SRP linemen rappel down Horse Mesa Dam to make repairs

(rock music) – [Man] We’ve been up
here re drilling the dam, putting in concrete anchors, epoxying, new steel plates, stainless steel plates, and swinging the old stuff
out and putting new stuff in. (rock music) But we can repel down and then climb the rope actually
back up to the top, and it gives us a guy
working the face of the dam. They can pull themself in and
then work the face of the dam while the guys in the crane
basket can work out on the line. This typical line work we, you know, we’re used to heights, we’re used to, we’ve been working on
ropes for quite awhile. (rock music) We all watch out for each other, especially on the line crews. We go over safety, I mean, that’s part of the rope systems we use, we have a working rope, a safety rope, and then in case one of them
fails you’re on the other one. Yeah, it’s kind of a way of life. Like I said we’re out here all the time by ourselves and we’re kinda
our brother’s keeper they say, you know we watch out for each other. (rock music)

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  1. I want to work for SRP! Metal fab or lineman, I'm going to MCC for Welding currently.

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