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  1. Wow mate that's exactly what has happened to my voyager, mine was injector 6. Great pickup, now I gotta fix it!

  2. I had my friend help checked all ignition wires while under a load and pulled one wire at a time from the cap and determined the bad wire misfire ….check engine light has been reset , will see what happens now , the codes are gone and driveability without the misfire is is back to normal .

  3. I also troubleshooted a common problem of the o2 sensor wires frying on the exhaust manifold on these Jeeps plus the common pigtail connector bad connections at distributor harness

  4. wow IMHO this is pretyt high level tech here,. and alot due to the acces to the scope machine screen deal in which we dont have one of and i dream wish that we did and that i need to and want to learn to use so badly some day somehow wow… great vid and info here, i am currently right now dealing with our 97 F150 pickup 4.6L that three injectors driver side are dumping raw fuel into those cylinders and overheating the cat converter and no idea why, brand new injectors and jut swapped replacement engine from a 98 car into it.  did scrape damage slightly the wiring harness on pass side upper firewall when engine was going down into compartment, was tight fit no clearance flexplate teeth to the harness so im going to start there and also run obd II connector PCM info too. wow look at that caravan injectors wiring harness in this vid.. wow…!!

  5. Hey brotha so I'm having this exact issue with my 99 eclipse Gst but on my #1 cylinder and being a 4 cylinder all my injectors and wiring are on the firewall side while the manifold is in front, so my wires aren't exposed to heat like in your video, so with that said and my wires looking ok what else could be the issue? I've tried everything to no avail. Please get back to me ASAP as my car has been down for 4 months and I've dumped 800 into doing the head thinking it was that and other things along the way rebuilding so I'm spent, and can't bring it anywhere, I'm at a complete loss. I miss driving my car so much. If you can email me since I may not see your reply on here. I'm at [email protected] thank you for any help you're able to give me.

  6. Hi Danner, Ex. video. Felt like I was in autoshop for experts! My 2001 DGC w/ 3.8L had a MAP sensor code and injector code (stays open). Its at a trusted shop but I''m curious if there's an answer here he may not see? He saw the typical bad harness issues of Dodge and changed MAP and wanted to fix injector but said so after he felt computer was poss. fried. I had him hold off since I felt if ECM IS bad then injector could be fine and if injector fine and wiring bad then ECM could be fine. He wants to do whole engine harness AND ECM. He's letting me get them at my price vs. his. I'm wondering if ECM could be OK and injector harness is all that's needed instead of WHOLE engine harness. He didn't seem aware they came separate on DGC. Sorry to beg for 'free' info! I noticed some of your notes about fried MAPs, ECMs, etc. during video. Ideas?

  7. very good video and troubleshooting…I have same exact problem except its my #4 injector that was shorted to ground …I disconnected #4 injector to get home from florida and pulled it apart when I got back to Maine…however I noticed it was the top connector on the pcm on the battery box front behind headlight …I also noticed it was the 5th pin in the middle row of connector I need to know which pin in connector is #4 injector because mine is no longer shorted after I repaired the harness it now reads open wire or no voltage at all …So I think its my pcm however I would really like to know if #4 injector is the next pin down or up on connector at pcm??? can you help me???  u could text me at 978-314-8794 and send me a picture on text…with a  I would really appreciate it…oh by the way mine is a 3.8  2003 t + c  I made it home but must get car fixed before snow…falls

  8. it looks like everything on that 2001 3.3 is the exact same fuel injector wiring harness as the 2003 3.8 town and country …I am hopeing it is and hope that the injector #4 is the next pin up on the second row on the top computer connector …I think mine is now open in the computer no voltage ever…I hope …maybe you can tell me if I am right…

  9. it looks like 2nd row top connector on the pcm  2nd row from headlight back starts with #1 injector then according to your diagnosis the 5th down is Injector #5 so must be 12345 then 6 on second row of top connector…

  10. hm…i have a hard time understanding why is that the energized test light will find a ground on the other side of the injector, (when no power to the injector)…i think, rather it would find an open (switch)…thus, find an air, not ground

  11. I also had this same exact problem on my 01' grand caravan 3.3 a couple summers ago. Wife left for 5 mins, came back and said the car was smoking a bit, she parked it in the driveway and I could see the smoke trail from where she came all the way down the street! Pulled a code, and it said "injector 5 open/grounded circuit." It was a Sunday, and I needed to get it back up and going. when I found that harness melted, I knew I would be sitting down for the next hour or two replacing about 12" of harness. It wasn't fun. Rerouted the repaired harness and it's still holding up 2 years later. Very very common on these, the harness literally sits on the exhaust heat shield.

  12. Mr. Danner:
    I just purchased your book and look forward to learning all that is in it. I am a DIYer and my question may not be accurate. In using the Verus by Snap-On, does the software force the voltage reading to zero volts in reading an open wire? I would have thought that an open wire would read ghost voltage and jump around all over the place. My understanding is that a short is the only true zero volts reading. Did I get it right? Thank you for your videos.

  13. HI, i have the same problem, i replace the wiring and the injector, but still having the same code, did u thinK it fry the pcm.?

  14. Mr. Danner, you have some lucky students receiving this level of instruction. Your videos prompted me to get a scope for the 10% of the issues I can't figure out with other methods (I cheaped out and got a Pico 2205A, can't justify the cost of their cool automotive versions, but the 2205A works great with attenuators). My car is working fine now, so I am gathering all sorts of wave forms now to save in my "good" library. I have learned that my injector voltage wave forms looks way different than what I normally see in your videos, but I think that is a function of my car being GDI. Either way, it is interesting when I get similar results to what I see in your videos or when I do come across differences.

    As we used to say at the dealership, "Fix It Right the First Time". By the way, you need to make some sort of "Zener Dump" t-shirt to sell on your website in addition to your book.

  15. wow. I want learn this stuff. is the info. in your book accessible to absolute beginners?

  16. Was able to fix an 01 Caravan 3.3 with hard start/no start issues when hot. Using the Vantage Pro and all the information learned on this channel and the Premium channel. The injector harness was all melted together. Separated and taped wires and problem solved. The injector drivers and computer still good. Thank u Paul!!

  17. thanks a helpfull hint i got same trouble on ford 90 7.5 injecrors 6&7white smog

  18. That's good shit brother.!!!!!!! Very detailed process eloquently explained. Good job! ;0)

  19. Sigh 2002 dodge caravan here, getting a misfire thats sporadic. Recently did the plugs, wires, coilpack, tightened the headers, and now im in between injectors and harness. I am gonna rip the harness out and check it over completely and rewrap it with new heat protection wrap, however do you think I should swap the injectors out for new ones or run a injector cleaner? They are old and well, some power is definitely missing

  20. 0:47 backprobe red lead to ECU connector injector control wire (ground) + black lead to “+” battery terminal
    Injector circuit open: 12,6V. Injector switch closed: 0V. Load uses up all the voltage.

  21. did you need an attenuator to get those waveforms from the T pins with car on?

  22. Would a low amp probe over the injector wire be simpler the back probing?

  23. Surprise, surprise. Another Caravan electrical problem. I completely tested the entire wire harness on an 04' Caravan with the NGC system. Fixed all the weakspots. One being the harness near the side exhaust manifold (which wears from heat), this also runs to the MAP, temp sensor, and ign coil. The other weak point is (on 2004+) near the PCM under drivers fender where the harness enters near the transmission range sensor. This can cause all sorts of goofy issues.

  24. Mr Dan,
    Same car just 2004 3.3L just a little different scenario showing code P0201 injector circuit open cylinder 1 car runs rough can not go over 2800 RPMs replace the injector replaced wires checked wire harness but no smoke coming out the exhaust can you lead me in the right direction what I have to look for thank you for your time and all your great videos very helpful to a garage mechanic

  25. my car is leaking ⛽ fuel I mean pouring from the exhaust manafold.. …change the injectors an she still leaking.won't start up.and now there is gas in my oil pan..cud it be bad computer or must need a head job

  26. OK thanks for replying I will give it a check the car was park for 3 to 4 years.. …so it cud be just dat

  27. its a 95 toyota corolla.. …got real cheap from a frend. when I first started to working on her she started up by pouring ⛽ in the air filter. had to do that cuz the fuel pump was bad.got the fuel pump now dis..gas everywhere

  28. I have a po202. open injectur circuit 2. brand new fuel injectors in the vehicle and I still get the code. what should I do?

  29. I NEVER leave comments on vids but i had to this time to give u props man this is a perfect example of how to do an instructional video. any DIYer knows how priceless finding the right forum thread post or youtube vid can be when ur up shitz Creek n how much time is waisted sifting thru crap before u find something useful so thank you man. you got right down to biz, you were through but kept it moving at a nice pace, and most of all u were strictly biz no needless yappin. nothing pisses me off more than when I'm in the middle of a project and get in a jam n i click on a vid hoping to get the info I need n the guy spends the 1st half of the vid givin his life stroy or babbling about his new camera or y he's in the driveway instead of the garage or whatever no1 gives a shit just get on with it! thanks again man n keep up the good work!

  30. my car one of the injector don't work I put a new one and still the same problem

  31. Sorry i need help my cadillac seville sts 98 have this code p0206 The same problem. smells to gasoline and white smoke, the arnes is ok, probably the pcm? Im from mexico.

  32. i have a 2003 v6 eclipse doing this my injector connector wires look ugly melted i have white smome and a feed line leak will replacing connectors fix this

  33. I have injector 1 problem P0201. I removed Injector 1 wire from PCM connector like you did but mine wouldn't start like yours did in the video to test it?

  34. Is this a very common problem for caravans? Mine is doing the same on injector 3. At that point should you replace the whole thing or can you some how fix it?

  35. No matter how great the video somehow it will always have dislikes.

  36. I like some of ur vids but some times I would like to know symptoms without the scanner Dan… just tell what it is in one vid n scan in other vids for those who have a scanner

  37. I'm getting P0201 through P0204 on my car. It's 4 cylinder, but the car runs fine. I've only had one problem happen with it releasing raw fuel and smelling like gas and it was for like… 30 seconds.

  38. 3.2 porsche cayenne 2005 ignition coil no 1 was faulty and drive around 30 km and it was fine but little bit misfire. when I replaced the new ignition coil the car start but not move and I diagnosed by computer show these 3 codes p0261 , p0264 and p0267 which mean cylinder 1 ,2 & 3 injectors circuit low. please guide. I need to open the injectors or there is any short way .thanks

  39. What you guys need to realize is that the codes don't necessarily point you to a bad component. If the code description is a fault. Like a short or open 90% of the time that's a bad wire. open means the wire is broken somewhere so there's no electrical flow. Or very little. a short is a wire that's grounding out somewhere to something metal. Of course heat and corrosion can cause these issues too. So you always pay special attention to harnesses that run near exhaust components etc. On any car or truck that's over 10 years old you need to verify circuit integrity before throwing parts at it. If have a fuse blow and as result it keeps the vehicle from starting you need to determine what caused the fuse to blow in the first place. A fuse will never blow unless there's an issue somewhere that caused it.

  40. This could be a problem I have with a 92 model efi302 in a f150. It has set for 15 years because no local mechanics could diagnose the problem with it. Rough idle, running very rich, and the last time I drove it , it went through 16 gallons of gas in 75 miles! We have been considering a bad brake booster, and you can hear the brake booster sucking air, but further research has showed that the diaphragm in the brake booster will go bad if to much gas is sucked back through the vacuum lines if the vehicle is running rich. I intend to get it back on the road and running as a work truck, so hopefully this will give me something new to look at!

  41. I bought six new fuel injectors of for my car ran it for about 9000 miles and then all of the sudden. I replaced the spark plugs and spark plug wires check the coil packs and had the ignition coil modular tested. checking compression yesterday and noticed two of the spark plugs were pretty damn clean. Buddy of mine's father is a Master Mechanic and he knows stuff about cars as well. he told me it look like fuel wasn't being introduced I thought the same thing. I have another computer in my garage for the car so I swapped it out same thing. how do I check the wiring for this? an oscilloscope is just used to see what's going on with the injector right? reason I ask is I'm sure they're not firing at all. I even grabbed three fuel injectors at a Pick-n-Pull just to see if I had a bad fuel injector.

  42. I got p0206 i check the harness is melted van got a lot codes what is the best option repair the original harness o buy a new one change all inyectors and check the pcm is sending signal to that inyector or is worm

  43. Its NOT a short TO ground, A short is when 2 wires touch each other.. your conductor is touching Ground..

  44. love the videos very informative. best automotive guides. Found out tho test light will not pick up every driver depends on manufacturer.

  45. great video man, you sound fucking intense hahaha I have to check my 02 durango, got no codes but im pretty sure thats my issue, thanks

  46. It would be nice if all mechanics took the time to educate themselves like this. most mechanics don't know 1/2 of the stuff on your channel…

  47. so if the test light doesnt light at the wire on the computer does that mean the computer is bad?

  48. Sick bro im having number one injector shut down only with load on the engine I've repla x ed everything except the harness.

  49. what if it was on the power feed side shorting to ground, could you still do it with the KEOF?

  50. Hey how are you sir? I had the same problem and replaced the harness the code no longer appears and it doesnt missfire anymore… now since there was too much fuel going inside the chamber i find that the oil also has fuel in it, and still smokes could that be that because of the fuel the oil got thinner and now it scapes trhu the piston rings? Or could it be that the catalytic converter is full of fuel?

  51. If you don't have a scanner or a scope, could you use a digital voltmeter on DC to probe the injector driver lead at the PCM while running? Just to look at your voltage spike to narrow down the injector. Obviously you wouldn't see a graph but you could min/max or watch the numbers.

  52. at 5:53 you said the computer is able to recognize a fault because it has an output state monitor that watches the voltage level. When the injector is on, the voltage should be low. When the injector is off the voltage should be high. So, I would think a solely mechanical problem with the injector, such as stuck close of stuck open, would not generate a P0200 code. Is this true? I was just gonna change the injector and hope for the best but it seems this code is more indicative of wiring troubles or PCM trouble than a bad injector.

    I've been getting the P0201 code intermittently for the past several days. It only comes on when I first start the engine. When I start-up cold, the check engine light (CEL) doesn't come on and the engine runs fine. I'll drive to my destination without any issues. But when I return to the car and start-up fully warmed-up, the CEL comes on and the engine runs rough (obvious misfire) and will continue to run rough until I get home. Sometimes I just get the P0201 code and other times I get both the P0201 and the P0301 code. When I get home, I use the scan tool to clear the codes from memory, so I can see what happens at next start-up. I've never had a situation where the CEL came on while I was driving. I find that strange. I would think a loose wire or bad connection would more likely come loose when the engine is running and vibrating. Thus, I was thinking that these symptoms more likely point to a bad PCM. But, I don't know how to verify that. Any thoughts?

    Update: I swapped the No. 1 and No. 3 cylinder fuel injectors. Afterwards I started getting codes for the No. 3 cylinder. So, apparently I have a bad fuel injector.

  53. dan i wish i could drop off my dinosaur (91 cav) to you . im going crazy trying to figure out why i have no fuel prssure ,new pump,new regulator, no gas smell (leak down) cars old but belong to dad once again you are one the best on here you really care about teaching and doing it correctly (no mickey mouse stuff) your in the right field buddy and i will continue learning from you thanks dude

  54. Hey, Paul. What would current be in the control wire as it is shorted, I would say, after the load? I am thinking that the injector would have consumed all the current, there would be not much left.

  55. Scannerdan thank you for this video! This is exactly what my Escalade is doing!!!! Now off to try and find the wire! Hopefully I can follow your video so I can finally put an end to this nonsense!

  56. Hi guys… Im getting trouble with injectors.. I have tested the Injectors wireharness.. All four injectors show same voltages .but only first wireharness clip can spary the injectors but they other cant spray i dont why is it the ground is bad waiting for help thank you

  57. I'm wanting to test my injector (Toyota 3VZE) waveforms at the PCM with new scope as shown in your vid but according to this diagram there are not individual leads for each injector at the module to test? Link to schem: http://www.snjschmidt.com/wiring/Engine_Control_3vze_2.jpg. Someone please advise?

  58. Tuesday Aug 21, 3:00AM 2018, Scanner Danner U R The best thank u for this video GOD Bleass u…..Amen, Scanner Danner i live in Upper Darby Pa, i need your help please? i have a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan 2.2 engine have a code P 0201 & P 0205 the Injector no 5 is spraying too much gas, from Allen town to Upper Darby Pa (Philadelphia) this car burned some 40$ gas, i changed replaced two injectors & a good injector side harness but still missing so bad with same codes, the harness (wires) after the injectors side harness winch passes under the exhaust pipe i also checked out wires were sticking but no copper to copper contact, but did not peal the harness completely by the transmission, can you help me out? can u pass me your tell. no. please ? , my tell. no. is (646) 533 0792 Mr Vijay…[email protected]…..Amen.

  59. Question, If you have an injector that doesn't click when you test with power, which most people say it means its bad, is there a way to get it to work again or are they finished when this happens? The reason I ask is because I watched another video were the guy taps it with a hammer and it starts working again. I guess another way to ask the question is if injectors get temporarily stuck?

  60. I just traded for a caravan with the 3.3 and it dies if I take my foot off the gas and it's smoking just like that. Could that be my problem? It is eating fuel like crazy

  61. I just replaced my fuel injectors, MAP sensor, IACV, TPS, fuel pressure regulator and still having same issue car says running to rich. Don’t know what it could be??? 😞

  62. So the #5 injector was stuck open too? Apparently the short cause the injector to stick open? Or just coincidental?

  63. Very good video wish I had a mechanic like you to check a code on my GMC savana.
    Pretty sure it's a bad wire somewhere throwing a p1810 that is driving me nuts.

  64. So how do you get an stuck injector to work? I just have one multec on my 89 s10 pickup with a 2.5 liter engine. With the injector wire disconnected I applied 12 volts to the fuel pump test lead under the hood. Gas pours out of injector. The engine is off. Key is in my pocket.

  65. where is the video of you replacing the intake manifold harness?

  66. Great video!
    At the end where you touched the circuit with the test light in an engine-off state, I didn't understand why isn't it a valid test. Where is that ground coming from if the circuit is disconnected?

  67. great, my e46 m3 may have stuck open injector as well as it keeps flooding cylinder 5 and has almost the same smoke as this one had (mine looks a lot more of a pulse but the same white smoke) and it smells like fuel on my exhaust and my oil starts to smell like fuel which I will be changing before I even try turning it on next time. will be back here to update.

  68. Amazing stuff here. Thanks sir. Helped me diag my jeep 6.1 injector problem. Im subscribing right now. Great info here for an aprentice mechanic like me. First comment ever on youtube, i couldnt not thank you. Very well explained.

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