Spring Walleye Run on Wisconsin River

(upbeat country music) – All right team, charge! ♪ Take me out on the water – [Voiceover] We eat fishy ♪ Way out in the woods ♪ Where the breathing is
easy, the living is good (laughter) – All you can do is just laugh ♪ Out in the great outdoors [voiceover] Larry Smith
Outdoors is brought to you in part by: Warrior Boats The Badger Sportsman Big Snow Resorts Wilderness North Lodge Jiffy Hard and Soft Fishing Bartlein Barrels Cold Snap Deep Freeze Otter Kmiec Law Firm Lynch of Mukwonago and Wings Over Wisconsin. – And remember it’s a
great day to be alive. ♪ Out in the great outdoors ♪ – Holy Moly! (upbeat music) – This week on
Larry Smith Outdoors we’re up here on the
Wisconsin River fishing below Nekoosa here and
this heads down into Petenwell and Petenwell is
actually the second largest inland lake in the state. And in the spring like this
you got a lot of high water because we’ve had a lot
of rain this spring and it really draws, I always
say this, the more flow that you have going
down into the system, the more fish that
come up into it. So today what we’re gonna
do is we’re gonna be pitching jigs up on
some of the shore lines. When you got this high water there is a bunch of gravel bars we’ll probably drift over and
try to catch fish on there. And one thing about this
area is you gotta remember, there is a size limit on it,
not like the Winnebago system. The fish have to be 15 to
20 inches, in between that, or one over 28 inches. So that’s a big
thing to remember. We’ve got a couple
of guests on here. Today we’ve got Tom
and we’ve got Dale. So, we’ll see whose
got the hot hand today or who loses the most jigs. So stay tuned to see
what happens this week on Larry Smith Outdoors here
up on the Wisconsin River. (cymbals clashing) – [Voiceover] The warrior
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shotting them for bass or swimming them for walleyes. – [Boatman] Look
at that walleye! – [Voiceover] Their action
is earth shattering. (thunder) (soft guitar music) – What we got is, we’re
dragging them jigs and you just let ’em grab
come around and grab the back of it and let
’em hang on to it. That’s the hardest part. – [Voiceover] Nice job! – Here we go, finally. If you wanna call it a fish. Hey, you know what, I do
believe that Tom and Dale you guys did say 10 bucks
on the first fish, right? All right, if you
wanna call that a fish. Well there you go. – What about the second fish? – Nah, second fish is
not worth anything, it’s only the first one. – You call that a fish? The one I let go
could eat that one. Here we go, that one is
just barely hanging on. Oh, a little bit better. Oh, you got one too huh? Is that one better and edible? Oh that’s a better
fish right there. – Oh, that ain’t going to
cost me an old fashioned yet. – [Larry] Hey that might be
a little closer, is that 15? That’s what they gotta be here. Oh, it ain’t 15. – [Larry] Not 15? (soft guitar music) – [Tom] I think this
is the money one. – [Larry] Yeah, come on Tom. Right money, oh keep reeling. That’s gonna be close. That one might be
worth measuring. – You’re saying 14 and a
half, Dan, Dan the camera man? You are 14 and a quarter. You are way off. When you’re putting
that Kalin’s on, what I do is I like
the tail to ride down so it doesn’t get
hooked on the hook. So I go like this coming
around, pushing in that plastic all the way up there. The tail is actually
pointed down. This way when you’re jigging
it won’t hit the hook. Oh that’s something,
there we go. This one should make it. I’m gonna bring him
around right here, – I’m gonna get
my first rod out. – That one might
make her by crackey. Hey, hey, hey! Tom, I guess the first keeper
gets all the eggs today. – [Tom] I think so. – You know we’ve been
moving and moving and we finally got on a
decent pod of fish here and there you go. It’s about a 16 incher. All right, first one of the day. Got the Kalin’s on
her in the middle. Basically just vertical
jigging through here. I’m just lifting it,
I’m just popping it. Lifting it, popping it
and just holding it there. About the third time I just
hold it there for about, maybe about a second and a half. Works out pretty good. Oh-ho-ho (dramatic piano music) (upbeat violin music) – Patrick, what are
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at good enough is way over rated. This ice season see for
yourself how the best just keep getting better. (light instrumental music) – Here, we go, little
bit better fish. – [Tom] Hey, it might be
number two for me, come on. – Thanks Tom. Look at that Kalin’s plastic,
that thing has got that thing absolutely– look at that,
slurped that thing right in. Another nice fish. Again, I’m just kind of
popping it off the bottom two or three times about
four inches because I figure these fish are all
compressed tight to the bottom and then I’m just holding it. And every time I do
that when I’m holding it they’re just swatting it hard. This is a nice fish,
you guys I’ll tell ya this one just absolutely
slammed this thing. This thing has got a
lot of weight to it. I don’t know what it is,
it’s probably a big Walleye. But its big. No doubt, all I
wanna do is see it. Boy, this thing, he absolutely
throttled that thing. Hopefully it’s a big walleye. Oh that’s a big fish. Oh, look at the size
of that walleye. This is a 10 pound
fish right here. Look at the size of that fish. Come on Tom, get him in there. Woo! Nice job, that
is absolutely a dandy. – [Tom] Wow! – [Larry] You know,
I’ll tell you something, that’s one thing about
the Wisconsin river system in this slot. That is absolutely a dandy
of a walleye right there. And again, look at that
Kalin’s jig, that thing is engulfed in the
mouth of that fish. Look at that, gone, all
the way down in there. Pop it out of there. And you know, I’ll tell you it makes a really big
difference when you’re fishing these fish is that they
want it real slow and I’m just holding it off the
bottom and I’m just barely twitching that jig. And that’s a cool part
about when you’re using them Kalin grub tails, you
hardly gotta move it all versus other types of plastic. That things got such
a unique action to it. That is absolutely awesome. Gotta love it, right? Come on you guys. Hey, I got the
biggest fish so far. There we go you guys. – [Tom] This one, there ya go. Another nice fish I’ll tell ya – It’s amazing how
that sun came out and started warming that
water up and these fish just absolutely
came right on now. This morning, boy,
we were struggling on and there were a couple
other guys when we went out by the dam up there
doing pretty good but now that that water
temperature came up about two and a half degrees, boy,
it really made a difference. That’s a decent fish but
nothing big enough for a net. You know, again, that’s the
nice part of about fishing this Wisconsin river system. You always catch lots of fish. There’s a nice fishy. There we go. Got him Tom? – [Tom] Yep. – [Larry] You know again,
now what we’re doing we’re up in front –
this is what they call Ten Mile Creek in these
fish are just sitting right on the edge of this
break right here. And, hey Dale – you had
two big fish on this pass within two feet of the surface
and they both came off. We gotta get you tuned
in a little bit there. There we go. Nothing big though. You know, what happened
here too is that that sun went away and I
always say that this about this body of water,
small walleye, is that it’s always better
when it’s sunny because of this dark water, these
fish are really conditioned to bite during the high sun, high
pressure is usually always better here. Kind of totally the opposite
of the Winnebago system. Thank you. Same thing, you know, that
real light bite like that. I mean, they’re barely
grabbing that thing at all. Right there. Chunky little fish. Definitely a finesse bite
and that’s one thing that’s key about them Kalin’s is
again, that Kalin’s tail, when you put that in the
water you don’t even have to hardly breathe on
it and it’s moving. You know, that’s
something about fishing you’re always trying
different things and adapting all the time. Adapt, adapt, adapt, adapt. Oh there’s a fish right
there, look at that one. That is a nice fish for sure. I’ll tell ya, I let
that thing sit on there for about at least 30 seconds and they’re just barely,
they’re not hitting at all. Ever since that sun
went down it’s just that very light bite and they
just come up behind it. And basically what
they are doing is they’re holding that
bait and I try not to, when I feel that fish
hanging on there, I try not to drop any
weight down where that jig, where the weight of
the jig would go down, I try to keep everything
as even as I can and if they start
moving a little bit I’m actually even moving
the rod with them. That’s how touchy these fish got ever since that sun went down. But that’s a nice fish for sure. You know what, I’m wondering
as I crack this egg open What am I wondering? I’m wondering what our
old buddy Shotgun Chef has got cooking this week
on Larry Smith Outdoors cuz I’m hungry. – Thanks Larry. Hi, I’m Shotgun Steve Schaefer
here in the kitchen today I am making a smoked fish dip. My buddy stopped over and
gave me some smoked fish. Once again he had smoked fish,
went out to Lake Michigan with his buddies, got drunk,
ended up with a bunch of fish in the freezer and said, “Steve,
what can you do with it?” So I am gonna show you
a quick dip to make put out in front of your family and they just tear it up every
time I make it for everybody. Take and make sure
there’s no bones in it. Put it in your food
processor with the cover on. It’s gonna get a
little loud in here. Oops, wrong way. Spin it till it’s pulverized
so it’s really, really soft. (whirring) All right we’re all
pulverized up here. Take my spatula,
put it in a bowl. See how it crumbles right out and comes into the
bowl like that. What I do is I put a
little Philly cream cheese in the sour cream
in the bottom first. There is more
going in the recipe but I just put it in the bottom. So that way when
you stir the fish up it’s a lot easier to stir it up. But I usually use about
a half cup of this and for two pounds, what
the recipe shows for it’s a whole Philly, but
this one I’m using half. Now, its red onion. Same thing, I put it
in the food processor minced it really fine. And this is another one folks, if you don’t like red
onion, use it sparingly because it will taste, or
change the flavor of our food. Little sea salt, adds to taste. Granulated garlic,
everybody loves garlic. But I love it too. All right, it’s coming around. Little bit of lemon juice. Worcestershire sauce. And pepper. See how I do it? I don’t buy the can. I grind up my own pepper. Alright, let’s stir this up. What I’m gonna do is
put it in a little tray, put crackers with it. Put it on the table for parties and people just devour it. It’s great. Now I just gotta
find someone that can enjoy this product with me. Hey, kid next door
Griffith, come on in buddy. – Hello, everyone. – Come here you Griffin Mcarley. Do me a favor, take a
cracker and try one of these. I’m gonna try one with you too. Oh put some one there
dude, look, dig deep. Dig deep buddy. Okay folks, the problem
with smoked fish is they get the stuff on your
hands you can’t get off. Here’s a trick: you take
a little toothpaste, rub it all over your hands, let it sit for a while, wash it in the sink and all the smell
of smoke is gone. From the kitchen of
Shotgun Steve Schaefer, Larry Smith, you’re
missing out my man. One of these days you
gotta take me out fishing so I can bring this home. – [Voiceover] With ice
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bigsnowresorts.com today. (suspenseful music) (light upbeat music) – You know, when you’re fishing a body of water like
the Wisconsin River here and you have so many dams, a lot depends on the current as to where you’re gonna fish. Last week up here they
had two gates wide open and the current
was just screaming. Most of the fish we
caught today have been in the main troughs. But last week with the
amount of current there was the fish wouldn’t even be
sitting in these main troughs. They’d be sitting a long
ways off to the outside. So you really wanna
watch that current flow. And like I say, when the
current is really cranking up here on the Wisconsin River, you wanna get right on the edge and anchor up in the deep water and pitch into
the current breaks that’s where they’re gonna sit. And also, if you
wanna vertical jig, like we’re vertical jigging, I’d try to get around
any of the bends where the current slows down. And again, but you gotta
think about that these fish aren’t gonna sit out in that
five to six mph current, they’re gonna be in
that current that’s less than probably two miles an
hour to an hour and a half. So that’s the key thing
when you’re coming on to a river like this is to
really watch that current flow. And up here, it really,
we get a lot of rain. It’s amazing when they
open them gates up up there how fast that current
starts cranking through here it doesn’t take
long, a couple hours, and them fish will switch
where they’re sitting. Same thing is, when
the currents cranking and they shut the dams up there, same thing when that
current slows down them fish are gonna move on ya. Then they’re gonna move
out to the deeper water where there is just a
little bit of current. Like today, this is almost
perfect drifting through here and a couple different
times we tried anchoring up and pitching, it just, we couldn’t get it
to work for us today but I know a lot of
the other guys I saw were catching quite a few
fish just pitching at a 45 into that current and just
letting that jig come around seems to work pretty good. It’s all got to
do with the flow. The flow-jo. Hey, its all got to
do with the flow, Dan Dan the caveman cameraman. – [Dan] That doesn’t rhyme. – [Larry] Nice job, Tom. Give that one a
measurement but I think it’s gonna be a
little bit short. Hold him up to the camera, so all your buddies at
the Sheriff’s department can see ya. – [Tom] Yeah, they’ll say, “What happened to the big ones?” (laughter) – [Larry] There we
go, another small one. That’s ok though, at least
we’re catching fish again. Boy, I tell ya, we
went a good half hour without catching much at all. Like I said, them
clouds came in and boy, just absolutely
killed that bite, for sure. Again, just went
back to the Kalin’s and just boy, I’m
barely moving it. Just barely moving it. I’m just twitching it
right off the bottom there. Dale just lost another one. We’re gonna start calling
ya Lose Another One Dale. (laughter) You know this Wisconsin
River runs right through the Petenwell flowage which
is right down below us and that’s where these fish are coming up out of. And like I said
earlier in the morning that the Petenwell is
actually the second largest inland lake in the
state of Wisconsin. It was built in the 1950s,
I think ’52 and ’53. Again, it’s a flowage and
you know, average depth is about 20 ft out there. It is a walleye factory,
a crappie factory, and you will definitely be back
out here to fish this thing sometime this summer
out on the lake itself. But its a great body of water
to catch a lot of fish in. So it’s very enjoyable, a
sustained system, like I say it’s usually better, I always
call it the banker bite Is that a fish? Pull, pull, pull Oh my gosh. – Woah is that a big one. – Holy catson, you gotta
hold that thing up. That is absolutely giant. This system has got
awesome fish in it. Dale, there you go,
you hold that beast up. We were just talking about
Petenwell is the second largest inland lake in the state and
we’ll be back in the summer but holy man, when you see
a fish of that magnitude, maybe we’ll be back before then. (Dale laughs) That is absolutely a
giant fish right there. What an awesome deal. Boy, you didn’t even
say anything Dale You’re just, all of a sudden
I see this rock bowled right over. And he’s as quiet
as a church mouse. Here, got him Tom? Not quite as big as the
one Dale just caught but Holy Moly I mean that is absolutely, and
that I caught that one with I switched over to a ring worm,
I was being a little tricky and got him on that one. But boy, that is absolutely
a giant fish right there. That is awesome. – [Dale] See ya – You know we’re getting
late in the day now. (water splashing) You seen it though – Yep, that’s alive. – [Tom] I bet you don’t
make it to the top. – You don’t think I
could make it to the top? – [Tom] No. – What do I get? A can of sundrop? – [Tom] If I got it. – Okay. I gotta touch that grass? – [Tom] Yeah. (laughter) – I wanted to roll down it. I’m not as young
as I used to be, I thought I could make it. Hey thanks for
joining us this week on the Wisconsin River
up here at Nekoosa I’m Larry Smith
Outdoors and remember it’s always a great
day to be alive. Ya putz, all your cases
went flying back that way. – [Cameraman] What? See I don’t think that’s
right that you should say that about our Sheriff’s departments
being able to retire when they’re like 32. (laughter) These guys work hard. – [Cameraman] I
didn’t say anything. – Well I heard you say it before Have you guys been
watching our show? – [Man off screen] Yeah. – [Cameraman] I can’t
believe they wanna watch you. – It’s hard to believe Well, I pay everybody that’s why (laughter) – [Man off screen] I’m
waiting for my check here. – Right, it’s in the
mail, it’s in the mail. The check is in the mail. (laughter) – [Cameraman] Great
you succeeded in
getting dirty pants. – Woo, I need a sun nap. Check’s in the mail Dean. (light upbeat music)

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  1. Hi Larry, just found your channel a couple weeks ago. I had seen you multiple times on Wisconsin Waters & Woods. Being from the south I am not able to view your show on TV. I just wanted to say thank you for all your great shows. (I have been catching up on them the lately.) You have one of the most entertaining and educational shows I watch. So many shows today have lost that educational aspect. Please don't loose that with your show. Once again thanks for the shows and I hope your success continues.

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