Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Cosplayers

so what are some great last-minute
Christmas stocking stuffer ideas we’ll give you our list coming up welcome to dishes and stitches I’m your
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consider subscribing so it is almost the big day are you excited I am excited and
we hope you’re excited too and today we just want to share with you some
last-minute stocking stuffer ideas for that cosplayer in your family these are
things that we had around the house but we have used over and over again and are
very handy and in the time of thoughtfulness and giving we thought
that we would share some of these things with you so let’s see what we got now if
you have a cosplay lady in your life there’s a couple of cosplay lady in his
life and a couple of things that are good are different things to help with
their makeup because with a lot of cosplay she needs some help with your
makeup sometimes or your hair so I picked out a couple of different items
that I had that would be good little stocking stuffers so the first one I
have is it’s a 10 leave-in miracle keratin conditioner yeah it’s like a
it’s like a conditioner and it helps to straightening a maintenance on your hair
I actually use this pretty much every day when I straighten my hair but it
works very very well and it’s really nice and very moisturizing especially if
they wear wigs a lot and they have to use a lot of hairspray on their hair
this helps put hydration back in your hair hair care is important good choice
and the other makeup one that I had here this is a setting spray so this
spray when you put your makeup on you probably don’t know about this I’m sure
you see me spray my face with it but this is a setting spray for your makeup
so instead of putting more hairspray on your face this setting spray is a
thinner base for your face so that way it helps your makeup stay on longer good
tips those are good that was – that’s awesome
all right so my first item and this is one of my favorites I think I’ve
mentioned it before is cane torch every cosplayer needs a handy butane torch
this is great for helping to seal a TV a foam builds it’s good for like burning
off those you know little frilly pieces of cloth and fiber nylon strapping this
is really good to melt a seal so that the buckle doesn’t slip off and believe
it or not you also can use this in 3d printing so a butane torch that’s my
that’s my pick all right you want to do one more since I don’t – okay the next
one I have which kind of goes along the well is one of these now this is a
soldering station it comes with a magnifying glass but I don’t have the
magnifying glass attached I actually have it in the room over there
but this is great to use as a base and then you can attach your small foam
armor pieces to the little clasps the alligator clips here and it it can hold
it while you’re painting on details or while you’re sealing on Mod Podge and
things she loves our hands back yeah if you’re doing paint you want to put some
kind of patty the little teeth here that way it
doesn’t leave an indentation into your phone but these are really great in
handy it’s like having an extra pair of hands so I don’t have to hold me that’s
right all right you’re up what’s the next one the next one is a fabric
measuring tape these ones are easy to pick up and they’re really good stocking
stuffers because they come pretty cheap usually they can come for like a dollar
so that you can pick up for it and they’re very handy to have as you’re
traveling as a cosplayer because I always seem to forget mine in case I do
need it quite often when we do travel but these are great little gifts for
people especially low stocking stuffers absolutely this is it then my stocking
is empty masking tape now masking tape is a lifesaver I usually use this the
most when I’m printing armor pieces or 3d helmets and I need to
let’s say I print a helmet in multiple pieces I will take those pieces and then
tape them together with masking tape so I can make sure that everything is
uniform and looks good and looks smooth this is also great for taping off Evie a
armor if you need to paint if you want to do like edges and yeah edges around
your shoulder pieces and your gauntlets and stuff like that you can take these
off paint everything a base color lift it and then you can detail the edges for
that you also use that for building your armor so when you have to wrap yourself
in cellophane you put that on top of it it’s better than using duct tape
yeah plastic wrap and it’s funny you bring that up because next year we’re
going to start and we’re going to actually show you how to make custom
templates for armor builds so you don’t have to buy templates anymore we’re
gonna show you some easy ways to make custom armor bill templates
at home so stock up on masking tape and grab yourself a roll of plastic wrap and
bring in 2019 because that will probably be the first or second video we post so
stay tuned to that what else you got I have duct tape speaking of which that
holds the university’s hold the universe together it holds these spaceships
together Oh as far as together nostra astronauts together so that way no I’m
gonna go there but duct tape is very useful in many many many areas of
cosplay and you can never have enough duct tape it comes in many colors it
comes in even patterns yes it comes in different patterns and everything but
this is definitely handy to have especially if you’re at an event and
something breaks and you need a quick little fixer for it and it will I cannot
tell you how many times duct tape has saved Iron Man from losing a leg or an
arm it works well guys thanks for watching this was just a few of our
favorite last-minute Christmas gifts you know the most important thing about the
holidays is family so get out there and make sure you spend time with your
family make sure you tell your loved ones how much you love them from our
family to yours we wish you a very Merry Christmas and we will see you soon
oh and I guess let’s close with our with our slogan take it away
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