Stormy Day & Night For Many with J7409 Weather

and a good day to everybody I’m jewel
and this is j7409 weather lots to talk about all kinds of rain
and wind is going to be happening today and right on through tomorrow with heavy
rain and strong winds to the northeast late today right into tomorrow and
having rain and mountain snows are likely across parts of the Pacific
Northwest today of course is Wednesday the 16th of October 2019 thank you so
much for joining me this morning first off let’s check out the tropics
and see what’s happening it’s looking like that 15 it’s falling apart people
don’t worry about it it’s got winds of 30 miles per hour the minimum central
pressure 1000 millibars it’s located at 17.3 north 24.1 west it’s moving
Northwest at 8 miles per hour but it’s just the reminisce is falling apart but
remember oh I think it was probably the end of last week I was talking about
this disturbance number one and how I thought it was going to bring rain up in
this way I’m going to show you something like quickly right now it’s a trough of
low pressure it’s located over in southern Mexico and the Bay of Campeche
area and it’s producing disorganized showers and thunderstorms now the system
is forecast to emerge over the Bay of Campeche later today and move slowly
northward now you can tell there’s more development it’s orange now the gradual
development is possible and a tropical or subtropical cyclone could form late
this week over the Western or central Gulf of Mexico why this system is moving
generally north eastward now in two days it’s a 20% chance five days it’s a 40%
chance now as we take a look over at the European model you can see I’ve got this
for Sunday at 5 p.m. look at the rain coming down there’s Tallahassee
living right across the Panhandle mobile looks like you’re going to get some good
showers out of this also and this rain is going to trail up as you can see in
these areas northward up into Birmingham Huntsville moving right on up western
Tennessee may get a little rain out of this also but this is what the system
itself is looking like I don’t think it would be a big bad storm but it will
have some win with it we’ll check the wind out the low is here the only this
quadrant of this system has any winds in it at all some wind’s coming in around
the coastline at the Panhandle these are sustained winds at 29 miles per hour and
all around excuse me the Mudville Coast they’re not too bad for sustained winds
we should have a little higher gusts though it’s got gusting a 48 miles per
hour so everybody needs to be aware of this I will keep my eyes on it and if it
develops any further I’ll be sure and let you know and we’re looking up into
the New England states right now and what is going on we got the surface low
I’ve been talking about for days trying to warn everybody it’s developing off
the Delmarva coast by this afternoon now it’s forecast to rapidly deepen as it
lifts up the coast into New England by tomorrow morning now this system and the
combination with an advancing cold front northeast for today into tomorrow is
going to bring heavy rain gusty winds and you can get upwards to two to three
inches of rain that could fall with this storm especially from eastern New York
to southern Maine and localized flash flooding is also very very very possible
and this is set on the winds this is this afternoon you can see the system is
off of Delmarva and it’s right in here these winds they’re not too bad we’ll
check it out here well I should say not too bad they
could be worse 55 mile-per-hour wind gust that’s the wind gust but what would
I don’t know why that happened folks don’t pay that any money here we go but
let’s run it up a little bit to around 5 a.m. tomorrow morning look how this
system grows it is a monster folks a monster look how big it is going all the
way up into Vermont and New Hampshire look at this and look at these winds
down here off the coast of Massachusetts down around Nantucket and the areas
these winds are aiming 9 miles per hour you guys these are the wind gusts we’ll
check out the sustained winds right quick sustained winds in the system 37
miles per hour and they’re moving right on up into parts of the coastline here
of southern Maine as you can see so far as rain goes with the storm a lots of
lots and lots of rain now this is early tomorrow morning at some point up around
Boston look at all this rain you’re gonna get one point four inches of rain
within three hours so I know some of you up in the Boston Massachusetts area have
been needing rain it looks like it’s on the way for sure and before this thing
gets out of here I don’t want to forget my friends up in Canada we’re gonna move
up to around 3 p.m. tomorrow afternoon you can see what is happening over and
over Scotian down around Halifax this is rain this is rain st. John’s Island you
guys all in New Brunswick you’re getting rain rain rain this system is also
bringing a little snow with it for some of the more northwestern areas that are
behind this system is kicking in that cold air bringing a little snow
there and when we come down here to New York we got a mixture we got a mixture
of snow and rain up in this area in northern New York so folks the winds are
going to be great please be ready for we do have watches warnings and advisories
out wind advisory is going to remain in effect from 10:00 p.m. this evening
until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow where for New Jersey’s coastal counties as well as
central and southern Delaware west winds 20 to 30 miles per hour with
gusts of 45 to 50 miles per hour or expected once again from 10:00 p.m. this
evening until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow these strong wind gusts and they take
down some tree limbs which could result in localized power outages unsecured
objects such as trash cans along furniture you got the picture all this
is going to be blown around by strong winds so if you do have anything out you
might want to secure it or bring it in we have a high wind watch and in fact
from tomorrow morning through tomorrow afternoon for Barnstable Massachusetts
and Duke Massachusetts a Nantucket Massachusetts counties now this includes
the cities of Chatham foul-mouth Provincetown Vineyard Haven and
Nantucket now these winds could gust up to 55 miles per hour and some could even
reach 60 miles per hour okay you’re sustained wind should be 25 to 35 the
winds are going to have some very high gusts though in these areas now this
wind advisory is in effect from 10:00 p.m. this evening to 7:00 a.m. tomorrow
morning for the high wind watching Thursday morning through Thursday
afternoon for the high wind watch damaging winds same deal folks blow down
trees power lines anything outside and if you’re driving a high profile vehicle
please make sure and be safe on the highway we
coastal flood advisory in effect from midnight tonight until 4:00 a.m.
tomorrow morning now this is for areas of southern Fairfield Connecticut and
southwestern or Westchester New York southern Westchester New York now this
is for the coastal flood advisory from midnight tonight till 4:00 a.m. tomorrow
morning and it should a flood statement should run from noon today until 3:00
p.m. this afternoon shallow flooding is expected in the most
vulnerable locations near the waterfront in shoreline expect one to two feet of
inundation above ground level and low-lying areas vulnerable areas some
roads and low-lying property including parking lots Parks lawns homes
businesses with basements near the waterfront will experience some shallow
flooding heavy rain during this time of high tide may X abate shoreline
shoreline roadway and poor drainage flooding and breaking waves will result
in beach erosion waves splash over onto the shoreline roads and properties so
please folks the storm is coming please make sure you’re ready for it and here
we have a look at the Nan map this will run through the next three days as I
turn it on you can see this a low pressure system and it’s a monster it’s
a monster as it coincides with another low pressure that’s what’s making this
nor Easter type weather up around New England moving on through now as the
Farge today goes down around south areas of the u.s. we got locally heavy rain
and thunderstorms are also likely from the Carolinas to the Gulf Coast along
with this associated cold front now this system is going to be bringing in a
chilly air mass with afternoon highs 10 to 20 degrees below normal from the
eastern plains Mississippi Valley to the Ohio Valley and central Appalachians
meanwhile out west we got a couple of cold fronts into the Pacific north
West it they should bring rain and mountain snows to much of the northwest
into the Northern Rockies with locally heavy rainfall possible along the
favored terrain with accumulating snow in the highest elevations of the
Washington Oregon Cascade areas now ahead of this temperatures of forecast
could be very warm from the Great Basin to the high plains with daytime highs
into the 70s for many warm temperatures low humidity and gusty winds will
combine to bring an elevated fire weather threat across portions of this
region with red flag warnings right now currently in effect across the
southeastern sections of Wyoming and you can see how this is going to just spin
on up and out right on through Maine up in this area as we keep our eyes on
what’s going on down here this is what this system is looking at light it
happened the system that is on the table National Hurricane Center map hadn’t
popped up yet as I say this is the name map it only goes through the next three
days and so far east severe thunderstorms popping up today for
severe weather we do have thunderstorms that are going to be possible today
across parts of the Gulf Coast states eastern seaboard lower Great Lakes and
the Pacific Northwest but no severe thunderstorms look like they’re going to
hatch up we have less than a two percent chance of tornadoes have winds or hail
with any of these thunderstorms that should pop up in all of these areas that
I’ve showed you including out in the western section here of Oregon and
Washington State all the way up from Massachusetts all the way down to
Florida and across down into Texas and that’s a check of your weather today
please don’t forget to subscribe like and comment share this information thank
you so much for watching you know I love you guys so much everybody stay safe if
you’re in these stormy areas today I’m one of them and later on this system as
you’ve seen is gonna crank up when it moves on up down around Maryland and the
Delaware Delmarva Peninsula down in this area moving up to New Jersey right on up
and out so please be ready please be safe and aware if you’re out and about
have a good day a safe day a blessed day peace loving kindness to all thank you
so much for watching

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  1. Good Morning Jewel, looks like a wash out rain event local there saying 3/4 today 1-2 in tonight, bet the actual will be higher

  2. Hey J, I am in the New England area well kind of. Models in NYC are showing potential wind gusts of up to 70 mph! This is going to be quite a nor’easter. Thanks so much for the info! Peace love and kindness like you always say, have a great day J!

  3. J im not a weather pro at all im not even a little bit, my question is , could we start having storms the size of half the planet or something simular to jupiters red eye storm here on earth ?


  5. Good Morn. J:. Thanks for your weather reporting on current conditions. Enjoy your day (along with your Buddy).

  6. Thanx😁…we finally had some rain last night in Perry much so we lost power for few hours😔 but is back on now 😊

  7. Where I am in Texas temp at 63 degrees this morning. Hope you are safe and Blessed today.

  8. Good afternoon my friend J and everyone in the chat. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 looking nasty today here in NJ.very gray and the wind is picking up. HAVE A BLESSED DAY MY FRIEND J and everyone in the chat room. ❤❤❤❤

  9. I was wondering hun when you said St. John's Island a couple of times. Do you mean that little island behind Nova Scotia? Its Prince Edward Island sweetie. St. John, New Brunswick, and St. John's, Newfoundland. Yeah…even we get them mixed up! Lol! That's not good…no! If someone else is trying their best, different story. But locals, mixing up the 2 St. John's… Happens all the time. More than you think. They look at you and say, what's a matter, you stupid or something? You sure you're from around here. Yup, Cape Breton Island. Oooohhh! That explains it then ur a Cape Bretoner, don't know any better…lol! A Halidonian, same, where you from? Halifax. Ohhhh, that explains it then, nothing exists outside the big Halifax! Don't pay attention don't care. Lol. That's just amongst us locals, when we mess up New Brunswick, and Newfoundland. Maritimers… We outta know better. Lol. Too funny… How many times I got stuff mixed up, and I live here. Even on my own island. The one at the end of Nova Scotia that looks like a baseball MIT. Love you oodles. Just letting u know how mixed up even we get things. So…🍁🐈🍁

  10. hi j, dave from ct. checking in 9 pm here in and boy are we in it, wind and rain! lets hope lights stay on

  11. Good Evening! Busy day. Prayers and good wishes for everyone. In the 40's today, mostly cloudy.But not bad. Thanks Jewell. GOD bless.

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