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hi YouTube hi Internet okay today I’m
talking about well okay we’re talking about the hurricane Irma that’s headed
that could be headed our way we don’t know where exactly it’s going but I
found a map this is a map from the Library of Congress it took me a long
time and I’m gonna show you guys this is the original map from 1922 it was from
1922 and before and it was submitted into the Library of Congress and I’m
gonna show you guys something here see this right here
this is where I live this is where they built our houses everything surrounding
here is in protected swamp lands wetlands and things like that but even
this island here is low-lying land it’s seasonally flooding land and so
it’s my understanding it was never supposed to be built on that was my
understanding now see right over here is the Savannah River the little I can’t
find any there’s the Savannah River right in
right in here somewhere this is like ocean water oh gosh the title the tidal
surge and things like that you know when the tides come in then it starts going
back in here and stuff like that but if it rains all this gets really heavy and
so down here is the city of Savannah as it was in 1922 and before and so it
doesn’t look well no clearly nobody was living here this is a considered an
island nobody was living here and so this is familiar though too because
they’ve got graves buried over here I found that a oh gosh a month or two ago
and so there’s a cemetery a Cherokee Hill I think it’s yeah Cherokee Hill
there’s a cemetery back there somewhere I don’t know how I would get to it but I
thought that looked interesting I think it has to do with the Civil War and so
then look of course the airport is not out here either it would be
this vicinity somewhere around here – I’m not sure what this is if this is I
95 I think this might be a road of some sort but it doesn’t have roads or maybe
it’s a railroad track I don’t know what that is
but I wanted to show you guys that okay and so this is what I wrote on Facebook
yesterday the Library of Congress has a map from 1922 showing the Highlands
Godley station which is it’s in West Chatham County it’s an island called
John Islands and we’re surrounded by water living in the wetlands what
happened to the federal protected wetlands and marshes who in Chatham
County or in the state of Georgia thought building dense urban dwelling
houses in the swamp water was a good idea and and so not only that they’ve
cut down all the trees and so we know that leaving the trees actually absorbs
the water so whoever decided to actually plant trees in the swamp if there were
no trees there that was actually probably a good idea when they did that
they didn’t out there cutting them all down and and so yeah so I just wanted to
show you guys well that this is what it looks like now here it is on Google Maps
this is what they’ve done so the this was you know they’ve put a road in there
and then built all these houses and warehouses and everything and and so
like this here well then this is Georgia Tech and well this is the stuff I’ve
told you guys about they they’re being silly and so they turn this into a alien
head and then this is Johnny number five from the movie short-circuit or that’s
what he looks like anyway and so they’re putting in all this stuff and cutting
down all the trees and then here’s the airport right there that of course
that’s not on the old map and so they’re just desecrating the swamp lands is what
they’re doing and so then that’s actually gonna make flooding worse
because I used to have all these trees and then Chatham County doesn’t have any
real land left so we live on an island they call it Godley
the Highlands it should be called the wetlands the original name was John’s
Island John’s Island and according to this map right here because here’s the
little bend right there well let’s go back to the map over here let’s zoom out
and so you can see the little bend a little bend right there see where my
cursor is right there you can see the little bend there let’s compare it right
here up here do you see that from here to here let’s go over here to Google
Maps from right here to over here do you see how it matches the shape there and
then some of this this wasn’t even here let’s let’s look up here oh yeah there
is a little stretch up there there is a little stretch now 30 was supposed to
run through here somewhere 30 is that this might be 30 possibly and this is
what they talked about that was the Confederates and Union or when the Union
came down the Confederates had a big battle up in here and I think it was
right along here because there was a road and then they broke the levees
there was levees somewhere the flood him out because they were in the swamp and
so but okay but the other thing I wanted to show you guys though too is we keep
talking about we only have one way in and one way out where we live now the
other thing is that people have said is anything south of Macon if we have a
hurricane category 4 everything south of Macon because making becomes a
temporary coastline I never knew that I learned that well it’s the second time
I’ve heard it now there was a guy who said it one of the contractors said it
the other day and and so I just you know I’ve been talking to people and so he
said that anything south of Macon is is flooded and he says then Macon becomes a
a temporary coastline and so but then I was looking this is what I’m looking at
okay so not only where I live I have one way in and one way out from Savannah we
have one way in and way out which is 16 well of course they
do the contraflow and push people on up so we actually have to evacuate we would
have to go up past Macon to be somewhat safe we have we have to go in this
direction to get out of the storm so from here over here but what I’m
trying to figure out is how come they’re not talking about this on the news and
so this is in a put-up storm opposed to storm it’s called riding out hurricane
Matthew in the SAV this is from last year and so I shared a picture of the
map and then this this person responds to me her name’s Tina ray she says yes
some will argue with me but it’s fine I will be high and dry while they are
trying to keep their head above water but if a 4 or higher hit Savannah
directly there will be a temporary coastline closer to Macon Savannah is
way below sea level and lots of wetlands with that said a lot of the reports I’ve
seen are saying this storm is a wind maker more than a rain maker some of the
models include the European as well as the GFS are showing winds hitting 180
and up before landfall and I’m thinking how come our news never talks about that
stuff that because it’s like okay I realize that people but it’s like who’s
putting the safety of people first because like a lot of people are
concerned about their jobs and so they’re like well I’m going to have to
stay here to work and that’s what I’ve been reading on the message forums
that’s what they’re saying I’d have to stay to work and I’m thinking so but if
if it’s flooded if everything’s flooded you’re not gonna have to work but then
even the news it’s just they just say evacuate and last year I know people
went all the way to Nashville or not Nashville I should say Tennessee they
could have gone in Nashville I don’t know where they ended up at but a lot of
them ended up into Tennessee and so I’m thinking that’s a long long ways and so
we’ve got global warming we’ve got a bigger problem here because they’re
still developing houses here we’ve got global warming climate change
the waters rising and but yet they’re still building houses here in a place
that I would say in ten years probably would probably be flooded then if that’s
the case if that’s what they’re doing so how is this an investment and and so I’m
concerned because it’s like so we have a house in the swamp
basically we’re living in the swamp now III can’t even call it wetlands anymore
cuz with global temperatures and water rising we live in the swamp and so but
the more trees they cut down the worse they make it because now we’ve got all
this haze and so it’s just like the moisture is just pounding up off the the
pavement you know that they built here where we live and so it just really it
has me concerned I’m not I’m not being crazy scared or anything like that it’s
a concern because the fact that they’re making it worse now they’re still
building houses the people moving here certainly have no idea that this is a
flood zone or a swamp unless they grew up here unless I grew up in the bayous
but even how many people who even grew up in the bayous you know like in
Louisiana and and so now I can it make sense to me when I shared the story with
you guys the other day about Louisiana when we drove through on Interstate 10
and that was kind of my first recollection that everything’s south of
Interstate 10 what was the swamp but and I’m thinking
probably further up north and just interstate 10 you know interstate 10
actually maybe it could be flooded at some point I don’t know you know if
there was a big strong storm maybe it could be overlapped by water and and so
but but I’m thinking when does the safety of people come first to me it
seems like we need to do a reversal of where homes are being built because
there’s a problem here and and as like okay so now we’ve got a bunch of retired
folks who but who probably spent their life savings move
down south and in a projected short period of time because of climate change
and global warming our life investments are in a house that’s going to be
underwater in a few years in our lifetime and so I don’t call that
investment I think that’s really poor business practices that’s what I call it
very poor business practices on the part of the developers and very deceitful to
me it seems like a scam you know a scam and you know and I’m not happy about it
you know so you know all this is hidden you know to get people to move to a
certain place and I think it’s a really poor business practice and then I
responded to Tina this is what I said where is the temporary coastline if a
cat three hits I’m curious about that I wonder why our news doesn’t say
anything like what you just said Macon being a temporary coastline with a
powerful storm it would put things in perspective regarding where we live and
building homes in wetlands people moving here from other regions have no idea and
are left to figure it out on their own it’s taken me 11 years to learn the
history of where I live and I have found it all online except for a tiny bit now
the politicians won’t they don’t they they are they say things without saying
things let’s put it that way the politicians won’t directly say oh yeah
you live in a flood zone like I had one politician in in our local community
when he was having meetings while he was running for office he said all he said
was all of Chatham County is a flood zone that’s what all he would say and so
I go over kitty corner over here and talk to the realtor and because our
original the original builders well gosh we’ve gone through five of them now
they’re no longer here anymore and and so I I was asking the woman why
are you guys marketing these places is not being in a flood zone and oh whoa
whoa I’m not you know I said why are the realtors in Chatham County oh I’m not
going say that I’m you know and it’s like okay
I said Realtors you know you guys Realtors I was saying it as you know not
accusing her specifically but she was taking it personally and and and so and
then she’s like oh who told you that this is a flood zone and I said the
alderman that’s all I said the alderman I didn’t use any specific name or
anything I just said aldermen and so so it’s like it’s like the aldermen that
the politicians are so careful in how they say things because they don’t want
to offend whoever I don’t know if they’re being paid and bought off I I
don’t know I mean if that’s what they’re running for I know I realize they want
to embrace people to get them to vote for them that makes sense to me and so
so like our current aldermen in this district I’m not quite yet figured out
I’m thinking I don’t know what what he he appears to come across as caring for
people I’ve not quite figured him out yet he
does take that diplomatic approach to try not to offend anybody and and that
kind of makes sense to me but at the same time it has me wondering about
these houses being built out here because he actually is on our side when
it comes to no more houses being built but then again I wonder well is that
because kind of similar to Congress you know where they’ll have some politicians
who will vote all of them might be in the in the have a okay for example I’ll
use where I live here the developers could be in the back pocket of all the
politicians but then they have one one or two so if they can get something
passed without those one or two then they can actually vote how they would
really truly vote you know for the purposes of if they’re gonna run again
for office and so that’s what I’m trying to think is that you know if that’s how
this is working because it’s like they have no power
out here you know no power regarding because this place is still in the hands
of the developers this does and it doesn’t make any sense to me it’s like
when I think okay when my dad was building houses they were building
houses because people commissioned them to build a house so this notion of just
building houses and building houses and building houses does not make any sense
to me you know I mean because or you know it’s like if someone wanted to if a
developer or a person wanted to build a house why do they have to build three
four or five thousand houses why can’t they just build them as people need a
house so it doesn’t make any sense to market these houses in the flood
zones it should be based on supply and demand if people want to move to a place
instead of all this marketing oh and everything’s gonna be great here and
we’re gonna have great amenities for you which that has not turned out to be the
case it’s a whole bait and switch it’s a it’s a horrible model and and it was my
understanding Oh someone told me this the other day too that I was talking to
one of the firemen he’s he said that that if they were to build in Savannah
they would actually have to build up three or four feet to meet the flood
requirements so they’d have to ship in like three or four more feet of dirt to
be a bluff above the flood zone and and so that’s the whole thing with that is
that they accepted this money to tear down these these quarters these
government housing you know the like the section eight they accepted that money
to tear them down and I thought they were supposed to be rebuilt because
there was this revitalization thing this neighborhood revitalization the houses
were never rebuilt but they’d have to build they’d have to ship in dirt to
build them up higher and so that was never done and so I’m kind of confused
it’s like so if they were given money to build the houses up higher than where
what’s like why is everybody going in the hole so it seems like this
model of building houses or whatever’s being done here is not working so yeah
something something’s not quite right here in in here in Savannah I don’t know
what it is but something ain’t quite right I don’t know what it is but that
that’s it for right now I just wanted to share with you guys about the maps and
and how Macon becomes a temporary coastline if we get a huge storm and the
news never talks about that but thank you guys so much for watching please
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