Stories of Faith #51- Helping Homeless Man Saves Pastor

– The pastor was walking down a dark alley,
heading towards an incredibly dangerous situation, but then God used a mysterious stranger to
possibly save his life. Stay tuned for the amazing story next. Hello, and welcome to this episode of Better
Life Today. We’re doing Stories of Faith today, which
is one of our favorite programs to do. And with me is Sayuri Rodriguez, welcome Sayuri. – Thank you. – And you like this show, too, don’t you? – Oh yes, very much. – You know, having a relationship with the
Lord, throwing all your burdens and cares upon Him is such a wonderful thing. – [Sayuri] It is. – More people should understand and know what
that’s like. Well, you had to come down from the Roseburg
area today, and you were telling me that you saw something along the road. – Yes. Well, my husband and I have been here for
six years, in Oregon, and as we were driving down, we were saying how blessed we are to
live in Oregon, it’s just so beautiful. So peaceful, as you look at the trees, I saw
everything, trees, rivers, even a rainbow, but right now, the leaves are starting to
turn colors, and it’s just so gorgeous and beautiful, we are extremely thankful that
God allows us to see that, and in our area we could see it like that and I think everybody,
if we were to go outside and enjoy God’s nature, what a blessing, what peace come to our hearts. Right? – That’s right. This time of year when we’re recording this
particular program it happens to be entering the fall season, fall in southern Oregon is
one of the beautiful times. You can go and find some really choice views. But you know, we have a photographer in our
church, his name is John Dale, and John just takes the most beautiful pictures, and I thought
the other day we need to share that, so I called up John yesterday and I said, “John,
can we share some of your pictures on, “one picture per program maybe?” and he agreed,
so today I wanna show you John’s picture. – [Sayuri] And it’s my favorite. – This picture shows some fall leaves Sayuri,
so you like it, and it also shows a waterfall. He loves to work with water, and he does very
well with it as you can see in this picture. And what this tells me Sayuri is you see all
these wonderful pictures, and you think of the majesty of God. You see, even after sin came in and even after
the world was destroyed by the flood, the Lord left us beauty in His mercy. – In His mercy. You mentioned mercy, and as we were driving,
there was a song playing that said, “In your tender mercy”, and as I was looking at everything
I was like, yes, that’s God’s tender mercy. And with that picture that we just saw, it’s
just beautiful. – Well John has a lot of other beautiful pictures
and I wanna say to our audience, if you wanna go see them, he has an Instagram account,
so just go to JohnDalePhotography, on Instagram, and you can see his other beautiful shots,
and I think you’ll agree that the Lord has given him an eye for beauty.. Well we’ve got a lot of good stories to share
today Sayuri, but we always start with a Bible text so why don’t you get us going? – [Sayuri] So this Bible verse is found in
Proverbs chapter 3 verse 24, it’s beautiful. “When you lay down, you will not be afraid,
“yes, you will lay down and your sleep will be sweet”. – Once again remember we were talking about
the trust of the Lord, and I’ve had, there’s been times in my life when there’s a lot of
pressure on me for one reason or another, and it’s those times when you have restless
sleep. Or you wake up in the middle of the night,
like I’ll wake up and I’ll say, “Oh”, and then I’ll remember what the problem is and
I’ll go, “Oh”. And it just feels like a big burden comes
down upon you. But the Bible says that we should cast our
cares upon God, let Him carry the burden, so that we don’t have to. – I’ve been doing something recently because
when I’m going through, like you said either if we’re going to trials or if we’re not,
maybe we’re just busy and we’re like, we have to do this and this and this, I don’t have
a problem sleeping, I fall asleep right away, the problem is I wake up at odd hours, and
the thoughts come to me, “Oh you have to do this and that and everything”. Recently for, I would say a couple of weeks
now, I’ve been going to the Bible and thinking the Bible does say “Stand still and know that
I’m gonna help you”, “Be still and know”, and so every single time I remember and I
think, “Okay here’s the problem Lord, it’s yours,” I’m not gonna think about it any more
because to go back and go, “Yeah but the problem is big”, it’s almost like not trusting Him
completely, right? And beautiful things happen because as you
give it to the Lord, in my case, I’m able to focus more on my Bible study in the morning,
on praying specifically for things, than just going immediately to the problem, when you
wake up and you start praying and it’s just, “God help me with this and this,” instead
of, thank you, thank you for this and that, you know just, I’m able to focus more once
I have complete trust that it’s in God’s hands. – I like to pray, “Thank you Lord for taking
care of the problem”. Before I even know what the answer is. Yeah, it’s yours, that you already have a
solution, thank you for taking care of it, I don’t know the solution yet, but the Lord
knows the solution. Well I wanted to share, remember at the end
of the programs we ask viewers to send in their stories to us? We got a story from Dolores. Dolores sent us a story, actually it was two
letters, I’ve combined them into one story, because I think she wrote us twice about the
same, and she added different details, so I tried to put it into one story. Now this is Dolores’s Story of Faith, she
wanted to share with our audience. She says that she had to hike to town, she
says that’s eight miles almost, she lives five miles from downtown and she walks in
twice a month. Now you may think, that’s a little bit of
walking, until you realize that she is 81 years old. So she has a little hike to go when she wants
to go to town. I think she told me that she had never really
gotten into driving, she never learned how to drive, so it’s walking or friends give
her a lift. Anyway, she’s walking into town, she’s carrying
a bag of groceries, and at this time, she’s a couple miles from home, and she’s almost
staggering. Poor lady. Anyway, shortly after leaving town she had
been disturbed, perturbed, she said because she lost a piece of paper and couldn’t find
it, but it was that delay I think it was that delay, she had lost her glasses, too, one
of those delays, actually led to her having an answer to prayer kind of. But she was getting upset, so she prayed to
the Lord, “Lord please forgive me”, she was talking to the Lord in that manner, excuse
me for getting upset, these kinds of things. Well a lady had seen her, and decided to come
up and ask her, “Do you need a ride?” And she said yes, what a kind lady, a kind
lady had seen her struggling I guess, and said, “Do you need a ride?” So because she had been delayed looking for
something, that actually led to her being offered help. So that was one of the blessings she received,
but there’s more miracles. She’s in the car describing what happened,
and she’s telling this lady that she had to pay $400 to repair a washer because of some
rats and mice had gotten in there and caused problems. And she said, “Oh, and my TV’s falling apart”,
she had a little old TV, she said it was fading to gray, she said the faces, and the faces
weren’t painted gray, the picture would dissolve into lines, she said the picture, the TV was
just falling apart. So she mentioned to the lady that she had,
she said, “I sent up a prayer that I might get a clear picture”, when she’s trying to
tune in, you know, sometimes she gets it, sometimes she doesn’t, she says, well, if
I can get down to Medford, she says I can put a new TV on a credit card, so she’s trying
to think of ways that she can get this thing fixed. Well she tells the lady this stuff, and you
know what that lady did? She and her husband, the lady who was driving
her, got her a new TV. They got her a new TV. She says, the lady and her husband bought
me a television plus, she says the gift of bread, jelly, and peanut butter to eat. – [Sayuri] An angel. – Yeah. So these people were being like an angel to
her. And she says, “When God answers prayer”, she
talks about her grumbling and her being upset, she goes, “But when God answers a prayer,
“He really adds blessings to it”. And then she said that the same lady wanted
to help her with spring cleaning to get rid of these mice and rat problems, so I guess
there wouldn’t be more problems for her, and she said, she ends by saying, “So God had
a much better plan “than merely sending the signal to my little old television, “so that
I could watch Christian programming.” “But 3ABN and Better Life were my desire,
“and our Father gave me my heart’s desire”, and she says, “And I’m missing an eye due
to glaucoma, “so I need a clear television picture, “and God arranged for me to have
a TV free”. So that’s Dolores’s Story of Faith, and we’re
very happy for her. – Very nice, very nice. – And you have a story for us. – Yes I do. So my husband and I, we used to live here
in Grants Pass before, and there’s a school, the church school, the school that belongs
to the church, yes? And there’s a teacher there, there’s different
teachers, but there’s a teacher that I really love following on Facebook, because she cares
so much for her students, and she always has beautiful pictures of her class doing different
things, and I like finding out what they’re doing. And the other day she posted something so
beautiful, a testimony, that happened to her. She said that it was the summertime, summertime
most of the teachers are preparing their classes that are coming soon, and she was getting
ready and everything and she gets an envelope, and inside the envelope, a notice, she needed
to appear for jury duty. Well that’s not the problem the problem was
that the date that she had to do that was just four days after starting school. And that would mean, you just met your students,
your new students, and even the not-so-new, that they don’t do very good with changes
like that, and so she started praying, “I’m just gonna give it to the Lord”, and praying
and praying and praying well, school started, day one, day two, day three, day four, she
kept praying. On day four, the Friday, she gets an envelope
again, and this time, in the envelope, a letter that said that the cases that they wanted
her to be present for jury duty, they had been resolved, and she did not need to appear
for jury duty the next week, which was gonna be when the kids would have somebody else
taking care of her classes, so she praised the Lord because it was a miracle and she
was smiling and so happy and then she remembered, hmm, the theme for the school this year is
SMILE, and it’s an acronym, acronym, which means See Miracles In Life Every Day. See Miracles In Life Every Day. SMILE! And she had a big smile because God had just
shown her a miracle, an everyday miracle, but a miracle that comes from God, where she
got the blessing, and the students got the blessing. – We’ve talked before, that God wants us to
come to Him with our problems, whether they’re small or big. You can say, this is too small to bother God
about, no, no our Father in heaven, our loving Father, wants to know everything that interests
us. – And when there’s, I’m thinking of the teacher,
she had the best intentions for her students, and God knows, He cares about, as you mentioned,
to answer our prayers, but when He knows that this is gonna be for good, for His children,
oh the more that He wants to give. – Well I’m glad that she had this demonstration,
that she could talk to the kids about. Teach them, we have to teach people, you rely
on God, and you show it by your own example, and by talking about it, those wonderful things. Sayuri, I’ve got a story to share, that’s
a little more exciting, than some of the ones we tell because every now and then we are
able to tell a story about somebody in danger, and this next story talks about a pastor being
in danger. But before we go to that, though, we should
probably take a break. So folks, stay with us and you’re gonna hear
an exciting story next on Stories of Faith, stay tuned. Better Life Broadcasting is a viewer supported
Christian media ministry that offers streaming programing via apps on various devices. Please visit to support Better Life
or to get more information. And don’t forget to like and subscribe. – Hello and welcome back to Better Life Today,
we’re doing stories of faith today, it’s one of our favorite programs, with me is Sayuri
Rodriguez. Sayuri, are you ready for an exciting story? – Yes, I can’t wait, please. – Well this story, I ran across this one,
in the Adventist World Magazine, dated July 2019, written by our friend Dick Duerkson. Dick is a wonderful story teller, he finds
the most awesome stories, and so I’m always, whenever the magazine comes out, I make sure
to look for the section where he puts his stories. But here’s a story he shared recently, and
it goes like this, there’s Pastor and now I think, I don’t think he says it, but I think
it’s a South American country, Pastor Luis was in a city, it was a couple hours from
his home, it was evening time, by the sounds of the story, and he decided that before he
went home, he was gonna stop at his favorite donut shop, and get a little donut. Okay. – So he parks his car under a street light,
and he has to walk through an alley to get down to it. Now Pastor Luis, he is a man who wants to
be led by the Lord. You know, you don’t wanna put yourself in
danger or anything, and he felt confident that this was safe, but he wants the Lord
to lead him. – Mmm-hmm. – And he wants the Lord to put him in connection
with people that he can help. So that’s what’s on his heart. – Okay. – So he’s walking down this alley, and while
he’s walking down the alley, he sees a man, who is leaning up against the wall, looks
like he’s homeless, disheveled, maybe not wearing heavy enough clothes for the weather. – Mmm-hmm. – Shoes are bad, that kinda thing, and he
notices that out of his stomach is a protrusion that’s like a tumor, he goes, “this guy’s
in bad shape.” So out of compassion he goes up to him and
says, excuse me sir, do you need any help? The man says, no, no thank you, I’m okay. And he says, no, can I do something for you? No, no, I’m okay. Listen, let me buy you some food. There’s some carts at the end of the alley
here, I’ll buy you some food. No I’m fine, thank you. Well the pastor keeps pressing, pressing,
let me do something for you, come, walk with me down here. Finally he convinces the man to walk with
him down to the end of the alley there, and there’s the carts. He says, there’s a cart here that sells Mexican
food, they’ve got the best burritos. Now that appealed to my attention. That’s one of my favorite foods, and I said,
okay. He says, let me get you one, and the man finally
agrees, okay, you can buy me some food. So the pastor says to the guy who’s running
the cart, get me a burrito, add a tostada, couple of toastadas. – Oh my. – You know, and add a drink to that, I think
he’s wanting just to make sure – Mmm, yes. – That this man has some effort, evidence,
that there is somebody who’s concerned about him. While they’re sitting there, talking, chatting,
waiting for the food to be made, and then there’s a big commotion. – Oh. – All of a sudden, they hear, they look down
the street further. – Mmm-hmm. – And you know in front of the donut shop, – Mmm-hmm. – Something bad is happening. People start yelling and screaming, and he
sees these big motorcycles, and he sees the guy with shotgun. – Wow. – And glasses breaking, car alarms are going
off, there is some terrible commotion happening down there. The pastor stops to think, he says, wow. He says, you know, if I had not stopped to
help this man, I would be down there right now. – I could be possibly injured or killed. And he realized that the Lord had spared him
from whatever was happening down there, by having him involved with this gentleman. Well then the guy at the cart says, your food’s
ready, hands it off, the man who was homeless looking, took the food, put some burritos
in his pocket, thanked the pastor and the man turned and started walking away, and you
know what the pastor said? I mean, excuse me, the homeless man said,
as he was walking away? He said, thanks for the burritos, Pastor Luis. – Oh! – Now here’s the unusual part, the pastor
hadn’t told him his name. – Never said his name? – No. How did this man know his name? Well, perhaps it was on his bible or something,
that could’ve happened. But we don’t know who this man was, although
he seemed to be a real homeless man who had just gotten out of the hospital, but in any
case, the Lord used that man, as an angel, whether he was a real angel or not, used him
to keep the pastor from being in the wrong place – [Both] At the wrong time. – And so while the sounds of the police cars
coming, and the fire trucks and the ambulance were racing through the thing, the pastor
was remembering the words, thanks for the burritos, Pastor Luis. And I’m sure in his heart, was gratefulness
to God. – Wow. – To saving him, to saving possibly his life. – Praise the Lord. – Praise the Lord. Okay, so I have another story. This happened to us when we were in San Jose. And we had a week of prayer, and we had a
guest speaker. Her name is Carol, and Carol had come and
she was helping us with this week of prayer. We used to live in this apartment complex,
and in order to get to our apartment, we had to go by different doors of the other apartment,
and every single night, when we would walk to where’s our apartment, we would walk by
this one door, and the first time we noticed, we were like, oh that’s different! Because in front of the door, on the bottom
of the door. – Mmm-hmm. – Was a little container, with rice. – Rice? – Yeah, rice. – Okay. – Okay? You know, maybe the dog likes rice. I don’t know, the cat. But the next day, there was rice, and there
was a candle. And then the next day, rice, candle, and something,
flowers. And the next day, rice, candle, flowers, and
all these lights around the door. And so every single time we would stop by
and go, that’s unusual, that’s strange. Well, maybe two, three days before Carol had
to leave, she said, enough, you know, we just have to find out. What is this about? And we’re like, yes, we do, we need to find
out. And she said, well I vote that Pastor Tony,
my husband, and I voted too, that he be the one knocking on the door to find out, what
is this about? And so, you know, we both voted, and so he
had to do this, and so he knocked at the door, and this lady from India came outside, and
my husband, God gave him the gift of what to say, because he just, you know, very honestly,
you know, we’ve noticed this, and we’re very curious to know, will you be willing to share
with us, what is this about? And so she shared that in their country, it
was a week where they had this festivity. – A festival? – Like a festival, – Yeah? – Something going on, and she said, so we
decorate outside and inside, she said. And as a matter of fact, you are an answer
to my prayers, she said, and she said come on in, come on in, and she had us come in,
and yes, the house was decorated with all these lights and incense? – Mmm-hmm, yes. – Yes, and oh wow! Wow! It was a party inside. And she said that she had just been praying,
because during this holiday that they have, or this– – Festival? – Yeah. They have to have guests come into their home,
that’s part of the festival, and she said, but our friends are not close to us, and so,
who am I going to invite? She said, I don’t know anybody. She says, so I was just saying, it’s not going
to be the same without guests, but you’re here! So you knock the door, you’re the guests. And she started feeding us, like all this
food that she had already prepared, she had it ready. – Now this is not a Christian festival, is
it? – No, no, no. – So she wasn’t a Christian? – No, she was not a Christian. – She was just celebrating, but it was a religious
festival. – Right, right. – Maybe her gods or something? – Mmm-hmm. And so she starts giving us this food, very
spicy, ooh! Super spicy, good food, but you know? When she was done giving us all this food,
we share with her that we were Christians, and she was so happy, she remembered that
when she was a little girl, she went to a Christian school for some time, and she said,
it was the best years that I was able to go, and she was just so happy that we were there,
but it also gave us the opportunity to be able to share with her, and to say, you know,
she’s just finishing a week of prayer, would you like to come? And you know, she’s talking about Jesus, about
God, and she says, oh I would love to! We prayed with her and her daughter, and then,
the day after, the lady, her husband and her daughter were at our church, and they actually
kept coming a couple of times. – Wow. – And we don’t know, ’cause then we moved
to Oregon, but we hope that, you know, it was a seed that was planted, and all because
what she had outside of her door. – Yeah, well you’re sharing an interesting
principle, and that is how God has us being social to spread the word about him. – Right. – We are to be social with people we meet
at the market, at the school, at our day to day work. – Yes. – And you can get access to people and visit
them in ways that just open doors. – Right. – And you used this unusual thing she was
doing outside her house, to invite her to your church. – Right, and you know, she said that she had
been praying to her God. – Mmm-hmm. – For guests, but every morning we would pray
as well, that God would give us opportunities, divine appointments to share his love. – Yeah. – And this is the way that he answered our
prayers, our God. – That’s wonderful, that’s wonderful. – Amen. – Well I have another story to share – Okay. – About God trying to reach out to people. – Okay. You know, sometimes we take it for granted,
we’re in a country that’s free, freedom, freedom of religion, we can pray, read the bible,
we don’t have to hide the bible, we don’t have to do all of that, but there’s other
countries that are not like that. People cannot freely worship. They’re persecuted if they’re Christians. It’s really hard sometimes. – Right. – This story comes from one of those countries. They didn’t wanna say which country because
of the sensitivity of it, but hear this amazing story that happened in a country where Christians
are not, you know, it’s harder to– – To open doors. – To be a Christian, yeah, to be an open Christian. Christianity had not really gotten into this
area at all. Governments had worked hard to keep out the
Christian influence. There were these isolated tribes, and they
practiced an ancestral kind of religion, one that kind of, it’s not Christianity, but that’s
what they were into in that area. And there was a strong determination of the
government to keep people out, in fact, if you were found in there, and you were not
the right place with the right permits and stuff, you could be shot, killed. So there was, the government was working hard,
right. But guess who got in to that area, in spite
of that, in spite of the guards, in spite of the road blockades? Adventist World Radio got in, because the
beams of radio could penetrate through all of that. – That’s right. – So it had jumped over the soldiers, radio
waves had gone over the road blocks, and that in itself is a wonderful story. – Yes. – But there’s more, there’s much more. Adventist World Radio heard news that there
was a man who had been visiting one of the villages, and he brought back a very interesting
story. He said that in that village, one day a stranger
appeared, that people did not know, had not seen before. He was a well-built man, and he had a bright
aura of light around him. Now this is unusual just to begin with. And this man asked to speak to the chief,
so the chief came up and the man said, here, this is a radio, handed the chief a radio. He said, and this is how you use it, showed
him all the controls. – Wow. – Volume, and tuning and everything. And then he said, chief, there is an important
radio program that you and your people need to listen to. And he showed him where to tune, and he showed
him how to tune into Adventist World Radio. He said, you need to listen to that. Well, the people were all crowded about, and
while the people were looking at what the chief was holding, the man disappeared. They turned around and hey, where’d he go? Go run down the trail, see if you can find
him. They ran off, looking for him, he just disappeared. – Couldn’t find him. – So that in itself is unusual. But then this same man who was reporting the
story, he went to another village, and guess what he heard? The same story. The same thing happened in this other village. Now the villages weren’t talking to each other,
so they didn’t know. – Right. – It was unrelated, but it happened exactly
to them too. And he went on, found another, and another. – Oh wow. – In total, there were six different villages
where this same story had happened, where a man appeared, gave the chief a radio. – Wow. – And said, listen, it’s important you listen
to this radio. Well as a result, these people became Christians. – Praise the Lord. – They started keeping the seventh day sabbath. It was amazing. – Wow. That’s a beautiful story. – Yeah, well Sayuri, we have more stories,
and we’ve already run out of time. I dunno what to do except do more programs. – Amen. – So we’ll save our next one for the next
story. – That sounds good. – We’ll use it in another time, friends, if
you have a story of faith that you wanna share, God has done something for you. Please call us, let us know, send us a letter,
we’d love to hear from you. We invite you to visit us on Facebook, we’re
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and you can visit our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you, if you wish to
support the ministry, please, our website is Come see what we have to offer and you can
support us online. So Sayuri, I guess that’s it for today, but
we’ll have more stories for our audience later. – Amen. – So friends, stay with us, we’re glad you
joined us today, and remember, give your heart to God, do what he says, and you too, will
have your own story of faith. – Amen.

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