5 thoughts on “Studio One Simplified – Creating Stems Using Drag & Drop | Track Colors Add-On

  1. Just popping in to say happy New year to all. Will see you all soon Johnny.

  2. QUESTION: once I drag events to folders – (including the transformed to audio events) – dragged stems into a blank song from disc folder – CAN WE "un-transform" the drums back to MIDI in the new song? – (I'm at work or I would try it myself) –

    But this dragging event is VERY easy!!

  3. Great video! I followed the steps… created the 2 folders selected shift for appropriate folder…. but every track has the effects, won't transfer dry… is this possibly because the tracks have event FX enabled (quite a bit)… or is it because of where the FX are inserted? Can't figure it out!

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