9 thoughts on “Status of Longhorn Dam before incoming water

  1. Evidently that means Town lake has been renamed since I lived there 20 years ago.

  2. What about the two dams between Mansfield dam and Longhorn Dam? Hey I fished those three lakes for years. Does that mean Lake Travis is full? I would like to see pictures of that as most of the time I lived out there the water was low.

  3. elect another libtard…you get libtard results…libtard ruin everything they touch…every thing

  4. So now the talking heads are trying to look "more tech relevant" in ATX, by actually standing up holding computers ?

  5. Reporter needs to be extra careful what she says. 2:17 unlikely water will pass the road above the gates. Well the unlikely will surprise you becoming a reality.

  6. So the surrounding counties wont be affected downstream? Did the story have no more leads??

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