Stanage Plantation Trad Climbing

Hey everyone welcome back! so we’re up in
the Peak District and thought we might do a bit of trad climbing. not done a lot
of personal trad climbing recently been doing bits of trad for work, very
easy stuff and then doing a bit of bouldering. not really sure where we’re
at with trad right now, both in the head game and then in the endurance as
well whether the arms are gonna give out halfway up the route. so we’ve come over
to Stannage and I think the plan is just start quite easy and see where we’re
at let’s see what happens and just have a
nice chill day out taking in a few trad climbs VS that goes up here and I was looking
at doing that as it’ll be a good one to start on but got drawn into the HVS next to it,
it looks quite good so yeah Parasite HVS 5a I think if you go up this faint
groove and then traverse across at half height on the big break up the center of
the face looks okay doesn’t look too sustained it’s got good
ledges for rests and things like that so hopefully endurance will be alright see
what it’s like well that went all right, tricky-is moves but you got rewarded with with good gear so I like those kind of climbs when you know there’s gonna be some good gear coming up it’s much
easier to commit to a move but it is cold! Winter is definitely on it;s way it’s the first really cold weather we’ve
had. Suddenly trying to find all the extra layers buried to the bottom of the rucksack let’s go find Soph a climb. It’s been a while since i’ve done trad. HS Paradise Wall gets three stars
give it a bash It got cold, it got really cold. I think Brett got colder…Yeah, it’s cold belaying luckily we brought some soup. You can feel it burning on the way down, it’s quite nice it’s been so miild recently, not used to the cold anymore I was in a t-shirt two weeks ago when we were out
teaching sun’s out guns out and now …… I can’t
feel my face. What’s next? Walk along, have a look see what takes our fancy A blanket! A blanket? Yes, my aspirations are mainly for bedtime gonna try Right Unconquerable. not
tried it before, top 50 climb, so one of the top 50 climbs in the Peak District. HVS 5a
sustained HVS so I think the individual moves will be fine it’s just
a question of whether my arms have got the endurance to keep going also it’s
sort of lay backing stuff so lay backing is not my strong point. I
think there’s good gear as long as I can place it while lay backing, so give it a
go see what happens see if you can do this anymore elegantly
than I did – crimp out your right Which way did you go? I was there. Why did you go there? need a change of underwear I can tell you! Yeah, I could tell! Welll done What a great climb! See why it gets top 50. Gear’s really good, just got to hold on and place it Holds are quite good as well, good jugs but
you are on smears for the feet quite a bit, but that top! I wasn’t
really expecting that! I kind of thought it was over and then kind of pulled over
the top of it and got a bit…… couldn’t wiggle my way up very easily
and then I couldn’t go backwards and yeah there was a bit of a moment! it
wouldn’t have been a good fall coming off sort of sideways. Good route! Happy with that Thought I might try and give a VS a bash it’s been a while since
I got on a VS, certainly since the surgery but I think
here this crack It might look like a diff but apparently it gets 5a so see what that is like Probably a sandbag looks looks like a squirm so I hope
you’re entertained watch me! Wahay! Well done! Well we ran away from the crag, it got too cold to do another route Come back to the van for some tea! cup of tea. Let’s do tea I feel so much warmer

5 thoughts on “Stanage Plantation Trad Climbing

  1. Quality top-out! 🙂 Good to meet you guys the other day. Hope you crushed.

  2. Great video!! It might be cool to do a van tour? Do you live full time in your van?

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