Storms in the forecast making Green Mountain Falls resident nervous after flooding

today some severe storm warnings up and down that up in the town of Green Mountain falls I should say a forecast of any rain is making a lot of the locals nervous the series of storms this week just adding to damage making cleanup and recovery a daily necessity bill Folsom spent the day in green mountain falls looking into this situation he is live tonight with a closer look of what they’re dealing with bill yeah there’s been a lot of prep up here today because they’ve been thinking there could be more storms things like coming in with fire hoses going into these drainages that were clogged from storms earlier in the week and trying to blow that all out on the streets there have been street sweepers here all day trying to clear out mud on the dirt roads which lead to a lot of houses around here they’ve had graders also front loaders moving out piles of dirt like this to clear the way from what all that’s been coming down and then up the road here we’ve been talking to some of the people who live with their backyards up against the mountain well they are concerned with storms because the mountain is coming down there homes are in danger another day and another storm in Green Mountain falls this one with less intensity than previous days but right now any rain in the forecast brings uncertainty fear that oh my gosh yes it’s very scary you know we went from hoping and praying for rain one day to the next day hoping and praying it wouldn’t rain it’s so bizarre the worst water flooding they’ve had never seen anything like this there’s a makeshift system of dirt removal happening at the home of lamar matthews flood water from a storm earlier in the week turned away dirt and gravel from the mountainside it is now disaster cleanup outside and inside came down from the mountain it just pushed into the house through the back door they just knocked the back door open just the force and wait detour just up the road sandbags going down look small compared to another debris flow coming off the mountain it threatens another house neighbors say the damage started with a storm earlier in the week it dropped more than two inches of water in less than an hour and the street in front of my house was a river literally a river flowing at a very rapid speed and where that mountain has just come apart others are filling sandbags hearing there is more rain in the forecast around town there’s heavy equipment working to fix roads what has taken off roads is putting piles that will be moved later and there’s a lot of repair work ahead it will have to happen later but there’s no use in doing it until after all this rainy season is over with now this is a small town with everybody pitching in just a couple of minutes ago the mayor actually came up to me with a shovel in hand and she had been down filling some sandbags but she came up specifically to tell us that despite the damage up this way down in town they have bronk days this Saturday it is a go breakfast at 8 a.m. small town parade at 10 a.m. if you want to see what it’s like in a small mountain town this is the place to be this Saturday watching out for your green mountain falls bill Folsom news 5

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