6 thoughts on “Sprinkler System Animation Alarm Valve activated

  1. Well, couldn't watch the end because of the pop-ups, which i couldn't get rid of. Otherwise it was good.

  2. This video is extremely misleading. God decides when the water should be releashed

  3. What is the pressure in floor control assembly and the pressure in fire pump before releasing the pressure…

  4. I’m probably just being picky, but this is a Dry Valve demonstration; an alarm valve is used in wet systems. What’s the difference? Mainly just the process of restoring fire protection after activation and the fact that the alarm valve doesn’t have pressurized air on the system side of the check valve (because both a dry valve and alarm valve are check valves, but the reverse is not technically true for either). Just saying you should probably fix the title of the video for people that actually want to learn this type of system and don’t catch the little caption on the bottom left of the video. Sure, the idea of a pressure change to activate the valves is the same for both types, but they’re really not the same at all. Different valves are used for different reasons.

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