Strandberg Boden Classic 8 Graphitte, análisis profundo y otras divagaciones (Eng subs) gear#12

e a Hello, how are you? in today’s video as you have seen in the title we are going to take a look at this great guitar it is called strandberg boden classic 8 in graphite finish my brother bought it and it is great I do not want the guitar, I don’t want my wife to leave xD but it has convinced me, as we’ve been testing it and it is a big surprise good impressions and so impressive so premium, so top and you’ll notice it is a 8 string guitar and frets are multiscaled, it should be a hard playing one but it was not difficult to adapt to it at all and I’ve enjoyed a lot playing it he had to take it away from my hands, so he has tried it a little too so he’ll not borrow it yet so we only have alittle time to test it so, let’s let him be the one who will show us his new guitar so, let’s go we are here again with my brother Jesús Hey! who are you? testing the guitar together as we learned to play together, he still plays professionally me not I do not know if you know but Jesús is a music teacher and a musician, he only earns money from music a little times of my life I could say this for me I will try to convince him to come more so we enjoy with each other, and we got the excuse to date and if he brings guitars like this much better and lots of fun for both I pay him with beers, this is the cost he boguht this guitar a few days before let’s try to understand how it works, tuning is essentially the same as the rest, not exactly well I am happy with this guitar I wanted it from a long time ago, I had the curiosity to enter in 8string world and I’m surprised I had a band with my brother many years ago and he was the 7string man I was on 6s and he as years passed I took away one string and he has added 2
as years passed I took away one string and he has added 2 this guitar is kind of cheap as it offers great quality I was tired of playing on 7string guitars, heavier and more complicated more pain at hands when playng etc I had a JP7 musicman John Petrucci that was ultra comfortable and with a very thin neck
I had a JP7 musicman John Petrucci that was ultra comfortable and with a very thin neck more comfortable than many 6string guitars but I have returned to 6 strings I lost the necessity to need the 7th
but I have returned to 6 strings I lost the necessity to need the 7th when Jesus told me he has bought this guitar I thought it would be so hard to play but not at all I’m really surprised… the brand focus on ergonomy and comfort with aesthetic sacrifice, but not so, I think this is really beautiful but it is true the way this guitar is designed searches for functionality and comfort it’s weight is minimum and it is so light, I think it is the lighter guitar I have tested never thought on testing a 8string guitar light and spectacular this is not the light model of the brand there are many of them with air cameras active pickups, etc… I chose this one because of its classic style and it is heavier but it is still soooo light what is cool in this guitar is comfort in any situation as you can see, to put here the guitar strap leaves the guitar in a straight position but here are this cuts to choose the position as in other guitars more classic, using right leg or even left leg and if you want you can put it like this I think I won’t but you have the possibility personally this are my positions, this and this in complicated moments I do not have to do this to see, many kids riun their necks trying to put fingers like this, it is easier to see without forcing postures that become in pain most of us suffer because of practicing like this he can tell, he have played in many stages and he plays a lot, in summer time even more
he can tell, he have played in many stages and he plays a lot, in summer time even more incredible calendar of concerts I’m speaking about more than 50 concerts in a summer period 56 last year the orchestra where he works does that quantity of concerts but he plays in more bands about ergonomics and posture on this guitar as you have seen me playing in most of my videos I use right leg but naturally this guitar made me adopt this position and so comfortable playing like this for me frets are not straight, the are multiscaled it has 8 strings and I play it in the other leg but it feels fantastic I didn’t want to stop playing cable plug design if you play on stage I recommend you to put the cable like this because it is possible to unplug it unintentionally if you put the trap like this imagine this is the strap if I foot on the cable it never unplugs if you have the cable direct, not passed across the strap it would unplug easily Many of you that have done a lot of concerts I’m sure you do this after the 3rd time it got unplugged but in this case it is possible for the cable to break but it is not possible to unplug it if the cable is really good it will resist many people do not like there is no pegbox I like it a lot personally I love it! normally guitars that have no pegbox I don’t like them but this is not the case the way to fix strings is smart you don’t need special strings with too balls as it should happen on a steinberg they are more expensive and hard to find my inconvenience is the 8 strings not many brands offer 8 string packs so I use a 6pack and get the 7th and the 8th separately I take out this and I put the string inside, very accesible to change neck curve so easy to manipulate to adjust the guitar is sent from Sweden to Barcelona and then to Madrid it is really good adjusted and it was almost in tune when I picked it up so stable, so happy with it fixed bridge really 8 individual bridges if you break one of this pieces you con screw out and put only the broken one this special with the brand can be bought too by the same price I think the most breakable is this, but I don’t think it can break easily tuners are here we turn this to tune, string changing is easy too Allen and screws you take it out and so you put the string into and you tight again you cut the string rest no so quicly, not the best for example, my brother has the music man that is quicker for strings to be changed
no so quicly, not the best for example, my brother has the music man that is quicker for strings to be changed but this is not bad or slow to change strings here I play a lot and I have to change strings between songs and this is not the quickest but better than the regular one guitar comes with some tools to adjust neck, bridge tuners, essential tools with this tools that came in the soft case is enough but you can by this from the web with a cutter and a ball-pen this guitar has passive pickups, not complicated there are other models with actives and fishmans you know very versatile but some kind of mess, I am one of those who think versatility is at the hands it is good to have good gear but it is you who can make it sound manoussy, jazzy bluesy, brutal death metally, prog vegetarian metal, so it is in your hands you can get a guitar with versatilities but the guitarist has to be the versatile I personally got interested in this format 8strings this kind of neck woods strat concept, you know classic volume pieces funny details modern guitar with classic concepts I love to see the number here as I put the volume at 10 I am moving tone wheel at every moment so I like to see where am I without having to play and hear What is interesting neck is incredible the most impressive thing on the guitar the way frets are put a bit complicated putting openchords but I have adapted perfectly to this there is a moment you do not notice the multiscale shape you see it more than me this kind of maple finish is great I do not have any guitar with this neck finish and I’d love to I have many guitars, the same as my brother or even worse… I do not have any guitar with maple neck, David does this is the first I have and I’m not disappointed, interesting response I was looking for a different thing you know so I tried it to be totally different even in the neck wood if you see it on the back this piece is so pimpressive this is done only by strandberg in all his guitars, there is no strandberg with this kind of neck if you want this guitar you have to want this neck shape if you don’t like this this is not you guitar different woods here very beautiful and great this plane part here is some kind of angle and then it changes here there is a part here parallel to the fretboard not always it the same height down here upper here when you play this is the way to put your thumb if you are here but when you get high notes you have to move the thumb this is a rail for you finger if you have technique it is easy to use this not complicated at all thumb trends to its right place this is one of those things that you understand if you touch and feel it surprisingly easy to play different as in any other guitar I0ve tested there is no place at the fretboard were I fell uncomfortable you have to adapt a little to multiscale frets but when you do and if you are technically correct this neck is great this is the correct way, you know
and if you are technically correct this neck is great this is the correct way, you know thumb is every time at the right place other interesting thing for you on stage, inlays are here at the fretboard and here at the lateral
other interesting thing for you on stage, inlays are here at the fretboard and here at the lateral light in the dark when you are in the dark you see them I have several guitars with this feature you see very good in the dark where are you when you have to begin a song and you cannot “hear” where you are to begin in the dark to be surprising very good sight in the dark instead of the birds on PRS for example or nacre inlays brilliant or pearl effect from the hyperspace they make this util inlays on fluorescent material for the stage Opeth to play live uses some fluorescent tape behind the neck so they do not see in the dark the same he does with tape is done here so practical to play on stage if you want to do stupid things like turning the lights of on your room you can! 😉 you can go to a guitar shop on your place and but not this, I only saw this brand in each shop when I was at Japan easy to find strandberg there in every shop 6, 7 strings 8 strings, easy to find guitar catalog there is so bigger than in spain so to find this guitar I had to contact fanatic guitars in Barcelona the unique strandberg seller in Spain they take it from Sweden to Barcelona in less than 24 hours it was at home! you can buy it directly to sweden distributor same price so I preferred to buy it at Barcelona Thomann has strandberg guitars too I’m not a big fan in buying at thomann but my best guitar was bought there I did not buy it there because they had many models but not this one there is one model same concept not available in 8 strings Salem model I think it is called there are more Metal versions active pickups and many stuff on electronics but I’m more about hitting the guitar to make it sound, I do not get complicated with electronics and active circuits not so important for me in a guitar what is important is to get the sound with your hands, what offered this guitar for playing on stage is this powerful humbucker this 5 position selector and 1 vol and 1 tone first position bridge humbucker second position single mode for this humbucker, 3rd position both 4th position single on neck 5th position humbucker on neck quick, functional and direct, not complicated at all The Godin guitar from David is great but I couldn’t have it too many posibilities, I prefer a crunch and that’s all I’ll do a video about that guitar it deserves it, I have it to play at home, it has a lot of possibilities for my room, when I go on stage I use to use a 2 pasive humbucker pickup guitar with 3 positions trying this different positions the guitar is powerful thick sound, I had to low down bass frews at the amp it filled everything incredible sustain central positions, singles are fantastic ultra defined sound but this guitar is great in what this guitar is great 8 strings, ultra brutal metal but I did not miss any other sound great for many different situations and music styles… the 8th string did not bother me, not difficult at all to play I have some advantage because I’ve been playing 7string guitars for more that 10 years exclusively no problem at all to adapt to a one more string A little adaptation period different sensation but you don’t feel out of comfort zone really comfortable it sounds like a bass bass and guitar together in one instrument E B G D A E B and F# a whole tone more than the 4th string on a standard tuned bass so, at the end it is literally a bass I think I won’t need that so grave sound in my whole life but when you see steve tereberry and jared dynes with those 18string and 20string guitars you never know you are in advance too because you play bass he started as a bassist but I convinced him to change as he only played on 7string guitars when I got bored of bass I started to get his guitar without permission at the beginning you play bass on flat earth society, I call it to play the difficult guitar very complicated lines for guitar but played on a 5 string bass, I love the band and I play with many great musicians doing so interesting projects I’ll put a link down below to their channel they have a lot sense of humour the name of the band… welcome to flat earth we preach flat earth all around the globe this guitar reminds me some sobriety and elegance this passive pickups are for the classic model the standard model is a mahogany body with maple top instead of alder the metal version…. hahahaha they have a metal version as if this one was to play polca hahahaha, it has fishman active pickups it is expensive and sounds brutal but brilliant clean tones, maybe even brighter than in this one even too much for me so synthetic there are some of them with that weird frets true temperament each fret sounds exactly the correct note, perfect tune it is crazy because it sounds unreal like a theremin without harmonics and perfect… scarifying hahaha as it do not have harmonics it doesn’t sound natural at all lets demonstrate the guitar has no feedback pedal or something gain is at 3/4 and there is a noise supressor the guitar do not get quiet till you quiet it Why did you think in this guitar? this kind of guitar is for bands like flat earth society but you play bass on the band so why? 8 strings taking account on what you do on other bands and the orchestra not so oriented to that sounds well I have bought it because of 2 reasons it has more possibilities than any guitar I have had and the other is I want it to enjoy at the orchestra let me interrupt, Alta Versión, fantastic orchestra, many concerts on summer all over the country, I’ll put a link, if you are near you should go and see them they are great not the typical orchestra I have bought the guitar for me to put on a challenge we play songs of every artist in many styles but we turn them into rock or more because this is the sound we want to reach that is pur product more power to a light song with a normal distortion you can make many songs sound better but using a guitar of 6 string on softer moments and when we get powerful I will take this one I have many guitars I like to change f for fun… this is a versatile one with beautiful clean tones but better on other guitars I have, ESP for example… I know he will borrow it to me as he has a new toy, I want to show you his fantastic ESP strat type guitar I have seen that strings are lite this F# is a thick one of course but the rest are lite 009 to 042 on the first 6 strings 54 on 7th and 084 on 8th we know it is heavy but so well defined sound even with lots of distortion many harmonics and it works well on cleans what it does good is what it does good this guitar is at 1800€, les than 2000 as I have tested it I’m surprised, I think it is cheap obviously this is a big amount of money but I think this guitar is like a so so premium instrument high quality testing it my impresion is a 3000+ guitar, I think the offer is changing this quality for less than 3000€ is fantastic today there are many more brands Gibson is ruined and Fender has much many more competitors than before strats and teles really good so, Fender has to search for the myth behind the brand fender is fender you know today you can find better and cheaper guitars than before great guitars for a good price if we talk about high quality you’ll have to pay of course, if you pay 800€ the guitar will be good but it cannot be compared to a 3000 one strandberg is a young brand less than 20 years different and innovating and they offer great qualities better than many all time brands they have to find their space with quality you won’t trust strandberg if they do not make a difference there is so much engineering behind this guitar much more quality simply I suppose there are rentability reasons for the market to be is it is there are many guitars from other bands that are right but not as incredible as this one my and my brother work with expensive guitars and I think I have never had a guitar with this quality/price balance I’m so surprised too in Strandberg models this one is not a expensive one but there are only a few models over 2500€ even signatures are cheaper true temperaments and that stuff you know if you want to go to custom shop models to get a personalized one it will be sooo expensive but customs on fender and gibson are even more expensive I have never tested a gibson or a fender on this price range that feels this premium

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