. Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened. Heavenly Message from Holy Virgin Mary Mother Mary had given this message around 11 pm on December 7 2017 In the near future, a 3rd world War will begin on the face of this earth, and the nations of this world will divide and form allies with each other. And the times and days of great tribulations, which has never occurred since the beginning of this world, will haunt the earth. The war, which will begin unexpectedly will prolong for many years such that no one can end it and it will bring about a fearsome atmosphere on the earth. This generation will have to witness the horror where countries of this world will fight against each other destroying the people of this world. By the end of this 2017 and at the beginning of 2018 the country which we live and the other countries will have to face great tribulations. Crores of people will lose their life, wealth, and the nation in which they lived. The continuous occurrence of unexpected natural calamities which are unforeseen by the scientific world will make man clueless. The authorities who have to protect the true faith and who have to exalt Jesus, the Son of God before the world will renounce their faith completely. The authorities will set out to deny the Lordship of Jesus and to establish Love religion. In this situation which begins like the continuation of the war, many for the peace of this world will deny their holy faith and will become members of love religion. The dreadfully terrifying times of darkness where the chosen ones will openly deny Jesus Christ in front of the world has come very near. My little children turn towards the Saviour with your heart and pray to God for mercy. This is the message which the Holy Virgin Mary gave on the night of December 8th. If a 3rd world war takes place in the world, all the countries will take part and form allies. And a situation will take place where all the countries of the world will attack each other. It will affect all the countries of this world and no one can carry out intercession or control it. It will lead the earth to great destruction. The result of these will be that man will lose his faith in God. Because destruction comes and there man goes away from God. He loses his faith in God. Then what man does is, he will renounce God. They will renounce Jesus Christ. Those who have to proclaim Christ, those who have to glorify Christ. The people in high authorities will renounce their faith. Renounce Jesus. Not only that, they will join together and create a new religion- love religion,no God, all men are one. Love is important. They will say thus and bring up a new culture. Many leaders of this world and the church will take part in it and become its members. They will abandon their faith in Christ and many will go toward the new religion. These are the things which are to take place in the coming days.

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