Spirit Talking – Episode 1- Miawpukek First Nation / Conne River, NFLD

Welcome to spirit talking.
I’m Aboriginal medium
Shawn Leonard
and we’re in
beautiful Newfoundland
visiting Miawpukek First Nation
also known as Conne River.
Here I reconnect
with my own family
as well as community members
and loved ones in spirit,
sharing stories
and renewing relationships.
I feel like
she’s been praying for you,
praying for your happiness,
praying for joy. It feels like
the connections to her. WOMAN:
Yeah, we lived with her.SHAWN:
She’s talking
about children here.
Today I’m speaking
with Wanda and Jean
and their
respective daughters
as they reflect
on their experiences.
At the live showyou’re the first person
for people to come through.
And when I connected
to some people I heard this reaction,
this emotion.You were overwhelmed.What was going on there?
What was happening?
I also heard, everybody in
the room was like “Oh my god.” But I couldn’t speak
because it resonated to me because mom always
looked up and told me “Oh when I’m dead and gone I’m
gonna come back and tell ya.”The minute you went there’s
a Brendan and a Margaret,
my heart just dropped
because I was like
oh my god, she did it.
(laughs) She did it. She told me she was coming back,
one way or the other, she was gonna tell me,
I couldn’t breathe, I was like, “Oh my god,” and then it was
just flashing in my head. Right.JEAN:
I had to lean on her.
I was just holding her,
I didn’t know if I was
gonna crush her hand.
And you ladies? WANDA:
I was so connected to my
grandmother, it was unreal.She was my rock,
my everything.
Have you ever dreamt of her? Yeah. Like oh my god,
’cause I used to call her gran. I said, “Gran, you’re alive,”
She come alive in my dream. “Yes,” she said, “I’m alive.
I’m not gonna die again.” (laughs)WANDA:
“What’s wrong with you?”
Right. I haven’t dreamed
about her in awhile. I mean some people
have expectations sometimes, this is what they want to hear
and this is how it’s gonna be but I like it when it’s what
you don’t expect sometimes.WANDA:
You ok?
I’m so sorry. You’re gonna be ok. Ok? Even though
I’m part of the process and I do connect
to some people,sometimes the gift is
the connection that you have.
When I was connecting to
someone else in the live show, did something resonate
with you that you heard that was given
to someone else? JEAN:
I did. When you
said Maddie or Madeliene and then Leonard,
it didn’t hit me as fastbut that’s my ex-husband’s
Oh, wow. The reason why I didn’t connect
to when you said Madeleine ’cause we used to
just call her Big Mom. Oh, yeah. I was just, I don’t know, and
she was like “That’s Big Mom.” And I was like
“Oh god, it is Big Mom.” I was really overwhelmed but
you told me one thing in there when you brought up a rainbow.
I was like, I don’t know what
the hell he’s talking about. Right. So when we went home that
night and my sister called and asked me how it was going,
what it was like, when I mentioned the rainbow
my sister started crying because when my mom
passed that morning my sister was looking
out the window because everybody
was so shocked over it ’cause she went so fast. My sister said there was
a rainbow over her house and my sister lives
in my mom’s house. Oh, wow, yeah. So then I was like
“Oh god, that’s what he meant.” That message came through you for me to tell her that,
ok, that was her. That was her symbol. That was her symbol saying,
you know, I was there. Even though my body was gone,
I was there. Well I trust what comes to me.
They’re usually right. I might be wrong
about my interpretation of some things sometimes
but I do my best. I mean, everybody’s human and
if somebody told you a story and you were trying your best
to tell someone elsesometimes little things
get lost in translation.
I mean, we’re all human, right?WOMAN:
That’s right.

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